A Mother’s Guilt Episode 41

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 41 Sonya exonerated from the crime of Homicide while Jacob finds himself in fresh trouble

“Finally Edward I promise you we will pin Jacob down.”

Wait..wait…I cannot afford to lose you just like I lost Georgette.

The Verdict

Jacob’s face he made at the court portrayed sadness and defeat  as Sonya stood for the verdict.

“The court finds the accuse Sonya Alipio not guilty of murder” Noise of Joy elated the court room with people clapping and cheering Sonya.

“The accuse is exonerated from the crime charged against her.”

“Order” judge Tortuga called for calm at the court room.

“No..this is rediculous, this can’t be happening ….this can’t be” Jean stood in disagreement as she walked out of the court. Jacob then followed her.

Everyone congratulated Sonya, she hugged Paco, hugged Cora, Anna and hugged Paco once more.

Jean walked  into the washroom.

“Thank God Sonya has been exonerated from the crime she deserves this” Jean told herself while looking through the mirror. She was happy for the verdict.

Jacob was calling out her name outside, looking for where she went.

Jean overheard her name but refused to mind Jacob.

“And Jacob…. Jacob deserves to suffer in jail” Jean in soliloquy.

Cora and Mabel went out to congratulate Sonya once again. Sonya thanked Paco for his effort in ensuring her victory. Attorney Vega, Joanne and the rest also joined them.

Sonya thanked Attorney Vega and hugged her.

“Do you really think you can get away with this?” Jacob revealed his face to halt the happy moment of Sonya.

“Actually Mr Montecillo we just did” Attorney Vega answered him.

Paco then faced Jacob and Sonya said he would soon go down.

Jacob threatened that it was not over and Paco said he hoped so. He then left them in search of Jean. The celebration continued.

Domeng called Nanny Letty that Sonya has been set free. Domeng was watching the interview on television as Sonya told the journalists that she did not commit the crime and said the efforts of Attorney Vega, Dimalanta, Otelessa, Paco and Georgette got her out of jail and was grateful to them.

Nanny Letty was so happy to see the news.

Jean in the washroom washed her hands and was excited that she was a step away to get justice for her deceased husband.

“Finally…Edward I promise you we will pin Jacob down.” She said as she celebrates for Sonya.

Paco said now that Sonya has been exonerated from the crime the real culprit would soon be found.

Anna joined Jean in the washroom, Jean said she wanted to talk to her but a call from Jacob made her told Anna that she had to leave but Anna refused to let her go.

“Please mom for once will you stop listening to this criminal,” Anna told her mother that she should read between the lines that Jacob was the murderer who killed Edward Lamoste.

Jean cautioned Anna to stop her false accusations.

“No mom you stop but anyways I will not talk to you if I don’t have evidence” Anna gave Jean the documents.

Jean received Jacob’s call once he called again.

“Hello sorry Hun i’m coming..I am coming now” she took the evidence from Anna and placed it inside her bag.

She walked to Jacob:

“Jean I am worried about you” Jacob told her once he saw her. Jean said the verdict was not right she then sent Sonya a message for them to meet later.

Jean and Sonya met and she gave her the needed documents about Educare which exposed Jacob and his crime of Embezzlement.

“That is why we have to take that power away from him,” Jean told Sonya.

Sonya then said they had to expose him and all the dirty things he did to collapse Educare should be brought to light.

“I am so glad we are on the same page Sonya.” Jean held her hands and was happy that soon Jacob would be ruined for all the pains he has cost her.

“We will let the public judge him”Jean at midnight woke up and took Jacob’s laptop to disseminate all Jacob’s crimes to his investors and business associates for them to lose trust in him.

Domeng and Nessa had a video chat to get closer to eachother as they could not meet since he was in hiding.

“I l*v* you NPK” Domeng told Nessa.

“I L*V* you to DPK” she reaffirmed her feelings and sealed it with a romantic song.

Jacob met with some of his investors to show his gratitude to them despite what had happened.

“Honestly I did not think this will push through.”

“We read your credentials and we know you can handle the business” the investors said.

“Thank you”

“Excuse me sir there is no validation with the card.” A waiter came to inform Jacob.

“What do you mean” Jacob asked.

He gave the waiter another card for him to try but the waiter return again that it was not working.

“I will just pay for this!” One of the investors offered to help.

“No no no you are my guests” Jacob then paid in cash.

The investors saw another bad news circulating about Jacob, they watched eachother face’s and refrained from signing the contract.

“Mr Chang let me explain this!” Jacob tried to persuade them

“No we are done!” The investors stood in disbelief

“Mr Lee” Jacob tried talking to the other investor but he also refused to listen to him.

Jacob was then sitting patiently waiting for Anna in her restaurant.

“What are you doing here”  Anna fumes.

Jacob accused her of staining his name to his investors.

Anna said she did not do that but was grateful to the person who did that against Jacob, adding that he deserved it.

“Kudos to him, or her or them!”

Anna pulled a knife to threaten Jacob when he tried to cost a scandal.

Anna told him that she would avenge her father’s death and he should just watch and see.

“Because I want you to see, me as I avenge my father’s death!”

“Try me…make your move”

“Get out of my restaurant.”

