Viral Scandal Episode 48

Viral Scandal Episode 48 Brax reveals his feelings for Pogs, Axel finally proposes to Rica

At the Ramones mansion, Troy descended down the stairs to find Raven sitting alone thinking. He told her about his plans of getting Rica closer to him as he wanted to be a father to her. In so doing, he would fetch for her and send her to the City Hall.

Audrey came to hear him talking, she got so furious that Troy had not been able to solve the problems he had with the Legend Foods and he was now thinking of being a father to Rica.

Troy reminded her that she was the one who told him to be a father to Rica which he even hesitated and believed Audrey did not mean what she said when she claimed she would be there for him.

Troy gently asked her to support her to do that. He also wished that someday, Raven would accept Rica as her sister. Audrey threw a fit using Raven as an excuse that such issue got Raven admitted at the rehab and since she had no choice to go against Troy’s decision, she walked out.

Olivia finally accepted to file a case against Dominic, her rapist and Jigs would also suffer his share of the blame. Rica hugged and thanked her for not allowing only her to pass through such ordeal even though she knew it was not easy for Olivia. Attorney Dizon prepared Olivia to file antivoyeurism charge against Dominic and the squad of Jigs.

The next day, the mayor sent Rica to the City Hall and introduced her as his daughter to everyone. Olivia was worried about what Jigs’ camp might do against her. Attorney Dizon said they have an advantage since no one knew she was filing a case against Dominic and the rest of Jigs’ lap dogs.

Attorney Dizon said they would inform the media about it once they file a charge against the culprits and they would even conceal her identity while providing protection for her and her family. Troy introduced Rica to the vice mayor and Rica told him there was no need for him to introduce her to everyone. Troy said he was proud of her and wanted to introduce her to everyone.

Bobby together with Jigs arrived from their van and made fun of the father and daughter who were together after losing. Jigs told Rica that since the case has been junked they should start from a clean slate. Rica told him that it was not over yet, this made Bobby to think that the Sicats together with the mayor were up to something.

Jigs boldly told his father to work on it since he was busy fixing the mess Bobby created. That mess had made Raven to avoid him but Bobby said he did nothing. Axel sent Chino to a condo he was renting since he wanted to be out of Kyle’s place in order to pursue Rica. Since Consuelo had already revealed the truth of his feelings to Rica, he was hoping he would propose to make Rica begin to think about him.

He said he could feel that Rica had connection with him, therefore he would help her realised it. Rica arrived at Balai Arkitektura to tell Rose how her father introduced her to everyone as his daughter. At the carpenter’s shop, the lady who was interested in Dan showed him the vide of who  the mayor introducing Rica to everyone as his daughter. The lady fuel the issue in order to make Rica look like an ingrate to get Dan jealous.

Dan said Rica had told him but the lady was trying to make Dan see that his wife was still after the mayor. Axel reminded Rica about their date.
Raven took the alcohol in her fridge to give to Chusky to throw it out. She used that moment to also apologise. Brax told Bea the truth that he rather liked Pigs but not her so all those while she was competing with him. Pigs looked so stunned by the revelation.

Jigs went to Raven’s office to patch things up but Raven still held what Cassandra said against him. Jigs asked whether it was about Cassie but Raven said it was about his looks and was scared of what he might do. Brax came clean to Pogs and told him that he was gay and was even scared that people in the university would find it out. He was also scared that his family would know about it and they would not accept him for who he is.

He tried to mingle in order for no one to know it. Bea threatened to expose it on her blog for using her. He knew from the start that she was interested in him but only got close to her just to get closer to Pogs. Brax wept and asked Pogs if she would do that against him. Brax assured that she wouldn’t and went to talk to her.

Liam got into trouble and he told Jigs about what the Sicats camp were secretly doing.Jigs went home to tell Alberto and Bobby about it. Alberto knew Archie pulled a fast one on Jigs and made Jigs give him all the names of the women on the group chat. Axel told Kyle that he was going to open up to Rica and he went to meet her to propose to her while Kyle also went to the rooftop to think about what Axel told him of meeting Rica to propose for them to end their feud as contenders.

That would make Rica finally choose the one she liked. He also thought of telling Kakay about his feelings for Rica but he knew the feelings was not what Rica needed at the moment so he would only be there for her till she gets through all those challenges. Kakay asked him what if his best friend propose and Rica accepts. Kyle said he would understand Rica’s decision if that would make her happy.

Axel went ahead with his proposal claiming he and Rica had a connection. He tried to hold her to get her close to his heart but Rica suddenly pulled back. Axel recalled how Rica had always be flexible with Kyle and allowed Kyle to hold her, yet he asked her if she could feel that connection.

He explained that whatsoever ever thing she has heard about him being a womaniser, he said he was not into any serious relationship but with her the feelings was different and if Rica could see that. Rica pulled herself backwards as she listened to his talks.


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