A Mother’s Guilt Episode 52

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 52 Jacob found guilty of multiple charges, receives life imprisonment sentence

“Justice is Served!”

After Sonya went to deliver the message of Jacob’s father’s death to him, he sacked Sonya and Sonya left with an engaging smile. Jacob thought he was bombing them but his evil deeds took the life of his own father.

Attorney Sy (Cee) visited Jacob in prison to offer her deepest condolences.
Anna and Jean went to pay their last repect to Mr Montecillo at his service, Jean admitted that Mr Montecillo has always been good to her and expressed regret for the loss of his life.

A noice was heard from outside and once Anna went to check, it was Jacob approaching together with his lawyer and the media to see his father’s mortal remains.

Anna ran to inform Jean that Jacob was coming so Jean should leave with her but Jean did not want to. She said she wanted to talk to Jacob, Anna advised her not to.

She told Jean that it was not the right time to reveal herself to Jacob, so they had to leave right away, Jean was still insisting.

“It’s too dangerous we have to go now!” Anna warned.

“Let’s go,” she added.

Jacob went in and as he went he was surprised to see her. Yes! he began to wink fast. He took a deep breath and stood aloof, anxious to hear what she has to say.

“What are you doing here?” His eyes slowly turned around, Anna then turned to inform him that:

“I just want to pay my respect, after all he was just like a real grand father to me.” Jacob was stunned to hear that from Anna, he thought he had been able to eliminate her for good but he has failed. His schemes did not work.

She then left and Jean who passed through the back door before Jacob entered the room met Anna outside. A journalist saw Anna and Jean leaving and ran after them to check whether what he saw was true.

Jacob stood next to his father’s casket, looking all sad about his failed assassination attempt on the Alipios, Vega and Anna.

“Please forgive me papa, I was never a perfect son for you but God knows I tried.”
“I can’t fail you papa. I will defend your death. I will make Sonya Alipio pay. Papa I promise you this,” Jacob cried.

As he was leaving, the reporter asked if he intentionally kept Jean, his wife away from his crimes. Jacob wondered why the reporter would asked him that. He then recalled when he asked Anna how she was coping with the death of Jean.

Jacob arrived in the court room. A Marshall voice was heard in various verdict and Jacob was found guilty of multiple crimes.

“Please all rise!”

Verdict On Stalking Against Julie

“Criminal case Number: Q- 24 -2018. People of the Philippines vrs Jacob Montoya-Montecillo the court finds Jacob Montoya-Montecillo guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of a stalker of Julie and here by sentences him to suffer determinate penalty of 20 years and 1 day of inclusion temporal as maximum.”

Verdict On Frustrated Murder Against Domeng:

“Criminal case number: W-37-2018 People of the Philippines vrs Jacob Montoya-Montecillo. The court finds Jacob Montoya-Montecillo guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of frustrated murder against Domeng Garibay and here by sentences him to suffer determinate penalty of 14 years and 8 days of inclusion temporal maximum.”

Final Verdict on Edward Lamoste’s case:

“Criminal case number: Q-49-2018 People of the Philippines Vrs Jacob Montoya-Montecillo. The court finds Jacob Montoya-Montecillo guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of murder committed against Edward Lamoste and here by sentences him to suffer the indeterminate penalty of reclusión perpetua.

“Ordered,” Judge Tortuga hit his gavel.

“All rise!” Jacob called Judge Tortuga and insisted on meeting his father for the last time, he requested that he should grant him the permission to attend Don Miguel’s burial service.

“Please let me see him for the last time,” he pleaded.

“Mr Montecillo I already allowed you the last time and after what you did with the media it is very clear that you are at a fright risk please. I am sorry but I have to deny your request.”

Jacob was then whisked away.

Justice is served,” Anna said with joy, Sonya then hugged her while Domeng hugged Paco. Sonya hugged Attorney Vega and they all embraced eachother.

As Jacob was being taken away, the media bombarded him with questions lots of people came to throw objects on him calling him a criminal.

He saw Paco approaching, he knelt before him making an emotional plea to him to help him talk to judge Tortuga for him to attend his father’s burial and to also see his parents for the last time but Paco said he had nothing to do and said sorry to him, stressing that it was the decision of the judge and they had to accept.

Sonya and Attorney Vega talked about Jacob behind the death of Attorney Georgette, Marjorie and Katrina and stated that he deserved what had happened to him.

Although Attorney Vega sounded amazed but told Sonya that now everything was done.

“We can all start all over again.”

Sonya still sounded scared, she believed Jacob was still a threat even in prison.

“I am sorry Sonya but I have to disagree with you on this Jacob is behind bars for good and to me that is winning,” Vega stated.

Jean together with Letty watched the news about Jacob’s verdict on a desktop. They still were stunned that Jacob could eliminate his own best friend because he was envious of him.

“I thought he genuinely l^ved me. I genuinely l^ved him,” Jean cried.

Jacob was sent and trown into the cell of hardened criminals.

“May be it is time for me, for us to move on. I think we have to start by forgiving Jacob,” Jean told Letty.

In prison, Jacob mobbed the floor and the police ordered him around. He was later called that someone was there to meet him and to his dismay he saw the last person he thought he would ever meet in life again.

“You are alive?” His eyes emitted fear and  sounded unsure whether what he was seeing was real or a dream.

“Yes!” The voice answered and behold it was Jean.

“I have to do this” She took a walk and got closer to him. Jacob wondered why Jean would do that. He found it as betrayal to see Jean forming alliance with his enemies just to capture him.

“Come on Jacob do not turn this against me,” Jean became upset.

