Viral Scandal Episode 58

Viral Scandal Episode 58 Bea disrespects Karla following the trending intimate photos, Fiscal Leticia receives another threat over Ella’s case

At Balai Arkitektura, Rica reflected on her misunderstanding with Kyle. Kyle went to the rooftop and recalled what Axel said to him. He also remembered his dad’s advice to him not to let go when he falls in lōve.

Axel came there to tell Kyle that he would help him find answers to his questions. He said Kyle’s argument with Rica was understandable since they were all fighting for their respective father’s.

Since he was a third wheel, he had to know his limits. He did not know after being rejected, he should act cold, or spiteful but friendship, he said comes first.

Kakay recalled how she met Dan. It was one night when she was heading home and stumbled on some drunkards who were disrespecting her. Dan went to her her defense and took three men down to help her. He then proposed to her and said he would do anything when it comes to her.

Reyline went to show the trending pictures of Kakay to her. It had a caption that she was using men to get their money since day one. At the party, Cheska went to show Bea the trending pictures of her mother, saying she thought her mother was only doing online business not knowing she offered other services.

Bea said the pictures were edited and it was as fake as her nose. Ches stepped on the leg of Bea and the latter pushed her to fall. The girl said something which got Bea humiliated, claiming Bea and her family always acted like the victim. Elsewhere, Nico got into a fight with some men who were making fun of Kakay.

Dan got there to defend his son and Karla got there later to confront them on the reason her son picked up a fight with them. Kakay said if they had  a problem, they should say it to her face and not involve her kids. She said she was used to their gossip and attacked them. She urged to say it to her not to Dan, Nico, Bea or Rica.

Rica got there and she and Dan held Kakay and sent her home. Troy who was talking to Attorney Dizon over the phone told the lawyer that he was sure Rome was the one who leaked the photos. He was surprised though, since that was not his thing, he was corrupt and engaged in various frivolities. Troy believed it was Alberto who made Romeo do that.

However, he was surprised to hear his wife admitting to it that she was the one who ordered Cindy to do that after receiving the pictures from an unknown person. She said she had a second thoughts and wanted Cindy to stop but she was too late. She said even though Cindy took it down people already saved it.

Troy said she did not hurt Kakay but Rica and Audrey said she knew. She pleaded with Troy and said she regretted her action since she thought he wanted to move on with Kakay when she gave her a chance to divorce him. Kakay came clean to her children. She said her mother was sick then and she had no choice than to be an escort. Rica now understood why Kakay could relate with everything Attorney Dizon said.

Bea appeared to confront her mother for messing up their lives with all her wrong decision she made in the past. She said her mother gave them no choice than to get them humiliated and now all her dreams of gaining the friends and life of her choice were ruined. Dan yelled at Bea to stop talking that way to her mother but Bea said she was speaking the truth because it was this same Karla who advised them to respect their bodies yet she was giving her body to men for money.

After reading what they were posting about Kakay, Kyle called Rica several times but calls did not go through. Bea told Rica that they both felt the same thing. Rica recalled confronting her mother and blamed her for what she was passing through. Rica then said she regretted saying that to their mom but she believed Kakay was going through a lot which might have made her do what she did.

She told Bea to imagine growing up from a poor family and her mother had to take all the blows of her father that was meant for their grandmother. To make the matter worse, grandma fell sick and was diagnosed of cancer. With no support system, Karla had to work herself out to shoulder all the treatment expenses and it would not be easy for their mother back then. So she believed that made her resolve to an escort.

Rica said it was mom and dad who supported her through her awful days and she knew others who might have passed through her challenge might not have gained that supports but Karla showed her l0ve and supported her to sail through. Even Karla did not experience that support but she made sure she give them such support and lõve and that was the kind of mother they have.

Since Nico had not looked at her, Karla told him that she was scared that once he learnt about her past, he would lose the respect he has for her because he was her youngest son and that would break her heart into million pieces. She wept and once she was leaving, Nico went to hug her.

Axel met Raven in a bar and she told him that she was not there to drink and warned Axel that she would not send him home if he gets drunk. At the Fiscal’s office, her sister gossiped about Kakay for being an escort, claiming Karla really had lots of dirty secrets. She showed the picture to Fiscal Leticia and said the woman was so embarrassing. Fiscal Leticia received a text that if she did not want to end up like Karla Sicat then she should junk Ella’s complaints.

Raven asked Axel if he had a video that he wanted to keep it as a secret where would he hide it. Axel asked whether that was her problem and she said that was it. Axel smiled and said he would not store it on phone or laptop but an external drive and keep it in a safe or a hidden folder.

Raven said he was right and and thanked him. They drink to that. Dan went to the room and Karla said Romeo Dumayoga was the one in the picture and was sure he leaked the pictures to get back at her and the mayor. Reason being that, the mayor was the one who saved her from the vile man. She said Romeo was arrested and was slapped with multiple charges.

Dan then asked whether she told the mayor after she saw Romeo around their area and that was the reason the mayor posted guards around. She admitted but pleaded with Dan not to get upset since Dan had earlier said it was difficult for him to digest her past so she rather told the mayor since he and her were the only one who knew about it.

Karla feared her past mistakes would sabotage Rica’s case and get their affidavit junked. The next day, Bea was leaving for school and her mother called her to have breakfast first but she refused to eat and left. Kyle bumped into her at the gate and she said she would get going. Karla came out and talked to Kyle to ask if he was having a misunderstanding with Rica.

She said she saw on his face that previous time that he was not fine. Karla admitted the mayor was a good person and he saved her from her abuser, however, she would not defend the mayor. She knew Kyle lōved his parents but in searching for answers, he shouldn’t leave her daughter. Rica was going through a lot especially now and Kyle said he l0ved Rica and irrespective of what happened, he would be by Rica’s side and both of them would find answers together.

Rica who was listening to their conversation availed her face and told Kyle that she would help him and was sorry to think he was trying to make him choose between him and the mayor. She also said she would not make him choose between her and his father. Both promised to be by each other’s side and fight together irrespective.

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