A Mother’s Guilt Episode 54

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 54 Jacob captured the Alipio boys and tortured the family

“I will never be safe as far as I am with you Jacob.”

Jean sat quietly on the bed thinking of what to do to get out of the place after her plea for help failed. Jacob  walked in and opened the door. She suddenly got down when she spotted Jacob’s face.

“Hi Honey!”

“How are you?” Jacob said with a smile.

“Get me out of here Jacob,” She began to hit  Jacob as she begged for her freedom.

“I will never be safe as far as I am with you Jacob,” Jean cried.

“Please enough, believe me honey you will l^ve me again!”

“You are crazy,” Jean cried!

“Yes” Jacob admitted.

“Crazy in l^ve,” he added.

When she saw that Jacob was not ready to allow her to get in touch with Anna she faked an affection.

“I l^ve you, I l^ve you Jacob, please don’t go,” Jean embraced him.

Anna told the police and the Alipio boys that she was sure David was assisting Jacob. She recalled the burial service of Don Miguel where she set eyes on David. Paco already believed Jacob had an outside force who was behind the scene facilitating his every move for him.

Sonya regained consciousness. She found herself in a certain room. She tried to rise but realised she had been chained. Sonya shouted for help and there came a voice laughing at her.

“We have to act quickly,” Anna ordered.
After speaking with Domeng, Paco went inside to inform them that Domeng was not willing to go anywhere until their mother is found.

Sonya still called for help, Jacob walked in.
“Surprise!” he exclaimed. Sonya became frightened and rose to attack Jacob.

Jacob made fun of her, he showed her a hidden camera and told her to say hi to Paco. He slapped her and told Sonya that she did not deserve an easy death otherwise he would have ended her life to make it so easily for her.

Jacob kept making fun of Sonya, he said he would video her and send to her sons. Paco received the video and he watched together with Domeng.

A call then came through, when he received, it was Jacob. He threatened them to harm Sonya if they don’t come to her rescue. Domeng said he should not dare harm Sonya. Sonya shouted that they should not mind Jacob.

Jacob warned them that they were in no position to give him orders. He said Paco believed in true justice but he has escaped justice, which means no one would be able to stop him.

He gave Paco a location to meet and demanded that they should not make a mistake of involving the police otherwise he might regret it.

Sonya tried to hold him and he kicked her. Domeng and Paco became agitated of what Jacob was doing to their mother. They asked him not to inflict pain on Sonya and promised that they were willing to do anything for their mother’s safety.

Jojo received a call from Paco, informing them that Jacob was torturing Sonya. Anna asked if he had spoken to Jacob and he said Jacob sent them video. Domeng told them to hurry and rescue Sonya because she was in danger.

Jojo asked Domeng to calm down as he pledged the security’s commitment to do everything to get Sonya out.

Anna told Paco he was right all along that David was the one helping Jacob and they were trying to get David so that they could get the location of where he had kept Sonya and Jean hostage.

Domeng insisted that they should hurry as he was scared for the life of Sonya. Jacob set his gun ready and told Sonya that he had already warned her sons not to involve the police so if they do a mistake to involve them he would blow their head off.

Sonya thought of means to get the gun from his hand so she tried to disrupt him to get the gun but Jacob realised it and he used the gun to hit Sonya, saying he would not allow her to come in between his plans and left.

Rizalina as she was driving Anna and Jojo said she would seek the help of Attorney Otelessa and Vega to check the properties of David. Anna said she had a plan and hoped it would work.

Paco and Domeng went to see the NBI agent based on the plan. They set a checkpoint to find David and Jacob.

They gave Domeng and Paco a protective piece as well as airpod so that they could communicate without the knowledge of Jacob.

Sonya made an effort to save herself, later she saw a key lying on the floor she tried hard to reach the keys but it was far from her.

The female NBI agent also gave Paco GPS tracker and asked them to obey their instructions so that they could make the work easier.

Sonya got an idea, she saw a stand next to her so she used it to pull the keys to her. She tried to unlock the chain with the keys but the chain did not open. After failed attempts she cried uncontrollably.