“Because I l^ve you!” Jacob exclaimed. He asked Jean why she would do that against him.

“What are you saying? Take responsibility for the things that are happening in your life?” she queried.

Jacob knelt before her and said he suffered and blamed himself for her death so that he would not carry the burden.

“But why Jean? why did you do it? Jacob cried.

“Because you needed to be stopped!

“I have to do this for you,” she sat held Jacob’s hand try to speak some sense into his head.

“You are not different from the rest,” Jacob got upset.

“That is not true. I supported you all those while but did you deserve it? No…no…no” Jean cried.

Jacob still blamed the Alipios for what had befell on him but Jean told him to stop blaming the Alipios.

“Jacob don’t, please don’t do anything” and advised him to start a new life. Jacob told her that he thought that he had a l^ving wife but he sounded more Alipio and threatened her. He told her to consider his advice as the last gift .

Sonya was not happy that Jean went to meet Jacob and she said all that she wanted to do was to speak with him but she realised that he did not deserve it.

As Jacob was mobbing one of his colleagues intentionally pushed him. The man poured dirty water on him and Jacob attacked him both fought really hard and Jacob defeated him.

An inmate came to meet the fight and alerted the guards, they guards rushed in to punish Jacob and the man. They were then thrown to another cell as their punishment. Both were severely injured so they rolled on the floor in pains.

Jean told Sonya about Jacob’s threat and she advised Sonya that both of them had to leave and go far away from to a place that Jacob would not hear of them to harm them.

“We need to leave Sonya, we need to leave as far as we can. Sonya he is coming for you next,” Jean warned Sonya.

Sonya then went home to inform Domeng and Paco about travelling plans based on Jacob’s threat.

Jean and Anna prepared to be out of the country to Seattle.
“That is why d^rling I suggest you say a proper goodbye to those who matter to you most.”

Paco did not want to leave but Sonya recalled that Anna once warned them that Jacob was dead serious to harm them and he incited the bombing incident.

Later Paco went to the firm and journalists interviewed him about his inspiration as a young lawyer and stated that his skillful professional delivery was the reason Jacob Montecillo was behind bars but Jacob gave the credit to Attorney Vega.

“Attorney Alipio was very instrumental in winning this case,” Attorney Vega interjected.

“I guess that is enough. Attorney Alipio is not used to the camera and let’s enjoy this moment among ourselves. Thank you for coming,” Vega told the press.

Paco gave a certain document to Vega after reading through she said
“No wonder your reaction earlier. I guess this is non negotiable. Have a seat Attorney Alipio.”

Paco then sat and told Vega that he had to do that for his family and told her that the family was planning to settle at Cebu.

“I will choose my family’s safety over everything. Any law firm will be glad to have you. ” Vega gave him a card and said the contact was a person who she completed law school with and the person resides in Cebu.

Paco was impressed by Attorney Vega’s act and thanked her for always supporting and being there for him.

“Because it is young lawyers like you who gave me hope! And I know that you will continue to fight injustice.”

“Promise me one thing that you will never lose the fire inside of you,” Attorney Vega told Paco. He cried for saying goodbye.

“Don’t forget everything I thought you Huh! Good job Attorney Alipio good job,” they both cried and Vega hugged Paco as they said goodbye to each other.

As Paco was leaving the firm there were some people looking for Attorney Vega, they appeared as a new law students who were seeking to have an attachment in the firm. Paco showed them where they could find Vega. He recalled when he first came to the firm to the time he gained contract with them.

He kept thinking about the good memories he had at Attorney Vega’s place. Anna then sent him a text asking whether he would be free on that day.

They met that evening and Anna wished him all the best and said goodbye to him. She however poured out what she felt in her heart.

“I still l^ve you Paco, I never stopped!” Anna then asked him if he still felt something for her. Paco was quiet so Anna interjected that
“No don’t answer that… I feel so st^pid to ask

Paco asked her not to be. Anna went on further that “I gave us on us. I should have held on to it. I should have fought hard!” Anna cried.

Paco explained it could be the act of fate so she should not blame herself.

“Exactly, Fate tested our relationship and we failed, I failed!” She sighed. Paco said he understood but he still could not get what happened to Georgette from his head. He realised Anna was sad when he mentioned Georgette’s name so he said sorry.

“You don’t! You shouldn’t be! what you had with Georgette was amazing. She stayed with you even when she had all the reasons to leave. She didn’t give up, she was a better woman and a better woman deserves a better life. When I see Georgette I kept my distance because you lost a person who l^ved you the way you deserved to be l^ved and I know is not the same thing because a part of me died when i lost you. Because I want to move on.”

Paco then asked what he could do and Anna said he needed not to do anything or say anything, she cried a lot.

“Anna, Anna,” Paco called. He held her and ki$$ed her. He then said sorry to her and Anna said she understood and then excused herself. Paco stood quietly and did not know what to do.

He wrapped his hands on his heaad, feeling all down and sad.

NOTE: Legal Terms and their meanings

Reclusión perpetua—- Permanent imprisonment

Stalker (stalking)—a person who engage in the act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of express or implied threats.

Determinate sentence: It’s a sentence of confinement for a specific or minimum period specified by statute. A convicted person could serve more than the determinate sentence but not less.

Indeterminate Sentence: It’s a sentence imposed for a crime that isn’t given a definite duration.

Gavel: It’s a small ceremonial mallet commonly made of hardwood, typically fashioned with a handle. It can be used to call for attention or to punctuate rulings and proclamations and is a symbol of the authority and right to act officially in the capacity of a judge.


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