Now and Forever Episode 41

Now and Forever Episode 41 Rebecca fights Stella for plots to kill her daughter

Rebecca went to get the DNA tests from the hospital. She called Eva to tell her that she was going to call once she got them but when she got off the phone, she ran into Roxanne.

Roxanne was wearing the necklace that belonged to Angela and Rebecca was surprised to see it.

She asked Roxanne where she got the necklace from and Roxanne said she was given the necklace by her parents, Joey and Mia before they died. Rebecca tears down and hugged Roxanne.

A flashback showed that Stella met with Roxanne and paid her to pretend to be Rebecca’s missing daughter. She told her that she would become a Cortes and the two signed an agreement.

The people at Gintong Pagasa threw a party for Eva for winning the contest. She however could not focus because she was waiting for Rebecca to call.

Inno took her away and said he wanted to show her something. He called someone and started a countdown then a huge fireworks display began.

They spelt “Congrats Eva” on the sky and she was delighted. Inno held her hand and Eva wanted to pull away, later she asked for a countdown to 10.

Eva counted fast but Inno asked her to do it slowly. Oliver went to look for them when he realised that they had left the party and saw them holding hands.

Rebecca did not call so Eva tried to sleep. She received a text from her later explaining that the results came out negative and she was sorry about it since she wanted Eva to be her daughter. Eva was in tears but she texted Rebecca back and said it was fine.

Stella got the actual DNA results and destroyed them. She then told her men to make sure that Roxanne’s DNA result came out positive.

Eva’s designs were a huge success and celebrities began to wear them. Queenie said it was time they set up a social media page to sell the designs sine Eva was already getting a lot of orders.

Oliver arrived and said he would help but Inno said they could handle things without his help.

Rebecca organised a party to celebrate finding her daughter and invited the Cortes. Carmen did not want to go but Hernan told her that it would look suspicious if not a single Cortes was there.

Inno went to greet them when they arrived but Stella ignored him. She went to see Oliver instead and talked to him about working for Saavedra.

Oliver told her not to ask him to quit his job since they were the ones who abandoned him and he was doing well on his own.

Rebecca also sent the people of Gintong Pagasa an invitation and Carmen was not happy to see them. She said something about being at the same party with people from the slums but Inno told her that they were good people.

He went to sit with them and Carmen noted the way he looked at Eva. She told Hernan to do something about it but Hernan said he could not tell Inno not to like Eva just because she was poor.

Rebecca came out to announce the good news about finding her daughter and everyone was surprised when Roxanne walked out.

She then continued on to tell everyone at the party that she and her daughter were ambushed and left to die so that they would not claim Rodrigo’s inheritance.

She named Stella as the person who gave the order and Stella got mad. She told everyone not to believe her and accused Rebecca of defamations.

She slapped Rebecca and Rebecca slapped her back twice. There was a huge commotion as Inno took Stella away and left with Carmen and Hernan.


The guests were taking pictures of them but the people from Gintong Pagasa helped Inno and blocked them from taking pictures.

Rebecca left the party in tears and went to cry in the back room. Eva went to see how she was doing while Roxanne asked the guests to continue enjoying the party.

Rebecca told Eva that what she said about Stella was true and she had been hurting for a long time. Eva told her that she now had the chance to make it up to her daughter and made her feel better.

Carmen had a doctor check on her after the incident and she advised that Carmen rest for a few days. Carmen was upset that they would have to give all their money to a girl who suddenly appeared.

Stella said Rebecca was probably lying to them about finding her daughter but Hernan and Inno defended her saying that she was telling the truth.

After the party, Rebecca met up with Mariel and let out all her frustrations about what Stella had done.

She already found out that Roxanne was not her daughter after talking to her grandfather, Mr Batong.

Mariel asked if she would retake the DNA test with Eva but Rebecca said doing so would put Eva in danger and she was not willing to risk it after the attempted kidnapping.

She was aware that Stella was doing her best to make sure that she did not find out Eva’s real identity.

She therefore decided to play Stella’s game and instead find enough evidence to have her convicted for what she had done.


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