A Mother's Guilt Episode 3

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 3

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 3 Sonya fights with her conscience, considering turning herself to the police

Sonya after admitting being a policy holder at Educare stated it was quite sad that their investment went down to drain.
she also said sorry to Jean for losing her husband during such crisis.

In the middle of their conversation a news was shown about Gabriel claiming his innocent about what he was accused of.

He consistently claimed that Jean’s allegations were baseless and that he would not be able to kill anyone although he was dead in need of his investment.

A voice was heard calling Jean, already Sonya was affected by news especially for her to blind fold her eyes for an innocent man to suffer a jail term. After she heard Jacob’s voice she rushed for her bag and accidentally dropped the roasted meats she brought for Jean in her house.

They all helped her and told her not to bother the meats which were scattered on the floor, even though she picked them and placed it inside the plate.

She quickly left but Jean wanted to offer her a ride, she refused and said she would be okay as she limped on her legs, the servant at Jean’s house escorted her based on Jean’s order.

Jacob asked Jean who Sonya was and Jean said she was a policy holder at Educare and wanted her over to query her about certain things.

Anna returned home and Jean told them that Gabriel had gotten a new attorney, Attorney Verga who wanted to help him fish out the truth.

Jacob said he already knew and Jean was upset that Jake could not tell her anything until she heard it from the news.

Anna asked Jean to calm down and told Jake that I as much as he did not want Jean to worry they deserved to know the development about Edward’s murder case.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 3 Sonya fights with her conscience, considering turning herself to the police

He said sorry for keeping the issue from them and insisted that he was dealing with the issue and advised Jean not to approach Gabriel for her own safety.

Sonya went to the cemetery to see Tetey Asyong to confine in him about how guilty she felt upon hearing Gabriel and his wife saying Gabriel was innocent and an attorney said there was more into the issue which she intend to open the case and find more evidence as she did not see Gabriel guilty about what he had been accused of.

She said she wanted to turn herself in but Asyong told her to think about the welfare of her two sons, Paco and Domeng and not turn herself in. Sonya cried that she could not contain it and was having sleepless nights for seeing someone serving a term which she had to serve.

However, a heated confrontation prompts Jean to confront her deceased husband’s killer. After asking Sonya to come with her, Jean is surprised to meet a familiar face in prison.

She asked Jacob what he was doing there, Jacob however convinced her that he came to the prison because of her to ensure that Gabriel would not be set lose and he does not attack her when she meets him.

Although Jean was surprised but she believed in her husband. Sonya took the disruption as an opportunity to flee because she did not want to see Gabriel’s face. She could not carry her emotions while in the prison. She bumped into Gabriel and he called her. Sonya felt it difficult to turn but she eventually turned and Gabriel said she was also a policy holder and wanted to use Sonya as his alubi.

Meanwhile, Anna asks Paco to take her to the cemetery before they head for Baler. When they got there Asyong asked Anna who she wanted to see and she said she was there to see Edward Lamoste. Soon after, Asyong becomes surprised upon learning that the children of Edward and Sonya are acquainted.

A confrontation erupts between Jean and Gabriel in jail. Jean then shares with Sonya her reaction about Gabriel’s baseless accusation.

Roman, on the other hand, advised Jacob to eliminate any person who would spill their involvement in Edward’s downfall.

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