A Mother's Guilt Episode 4 Jacob remembers evil plots that led to the collapse of Educare

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 4

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 4 Jacob remembers evil plots that led to the collapse of Educare

Sonya tried to calm Jean down and told her she knew nothing about Edward’s death. She asked her not to mind Gabriel or punish herself because of that issue.

At that moment, Jacob and Roman were in the house discussing how they would eliminate Gabriel before his Attorney discover the truth.

Roman talked about how he plotted for Gabriel to be beaten in prison. And Jake said he did not do it well because his wife confronted Jean and he did not want that to reoccur.

Flashback: Jake was talking to Mr Edward Lamoste before their conversation turned into confrontation.

Edward said there were money missing in the company and the controller was the one who was in charge of it to put things into place but he failed to do it. Jake wanted Mr Lamoste to believe him and not think he was stealing money from Educare.


He began lecturing Edward about how they would run Educare but Edward realised Jake had malicious intent and told him that the company was for him and he makes all the rules and that if anything did not go as planned he would be the person to be affected not Jacob.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 4

From there, Jacob thought of means to ruin Edward and take away his wife. He intentionally became more closer to Jean so that Jean would confine in him.

Jean visited her husband at the company and on her way she met Jacob being in a bad mood and she asked him what was going on.

He told her that there were money missing from the company and Edward was pointing accusing fingers at him.

Jean told her husband that he should calm down since the problem would be resolved

As Edward died Jacob promised his loyalty to Jean. Jean at that time was worried that Anna was too young and for her to lose her dad at that stage was not a good sign. Jacob promised to be a father to Anna and take care of them in good and bad times.

He provided a shoulder for Jean to cry on and lured her to love him.

Flashforward: Paco was reading books at the beach and Jean couldn’t believe that Paco was using a moment he could have fun to read. She went and took the books away from Paco and told him that if he wanted the books he should catch her first.

They began running and played hide and seek. Paco accepted to play. He then received a call from Sonya asking how he was doing and coping. He said he was doing fine and was okay. Sonya also asked about his clients and he said he was doing marvelous.

Anna also decided to call her mother, she told Jean that she has missed her and missed the time they spent together. As they said goodbye after their conversation Jean went to the garden.

Jacob and Roman were still talking, Jean who heard her name when they were scheming about how they would eliminate Gabriel and also ensure they enjoy Edward’s insurance went to them.

Roman greeted her and asked for his leave, Jean asked Jacob what they were talking about, since she overheard her name.

Jacob said he and Roman were talking about Gabriel and means and strategies they could secure to help Jean. Jean asked him why he kept his plans from her but Jacob insisted that he did that to protect her.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 4

Jean asked how could he protect her when he always kept telling her lies but Jacob pleaded with her not to call him a liar since everything he did was to protect and also ensure her betterment and safety as he promised.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 4

Flashback: Jacob promised to protect her and even protected her from the press when they were asking questions about Edward’s death.

He said Jean was not in the better position to talk at the moment and in the right time she would answer all their questions.

Jacob told the press that already the culprit, Gabriel had been arrested and was in police custody so they should just give respect to the deceased family and not bother them with questions.

He then joined her and Anna in the care and comforted her.

Flashforward: Jake told her not to lose faith in him because as the man of the house he had taken the burden upon himself to protect the family. Jean insisted that he still has to inform her about every move, Jake accepted and agreed that they would not keep anything from eachother.

Jean then asked for forgiveness and he also asked for forgiveness.

During the night Anna and her friends camped at the beach, she took a guitar and began singing. She said the song was her father’s favourite and as she was singing her friends San along with her.  Paco joined them and he said he wanted to go to bed.

Anna was astonished while they were enjoying Paco wanted to be alone. Her friend held Paco and told him to join them. They joke around with Paco. Anna said Paco liked reading and he would read over and over and even if he was on vacation he would still read.

Her friends laughed but Paco eventually left them to bed.

In the next day, as Anna and her friends enjoy the, sun, sands and waves, her relationship with Paco grew and were much more closer than before.

As the scene unfolded, Paco was able to save Anna from possible humiliation when Anna’s bra strings lossed. He tied it for her.  The following day, Anna makes Paco experience the sights and sounds of Baler.

Sonya went to visit Mabel at her beauty saloon. They had conversations although Sonya sounded worried Mabel asked her why she kept visiting Jean while her husband misbehaved towards her. She said she did that because she felt sorry for Jean.

Meanwhile, Jean went the extra mile, hoping to make amends with Sonya and other policy holders at Educare.

She discussed with Jacob that she wanted to help Educare policy holders. Jacob said he would not stop her if that would help clear her deceased husband’s name he would support her.

Jean tried giving Sonya a scholarship to help her children but she refused. Jean insisted that it was the least she could do to help her for her investment she did with Educare.

Sonya said there was no need for that since Mr Lamoste, the owner already lost his life tragically and did not want to pester his family over anything.

Jacob who was not enthused by Jean’s new act of kindness gave Katrina a task that might expose the former policy holder’s darkest secret.

While swimming, Paco talked about a mark from his past. He said he almost died but his mother did everything she could to help her to live.

Anna took Paco on a ride. They rode passed many streets went to the beech and went back in town to enjoy the trip.

She thought Paco how to dance through the whining of the waist. She held Paco’s waist and sway it for him.

Roman went to pay 10,000 pesos to hire a person to follow Attorney Verga and probably get rid of her in order for Gabriel not to be able to set free from the charges levelled against him. After the transaction was done Roman sent a message to Jacob that he has done the work.

Jacob received the message from his office and was happy about the development.

Attorney Vega was going home and was being followed by the lady who had been hired to monitor all her movements.

She took videos of Attorney  she Vega when she was talking to someone at her gate and she sent it to Roman.

Roman was happy and satisfied that the work was going as planned. He sat in his range Rover nodding his head while watching the visuals with joy.

Jean sat in a restaurant to wait for her friend who they arranged to hangout. She sat for several hours. She began taking in drinks just to wait for the person but later received a message.

Anna and her nanny were preparing food and Paco joined them. He asked if there was something he could do to help and Anna started pulling his legs.

Nanny told Anna not to do that to Paco and she said it was only a joke and called Paco over. He started placing tomatoes into the blender and Anna drew some of the food she was preparing for Paco to taste.

As she drew closer to Paco to put the spoon which the soup was on into his mouth, she asked Paco whether she was too closer.

She pull back the soup and said it might be hot so she blew air on it before putting it inside Paco’s mouth for him to taste.

Nanny suspected something going on between them and came up with a joke so Anna jokingly asked Paco not to mind nanny, they then laughed together.

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