20 Signs To Prove He is not Ready To Put his ring on your finger

20 Signs To Prove He is not Ready To Put his ring on your finger

There is a popular belief that the glory of every woman is her hair and marriage. After fixing and growing a beautiful hair, one thing that comes to mind of every lady is marriage.
It is therefore, natural for marriage to be the ultimate goal if a woman is in a relationship.

In a long term relationship, woman aspires to be sealed as the queen of the man’s heart and expect the man to walk down the aisle with her. However, if a woman has been in a relationship for several years, and it doesn’t seem to be progressing toward marriage, she may even begin to worry: “Will he ever propose?” or “Is he ready to perform the necessary rite to make me his forever?”

This situation makes a lady feels uncomfortable and wonders if it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship to know where it is heading, these common signs will help to prove that he is not willing to put his ring on your finger.

According to a recent study, people who have never been married report that they think it will take around 210 days, or about seven months, before deciding they are ready to marry someone while married ones say it took them about 173 days, or closer to six months, to realise they want to marry their significant others.

Indeed your situation may be different from the norm, but based on the research, it doesn’t take years and years for a person to decide they want to marry their partner.

Right around the six-month mark, people tend to know that they want to spend the rest of their lives with their partner. This doesn’t mean that he will propose this soon, but it does suggest that pretty early in a relationship, a guy should know if he wants to marry his girlfriend.

There is no need to panic if you have been dating for over six months and haven’t had a proposal yet, but if it has been years and years without a ring, you might be justified in wondering, “Will he ever marry me?”

If you’re starting to question the relationship and worry that he won’t marry you, look out for the following signs:

1. He doesn’t move the relationship forward

When guys are interested in marriage, they will take advantage of the opportunity to move the relationship to the next stage. For example, after you have been together for a year or so, it is normal to move in together.

If his lease ends and he moves in with a roommate, or he gets a new place of his own instead of taking the opportunity to get a place with you, this can be a sign that he isn’t interested in taking the relationship to the next stage.

Or, maybe you have been together for several years, and you have never been on vacation together. If he isn’t taking these steps with you, it’s a pretty clear sign that he won’t marry you anytime soon.

2. He has told you he doesn’t ever plan to get married

This probably goes without being said, but if a guy tells you he has no intention of ever getting married, he’s probably being honest.

Some people simply don’t desire to get married. Maybe they saw their own parents’ marriage turn sour, or for whatever reason, they don’t think marriage is necessary.

If this is the case, he doesn’t want to get married and probably never will.

3. He downplays the seriousness of your relationship

If you two have been together for months, but he tells people you aren’t that serious, or he refuses to acknowledge that you are dating in public, this is one of the clear signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

It suggests that he’s not proud of the relationship, and if he feels this way, he isn’t going to publicly profess his love by marrying you.

4. You haven’t met his family

If he’s made a point of introducing you to his family and seems to care what they think, this is an indicator of how to know if he wants to marry you.

It is rare for a man to get married without first introducing his potential wife to family, so if you have been together for a while and haven’t met the family, marriage is probably off the table.

5. He becomes defensive when you ask about the future

It’s normal to talk about future plans in a long-term relationship. If he becomes angry or defensive when you bring up your future together, this suggests he is feeling pretty conflicted about it.

It probably means that he can sense that you want to talk about marriage, which makes him feel pressured because he doesn’t want to get married.

6. He makes continuous excuses not to get married

If you’re wondering, “Will he ever ask me to marry him?” but he keeps making excuses not to get married, the answer is probably no. It is normal to want to be financially stable before marriage.

Still, if he has landed a big promotion and is doing well but then makes another excuse not to get married, this is a pretty clear indicator that marriage isn’t in his plans.

Maybe his first excuse was that he needed to be making more money, but once he gets a raise, his next excuse is that he wants to own a house.

After that, he may say that he needs to wait until he can afford a destination wedding. When there is one excuse after another, he is avoiding asking you to marry him.

7. He refuses to talk about marriage or changes the topic

If a man knows he doesn’t want to get married but wants to avoid an argument, he will refuse to discuss the issue altogether.

He knows that it will only upset you, so he would rather avoid the conversation than rock the boat.

