A Mother's Guilt Episode 2 Mr Lamoste pronounced dead police vow to bring the culprit to book

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 2

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 2 Mr Lamoste pronounced dead police vow to bring the culprit to book

Once Sonya opened her eyes to see Mr Lamoste collapsed on the floor, she got closed and touched him.

She saw him breathing but was dying. She then looked around whether  got sthere andwas someone there. She did  not see anyone and she ran off, Mr Lamoste was also urging her to go and see her son.

Tetey Asyong came out from his hideout, he  met  Sonya face to face, they locked gaze.

The man was astonished about what he saw and was speechless. Sonya ran off.

The police came into the scene and Sonya was approached by two of the officers on the way. She sold the wrist watch and ran to the hospital.

Mr Lamoste was also rushed to the hospital for immediate medical care.

Paco was fighting between life and death. The doctor were trying to check his pulse at that moment when Sonya got there. She told the doctor that she already had the money so they should kick-start the operation.

Mr Lamoste’s wife was informed about her husband’s case so she rushed to the hospital.

Sonya saw that her son’s case was getting worse she hugged him on the sick bed and ran to church to pray.

Her eyes were heavy with tears, someone approached her and gave her a pack of tissue. Sonya raised her head, they talked and shared each other’s pain.

Sonya realised that the woman was Mrs Lamoste, she told the woman that her husband saved her son’s life and she would pray for his speedy recovery but Mrs Lemoste broke the bad news that Mr Lamoste had already lost his life.

As she was shedding tears, Sonya returned her a pack tissue for her to use it to wipe off her tears. Sonya’s conscience could not leave she felt guilty for killing an innocent man. She cried.

They head back to the hospital, the police then arrived to inform Mr Lamoste’s wife that someone intentionally shot her husband and promised their outfit’s commitment to investigate and bring the culprit to book.

Sonya felt sorry, she could not confess. She was so sad and her heart broke down for the sin she has committed especially seeing Mr Lamoste’s daughter, Anna cried together with her mother.

Sonya stared mysteriously, she couldn’t control her tears so she ran to the wash room to cry.

The police woman watching Sonya did not understand why she was affected by the news. She wondered in her mind.

Sonya later returned from the restroom, and the doctor came to inform her that the operation was successful.

She went to check on Paco, at that time Paco was still sleeping later he woke up and he talked with his mother. Sonya promised to always be by his side and do anything to see his betterment.

Sonya walked to a place, and she was closer to the police station. The security officer who complemented her cook called her as they were talking the man who hit Mr Lamoste’s Car with the stone at the company was arrested.

The police accused him of shooting Mr Lamoste, Sonya hid herself to watch it. She was so scared but the man kept saying he was innocent.

Mr Lamoste’s wife slapped the man for ending the life of her husband all because of the debt her husband owed him.

They sent the man inside. Sonya could not control her emotions she was breaking down as she was feeling guilty.

She knew the man was innocent but was scared to reveal that she was the one who ended the life of Mr Lamoste.

She ran from the station and Asyong approached her, he told her to turn herself in otherwise he would do that but Sonya begged him, she said she knew she had committed a crime and she would turn herself in.

The man then left Sonya also left.

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