Women in healthy marriages are less likely to suffer depression— Research reveals

Women in healthy marriages are less likely to suffer depression— Research reveals

Research has established that women with healthy and happy Marriages are less likely to be depressed while those in unstable relationships or are single stand a high chance of being depressed in life.

According to the research, females stood a high chance of being depressed as compared to their male counterparts.

A renowned Psychologist at Madina Polyclinic, Dr Joseph Kofi Aidoo who revealed this said women oftentimes report incident of depression more than men.

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“This is because men have adopted the belief that a man is not supposed to cry or a man is the one who drinks bitter herbs,” he said.

Dr Aidoo observed that people who were abused, those who lost loved ones at early stage and social factors including poverty were risk factors of depression.

He also said Marital status was a key indicator of one’s risk of being depressed.

“A study by Brown and Haris says a single woman who has at least more than three children under 11years and doesn’t have a husband has a higher chance of getting depressed,” Dr Aidoo said.

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He further stated that people who were divorced were more likely to be depressed as well as other socio-economic factors like school fees and money.

In overcoming depression, he advised that one should have a will power and should not make others ill-opinion about them matter to them.

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“A Psychologist once said life is like A B C. A is the Event, C is the consequences, B is the belief. For example your belief about yourself can lead to depression. When someone says you are ugly and you accept that fact, you turn to look down on yourself.  Looking down on ourselves can lead to depression,” he added.


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