Inadequate preparation leads to frustration in marriage— Counselor warns 

Inadequate preparation leads to frustration in marriage— Counselor warns 

The head pastor of Fruitful Season Chapel Reverend Seth Tetteh has advised men to work hard and prepare themselves financially before marrying.

According to him, many men are frustrated in life due to their inability to plan ahead before tying the knot.

Speaking in a media interview, Rev Tetheh who doubles as an Author and a Counselor said marriage was for mature minds and shouldn’t become a journey for those who were not adequately prepared to embark on.

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“You say I am going into it (marriage) and at the end of the day things will work. I am telling you the field is different from when you are standing outside. You will have to provide and put food on the table.”

“The man must make sure it is my responsibility to take care of the house so that the house lacks nothing. You will have to work hard to ensure everything goes on smoothly in the house. If you don’t prepare yourself, you will end up being frustrated in the marriage,” he said.

Rev Tetteh noted that many Christians make such mistakes with the belief that God would take care and provide for them once they marry, thus fail to prepare themselves adequately.

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He expressed the need for a man to get the basic things that could make marriage work before entering into it, otherwise “you will be frustrated for the next 10 years if you don’t prepare adequately.”


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