Betrayal (Halik) Episode 82

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 82

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 82 Jade $exually traps Lino over her insecurity

In a restaurant, Jacky told her friends about how Ace and Aliyah were sabotaging her production in order for her not to be able to make it to the exhibit.

Barry got there and Ken informed him about Jacky’s plight since the exhibit was less than a week. Barry offered to give her the machines and equipment to propel her to kick-start her production for the exhibit.

Lino spoke with Jacky on the phone and Jacky thanked him for his help. Jade who got there to find Lino speaking with Jacky, telling her that she could come to him anytime she needed help got Jade upset.

She later confronted Lino for making her jealous and drove him out, saying she no longer needed his help as he called him several times but failed to respond since he was on the phone with Jacky.

Dolor got into the scene so Lino stepped out. Dolor followed him and he said Jade called him to help her out but she sacked him when he went there as she was making a farce about his call with Jacky.

He said her action was annoying and could not stand her nagging anymore but Dolor pleaded with him to exercise more patience since Jade’s action stemmed from her postpartum depression.

The baby cried and Jade tried to calm CJ down. The next day, Jacky went to Dos Disenyos and offered the workers food to eat. Lino got there and Jacky said she wanted to work on her production that was why she was there.

Gio called Jacky and wanted to help her but she said she was at Dos Disenyos, Ace who was eavesdropping  heard that Jacky was at Dos Disenyos.

Stacy got there and made Gio realised that Ace was standing there. Yohan got to Montecorp in search of Jacky. Ace used that opportunity to brainwash him to search for Jacky at Dos Disenyos.

Lino received an email to attend to a furniture expo in United States. Baste and Barry wee happy for him but he wondered how he got the invite.

Jacky got there and saw them happy, they told her about it and she said she had even forgotten. She revealed to Lino that she took pictures of the chair that Lino was working on some months back after he was told he was the father of the son Jade was expecting.

Lino was really happy for the surprise and hugged her, at that moment Yohan got there and expressed displeasure about the scene he witnessed.

He left in anger and Jacky followed him. Lino was impatient as he heard Yohan shouting at Jacky. Barry told Lino to calm down, explaining that Yohan and Jacky were in a relationship so fighting was normal.

Lino still could not control himself. Yohan lamented that Jacky was always with Lino and ordered Jacky to leave with him. Jacky tried explaining that the hug was nothing but a friendly one as Lino was just thanking her.

Yohan insisted that Lino could have thanked her without necessarily hugging her. He tried dragging her out but Jacky refused to go with him since she came there to work.

Yohan turned deaf ears all that he wanted was for Jacky to follow him, Lino then got there to stop him from hurting his friend. Yohan made it clear that Jacky was his girlfriend so Lino should back off.

Jacky told Lino that she would handle it. She asked Yohan to leave and would only talk to him when he was ready to listen her.

Lino asked her if Yohan always hurt her and she defended him, saying  he was not violent just that he was upset that he came to meet him embracing her.

Lino said she should come to her whenever Yohan does something wrong. Ave went to meet Yohan in a bar and used that opportunity to brainwash him more.

Jacky and Mauro had time together. Mauro realised that Jacky was bothered by an issue and she informed him that Yohan met her with Lino and was jealous of him.

Jacky said she felt that she was trying hard to make her relationship with him work, adding that she was scared since that was the same thing which cost her marriage with Ace.

Ace told Yohan that whatever Jacky told him about him was not true. He said Jacky was not nice as she seemed to be.

He said Lino was the reason his marriage hit the rocks.

“I guess your womanising has nothing to do with it?” Yohan interjected.

Mauro told Jacky that jealousy could drive a man crazy and advised her to think deep about what Ace and Yohan were thinking since Lino was her first l*ve.

Ace showed the picture of Jacky and Lino to Yohan to prove that Jacky and Lino were having an affair.

Mauro said he was so happy that Loida chose him over other affluents but he ruined everything. He also said he was not mad at Jacky but was mad at himself for ruining the beautiful family Loida gave him all because of his greed.

Lino offered to help the workers who were working on Jacky’s furniture for the exhibition so that they would be fast.

Yohan got to Jacky’s condo, he was hurt by Ace’s revelation, when he heard Jacky and Chari talking hr hid to eavesdrop. Chari told Jacky to choose between Lino and Yohan so that she would not get hurt at the end.

Jacky said she did not want to lose Yohan since she was her silver lining but for Lino their friendship would always be there.

She said he was the one who made her feel happy and smiling. She said she missed that old Yohan and did not know what she could do to make Yohan clear his doubt about her and Lino.

Gio crashed with Maggie in a snack bar, as Maggie saw him with a woman she walked passed him and his herself while Gio called.

Jacky got to work and the Corpuzes together with Aliyah ganged up on her. Paeng confronted Jacky for not being punctual but Jacky said although she was not at work in person but was doing all of her work.

Aliyah said her involvement with Dos Disenyos would make Montecorp name trend in a bad light. Jacky interjected that Dos Disenyos people were not like them, referring to Aliyah and Ace for them to claim ownership of others work so they were just helping her.

They ended their argument by agreeing to meet at the exhibit. Marissa visited Jade and Jade said she would have a second chance with Lino but Jacky was being an obstacle.

Her looks suggested to Marissa that she was up to something mischievous. Marissa asked what she planned to do with Jacky. She said for the moment she did not have anything in mind for Jacky but for Lino she had.

They went to buy $exy night gowns. Marissa knew what Jade was up to and said she did not want to be part of Jade’s doing since she was now getting along with Lino and did not want to get into trouble with him.

Jade assured her that she would not do anything that Lino would not like. Jacky startled Lino and she thanked him for his help.

Lino got home and saw Maggie sitting in solitude. Maggie voiced out that she met Gio with another girl, although she called for the break up but was hurt seeing him with another woman and asked Lino whether that was his feelings for Jacky.

She asked Lino if he was meant for Jade why did destiny brought him back to Jacky. Lino said he did not know may be that might be a story for another day.

Meanwhile, Jacky sat reflecting on everything which she was told by Chari, concerning Yohan fighting with a long time friendship of Lino and her. While Ken also told her that her heart belonged to somebody else.

She also thought about what Mauro said and became confused as everything pointed out that she was actually interested in Lino and not Yohan.

Lino went upstairs and saw his son being taken cared of by Dolor. He asked of Jade and Dolor said Jade asked of her favour to take care of the baby while she was going to do something downstairs.

Dolor asked Lino if he did not see her, the baby was crying so he decided to go in search of her. Lino got to his room and upset that Jade just left the baby.

As he was removing his shoes his eyes catch glimpse of a devil. He then stood, Jade started to tempt  him, she removed the cover of her nightwear and pounced on Lino to steal k!$$es.

Lino stopped her and told her to leave his room but Jade said they were still couple and there was nothing wrong with them having $ex.

Lino saw that Jade wanted to force things so he also forced her to make I’ve to her.


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