All Of Me Episode 45

All Of Me Episode 45 Lena survives a death trap, Dennis, Henry arrested after an escape

After passing through emotional trauma about the missing of Ivan, Lena finally reunited with him. Since Henry was not in the room, Lena attempted to flee with Ivan but bumped into him at the door.

Princess shed tears for their inability to find Lena. Nonoy consoled her, assuring her that her sister and Ivan would come home safely and sound. Ringgo brought a scarf to Bebeng. Bebeng was standing outside waiting for the arrival of her daughter and her grandson. She was sad for Henry’s act against her family.

She hoped Lena and Ivan would been seen without them being hurt. Failure to obtain the hideout of Henry from Carding, the two went to the hospital to enlist the help of Kristel to reach out to Dennis. Kristel called Dennis and the two agreed to meet. Henry pushed Ivan into one of the empty rooms and locked him up.

He used threat while pointing the gun at the door that if Lena did not sit for them to talk, he would shoot Ivan. Lena complied and sat. She knew Henry was out of his senses so she fought with Henry to open the door for Ivan to come out. Henry didn’t Lena found an object to hit the head of Henry.

She took off the keys from Henry’s pocket and opened the door to join Ivan in that room. She locked the door and assured Ivan that she would find a way for them to escape. She saw a space somewhere and took the things that Henry has used to cover it, the moment they were ready to pass through, Henry pulled her hair from the back.

Ivan cried and hit Henry to leave his mother alone. Henry pushed Ivan and the boy hit his head against the wall, making him collapse. Henry molested Lena. He hit her stomach to weaken her, torn her top and made an attempt to rape her. Lena screamed in tears when Henry was on her.

Meanwhile, Kristel went to the street which Dennis told her to meet him. Dennis came, unknown to Dennis, Marlon and Manuel were hiding in the bush waiting for Dennis to corner him. Dennis seeing Kristel was about to leave when Kristel saw him. Kristel asked him where Henry had sent Ivan and Lena.

Since he was not talking, Marlon revealed his face. Quickly Dennis held Kristel, threatening to shoot her if they did not allow him to leave. Kristel pleaded with Dennis to turn himself in in order for him not to get hurt. Marlon also insisted so Dennis layed his gun on the floor and surrendered. He revealed the hideout of Henry so Marlon together with Manuel and the police embarked on a journey to the place.

Lena managed to resist. She kicked Henry with her leg and hit him. She went for Ivan and Ivan woke up. They ran, Henry took his gun and ran after them. He caught up and shot in the air as a warning, threatening that the next bullet would go straight to any of them if Lena did not obey and returned into the safe house with Ivan which Lena complied.

Consumed with frustration about her kidnapped daughter and grandson, Bebeng spoke on phone with Manuel. Manuel told her that they had gained the location of Henry so Marlon was driving him to the place to save Ivan. Lena and Ivan slept for a while in the room. Henry arrived and went on to torture Lena.

Since she did not want Ivan to get hurt, she told Ivan to stay behind while she followed the orders of Henry. With gun pointed on her head, Lena tried to obey but she got upset and got into a fight with Henry. Henry seeing Lena would come in between his escape plan, he hit the neck of Lena and she collapsed. Henry disposed Lena’s body inside a jacuzzi since he claimed he l0ved her so much to shoot her and shot the air.

Ivan thought Henry had k!lled his mother so he cried in the room while hitting the door, demanding Henry to open him. Henry set the tap rolling while he went to the room to dress up Ivan to flee with him. The boy cried demanding to be with his mother. Henry carried Ivan to run and Ivan screamed but there was no help from anywhere.

Henry placed Ivan inside the car and drove off. Manuel spotted the car when Marlon drove passed them. Manuel said it was Henry and Marlon turned to drive after Henry. Henry shot the police’s car multiple times, so Marlon wanted to retaliate the firing, however, Manuel stopped Marlon for Ivan’s safety. Ivan managed to run off from the car when Henry slowed down due to the police car which was nigh.

Henry got upset but couldn’t go for Ivan since Marlon and Manuel had already stepped out from their car. He went into the car and sped off. There were two cars Marlon went with so the other car followed Henry while Marlon was with Manuel. Manuel asked of Lena and the boy said they left Lena in the house. Marlon drove Manuel to the hideout and Manuel found Lena in the jacuzzi drowning.

He held his wife up. Later, Lena opened her eyes and coughed since she swallowed some of the water. She asked of Ivan and Manuel said he was safe. Henry set a trap for the car after him and when the opportunity arose, he shot the car multiple times and it went ablaze, facilitating his escape from the authorities.

Lena was rushed to the hospital and woke up to see her son by her side. Henry made his things ready to leave but the police cornered him in his house and arrested him. Soon, the Figuerases and the Dimaculugans gathered around one table to celebrate a united family. Ivan was glad and could not wait for the 29th January Solar eclipse. Nonoy said they would got to Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital rooftop to witness it well.

However, Lena was saddened as she had a flashback of Salvacion informing her that Manuel’s life span was attached to the liquid in the hourglass necklace and once it dried up he would die. Madam Estrella also has told her that on that 29th January Manuel wrote his covenant and agreement would come to an end as darkness would take over the world. Lena was disturbed while Manuel tried to hide his fears.

He held Lena and asked her what was bothering her. Lena watched Manuel’s face carefully and Manuel asked her not to worry. Inspector Marlon visited and joined them at the table to eat together while he informed them that Henry was caught.

As they were eating, Marlon received a call that Henry has escaped so he asked the Figuerases of his leave. Manuel went to the washroom and Henry came to shoot him multiple times and Manuel mentioned Henry’s name.

Henry took off his pullover after he left the restaurant. Ringgo went to the washroom to find Manuel lying helplessly on the ground and rushed to inform the family. Lena, Ivan and Bebeng rushed to the washroom to find Manuel there. Marlon received a call and was told about the incident.

As Manuel was being operated, Marlon was also checking on the CCTV footage and found out that Henry was behind the crime. Lena cried and asked Manuel to fight for his life. Lena who was holding the hourglass necklace said she and Ivan needed him so he should fight and live. The doctors successfully removed the bullets from his heart.

Henry in his hideout heard the news about him being the k!ller of Manuel and wondered the kind of person Manuel was as he kept escaping death.


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