The NBI agent surrounded the place. Paco rode to the place which Jacob scheduled with them to meet them.

Some of the agents also watched the happenings in the CCTV footage. As they reached there, Jacob detected them through the gun telescope. He saw the police who escorted Paco and Domeng to the place. Jacob said Paco was predictable.

He shot some of the NBI agents, so the leader and the rest who were watching the footage also left to the crime scene as Paco and Domeng left for cover.

At the checkpoint they saw David. David was upset that he was stopped he was not willing to cooperate so Jojo got closer to him and introduced himself.

He said he was in a hurry for his flight but Anna appeared in the scene. She asked him where Jacob had kept Sonya and Jean.

Paco received another video from Jacob. A video of how he was mercilessly beating and torturing Sonya. Later Paco received a text from Jacob that he already warned them not to involve the police but they did not listen.

He warned them to get rid of all the communication gadgets that link them to the police and threatened that if they failed to comply they would receive the corpse of Sonya.

David told Anna that she might be mistaken him for someone as he knew no one by that name.

The agent at the crime scene saw some of the gadgets on the floor and asked Paco to answer her. Paco and Domeng placed all their protective piece at the trunk of the car.

Paco then shouted that they were there and were without the company of the NBI. Later they were hit from behind.

Sonya tried to woke her sons up by consistently mentioning their names. After they were hit  they dazed off and were sent to the room of Sonya where Jacob tied them to a chair.

Jacob hit them in order for them not to see the road to where he would send them.

Jacob got to the room when he heard Sonya calling out her sons, trying to hold them but she could not since she was chained.

“What a touching scene, if only you could touch eachother,” Jacob gloated.

“You want to be with your two sons right?”

“You are so pathetic,”Jacob told Sonya. Paco began to untie himself. As Domeng saw Paco  untying himself, he began to distract Jacob.

Sonya told Jacob that he had already killed Edward Lamoste and Don Miguel but Jacob interjected that she should not dare mention the name of his father since everything that had happened was the fault of Sonya.

Sonya kept on with her advice that he should for once do something good. Jacob said he could not be stopped from shooting her sons.

He pointed his gun and shot, for a second they thought one of them had been shot but when they opened their eyes neither of them had been shot.

Jacob began to laugh, he told Sonya that he has changed his mind based on what she said so now he would rather make her stain her hand with the blood of her own son.

He indicated that it would be more hurtful if her son dies from her own hand. Jacob force his weapon into the hands of Sonya.

“Sonya don’t pretend that this is your first time.”

“Who is my favourite son?” He began to tease her.

At the checkpoint Anna tried to convice David to reveal the place Jacob had kept Jean and Sonya as hostage. David asked who Jean was and Anna said it was a long story.

She explained to David that Jacob had kept Jean as hostage and she needed to rescue her mother as soon as possible. She went further to state that Don Miguel, his brother died from Jacob’s own hand due to the sacrifice he made to expose Jacob.

“That is why I am asking you to come clean and please help us to find my mother.”

He then revealed the property address to them. He wrote the addresses of his properties on a sheet to them.

Jacob kept torturing Sonya to shoot her favourite son first. He asked whether it was Paco or Domeng. He insisted that it was a game so she should choose who would be eliminated first.

He asked her to see Attorney Francisco Alipio, he was a renowned lawyer while Domeng on the other hand was now gathering his life together and probably in the future become an important person.

“So if I were you I will choose Paco,” he gloated. As he kept threatening them Domeng said Sonya should shoot him first but Paco said no, he was the eldest and he needed to sacrifice himself for his junior brother and the family.

As both were screaming to be shot first, Sonya eyes rotated and winked very fast watching the two giving reasons why each had to be shot first.

Jacob began to count and as he was aiming his weapon on Domeng, Sonya screamed the name of Paco as the person he should first eliminate.

They were all stunned, Paco was still untying himself. Jacob turned to Sonya and gloated.


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