8. You’ve been together for a long time, and no signs of proposing

If you’ve been together so long that you start to wonder, “Will he ever propose?” and he doesn’t seem to respond to any of your hints that you’d like to get married, this is a good sign that he may not be interested in marriage.

Maybe you’ve been together for years and have even lived together for part of that time, and you’ve watched several mutual friends get married, but he continues to not pop the question.

9. He seems unconcerned about the future

When you discuss your future plans, such as your intention to go back to school or move for a job, he seems entirely uninterested, or he makes plans for his future without including you in them at all.

This shows that he doesn’t see you as being part of his life long term, and it is likely that he won’t marry you.

10. He detaches from you emotionally

When a man is truly connected to a woman and wants her to be a permanent part of his life, he will allow her to be close to him.

A man who is willing to be vulnerable with you sees a future with you, so if he is building up walls and distancing from you emotionally, he doesn’t see you as wife material.

11. He lives like a single man

If you’re wondering why guys don’t want to get married, it is because some of them want to enjoy the freedom of the bachelor lifestyle.

If he is still living like he is in college, going out to bars, drinking, and flirting with other women, this is one of the signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

He may spend all his time hanging out with the guys or prefer to spend time mostly with single people who aren’t in committed relationships. He simply isn’t ready to settle down.

12. He proposes but then makes no additional plans

So, he’s popped the question, but then he avoids all talk of the wedding or refuses to set a date, reserve a venue, or plan for who will be in the wedding.

This suggests that he proposed because he thought it was something he had to do or because he wanted to keep the peace, but he has no intentions of actually getting married to you.

13. He drops hints that suggest he doesn’t want to get married

If you’re looking for ways of how to know if he wants to marry you, listen to what he says. If he won’t marry you, he’s probably going to drop hints that point to this fact.

For example, he may make comments about not wanting to rush into a serious relationship, or he may comment on how young the two of you are.

14. He claims that he just doesn’t know if he’s ready

Refer back to the study about how long it takes people to know they want to marry their partner.

If you have been together for years and he claims that he doesn’t know if he’s ready to marry you, the chances are that he knows you’re not the one, and he won’t marry you.

Most people know early on, around six months, if their partner is the one for them, so if he still isn’t sure, it means he doesn’t see you as his future wife.

15. When he feels reluctant to propose

When you drop hints about marriage, but he continues to not propose, this suggests that he just isn’t interested.

One of the ways of how to know if he wants to marry you is that you won’t have to force him. He will want to ask you to be his wife, and you won’t have to beg him with seemingly endless hints.

16. There is no sign of you on social media

It may seem unimportant, but in today’s technological world, most couples are connected on social media. In addition, research suggests that jealousy issues surrounding social media use can lead to conflict in relationships.

If he makes no mention of you on his account, he may want to appear single, and it’s a pretty good sign that he isn’t ready to commit to you.

17. You constantly feel insecure in the relationship

When you’ve met your life partner, the relationship should make you feel secure and safe.

If you’re always feeling insecure in the relationship, this is your sign that he won’t marry you.

18. He only cares about his sexual needs

A man who loves you and sees you as his future wife will want to satisfy you in bed.

If he seems to use you for sex and doesn’t care whether you get any pleasure out of it, this is not a man who plans to marry you.

19. It’s clear you’re not a priority in his life

If you seem to be just an option in his life, meaning he only wants to hang out when other friends aren’t available, or he doesn’t have better plans, this is one of the top signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

When a man is invested in a future with a woman, he will make her a priority because he won’t want to lose her.

If you get the feeling you just aren’t a priority, this man does not plan for a future with you and is probably just riding out his time with you until he finds someone he feels is his long-term partner.

20. He has countless stories about “cràzy” ex-girlfriends

If he has had numerous failed relationships and blames all of his ex-girlfriends for being cràzy, it could be that he is actually the one with the problem.

Perhaps he failed to commit to them, and instead of accepting that his hesitation to get married was the problem, he has to turn the blame on the women.

As a woman if you have read through these signs and it is obvious in the act of your man, it will not be advisable to maintain that relation with hopes of him putting the ring on your finger some day.


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