“I gave you this restaurant” Jacob who was stunned by Anna’s action finally managed to talk.

“By what? Using what?”

“Huh! The money that you stole from my father?”

“This is my restaurant so you better leave!”

Jacob then left and the lady Jean employed to guard Anna then texted Jean to inform her about the incident.

Jacob while driving recalled Anna’s mean words against him. He called his goons to get rid of Anna.

Jean was on her bed watching the news about Jacob’s viral crime which was trending on social media about the funds he embezzled at Educare.

Jean then said he would never be able to hurt Anna once she was done with him.

A war then erupts in the living room.

“I will not allow this to happen” Jacob was furious with Attorney Balmaceda over his account which has been frozen and he could not do anything.

Balmaceda promised to get it solved.

“Then do it very fast because that’s what I paid you to do” Jean who overheard the screams of Jacob off the television and went to cool him down.

“Hun… hun what is wrong hmmm, what is wrong?”

He said his stories were over social media which has led investors to pull out their investments and Atty Balmaceda could not do anything about it.

“Calm down I am sure Attorney Balmaceda is doing everything.”

Marjorie was drinking a tea together with Katrina and they were also thinking of means to ruin him.

Katrina talked about evidence and Marjorie recalled how she deleted everything from Katrina’s phone.

“You are being very erratic”

“And besides …I am sure Attorney Balmaceda is doing everything possible to get the problem resolved” Jean said

“I am filing an injunction!”

Attorney Balmaceda said he would find the person who leaked the documents online.

“Can you do that?” Jean’s eyes emitted fear as she asked Balmaceda.

“Track down whoever that person is..and who ever that person is I will bring him down,” Jacob charged Balmaceda.

Katrina told Marjorie about the viral story of Jacob.

Anna went to sit besides her laptop.

“Who are you?”

“What’s your deal?”

“Honey I just want to apologise for my action last night. I know what you have been through with Edward, Educare I know this dramatic for you. Don’t worry at least we will change” Jacob  pampered Jean.

“But I still have to provide for you”

“No honey I will never make that mistake Edward did with you.”

“Things will get better I promise!”

“Don’t you have any other bank account”

“No why will you ask me the this?”

“Just like what you said concerning Edward I just want you to tell me the truth. I just want to know and it is nothing  if I ask this. Right Hun?”

“Yeah!” Jacob answered.

Anna and Paco talked about the legal documents and asked him who the documents were with at his camp. Paco said it was in the care of Otelessa but Anna recalled that she gave it to Jean.

She told him that the documents were leaked and it could be any of them.

Jacob told Asuncion to follow Jean.

Domeng was making his sketches and Nanny Letty joined him and they engaged in trivial conversation.

Sonya was speaking with Jean and she said she has something to inform Sonya and said it could be a quick meeting.

A certain lady fixed Jean’s car and as she left she leaked the information about where Jean was going to meet Sonya to Asuncion.

As Anna was going Dindo followed her ready to shoot her but a car came from behind to knock him down.

She ran to the building and called Paco that someone was after her. Paco told her to look for a guard closer as he also try and come to her rescue. Attorney Vega asked Paco what was wrong, he said some goon was after Anna so he was in a hurry to save her.

Behold the person who was in the car came down, with her gun ready to finish off the person. It was Anna’s guard but she could not find Dindo anywhere a multiple shot came from her behind and it was Dindo who shot her.

“Wait..wait…I cannot afford to lose you just like I lost Georgette.”

Vega told Paco and advised him not to go unprotected. She said they would rather inform the police and ordered Joanne to do that but Paco insisted to take the lead as he had to protect Anna before the police got to the scene. He left Attorney Vega to the place which Anna was.

Jacob spoke with Asuncion and he told him that Jean was going to meet Sonya Alipio.

Anna ran to a guard and asked for his protection. She saw that it was the henchman and made her car keys ready to attack him.

She attacked him and ran. Paco got there and called Anna. He informed her that they had already informed the police and they were on their way.

Anna said they should hurry before something bad happened to her. Dindo then pulled Anna’s hair from the back and she shouted.

Paco realised the goon has captured Anna and he moved to the direction where Anna’s voice was coming from.

Jean said Attorney Balmaceda does everything that Jacob asked him to do and they had to act fast before Balmaceda tracked them down.

Jean said all their efforts would go down to drain if Balmaceda found out that she was the one who leaked the information, thus had to eliminate him as soon as possible.

Sonya sided with her but wondered what they could do to interfere in the work of Balmaceda

“How can you do this Jean?” Jacob queried when he spied on Jean and Sonya in their secret place they met.

Anna asked Dindo whether he was paid by Jacob to kill her.

Anna realised it was Dindo who killed her father after he confessed to the crime of being paid to eliminate Edward.

Anna said all those while it was him who killed Edward Lamoste and they blamed Sonya for the act.

He pointed his gun on Anna ready to kill her but Paco came from behind to attack him which made Dindo’s gun fell.

He then held Anna when Paco pointed a gun at him. He said Paco should drop his gun before he killed Anna.

Anna told Paco not to listen to him. As Paco was about to drop his weapon he pushed Anna to Paco and hurriedly reached out for his gun which was on the floor to shoot them but Paco was faster than him.

He pulled the trigger and Dindo fell on the ground.


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