The Killer Bride Episode 56 Camila uses Luciano's corpse as a bait to trap the killer groom 

The Killer Bride Episode 56

The Killer Bride Episode 56 Camila uses Luciano’s corpse as a bait to trap the killer groom

In the Dela Torre mansion, Guada wanted to close the chapter of Luciano by packing his things but Alice failed to hide her emotions upon seeing Guada going through Luciano’s things to finally let go of his memories.

Alice puts an effort to compose herself and acted concern towards  Guada’s health just to stop Guada’s action.

As Mayor Luis attended a business meeting and was engaging in a chat with Mr Dela Pas who was lamenting about how the infamous killer groom gruesome acts had affected the locals and businesses in Las Espadas, he saw Don Fredo Geronimo passing.

Don Geronimo, was the family friend who Alice  always mentioned when asked about her constant affairs (lateness).

He stopped him and introduced himself as Luis Dela Torre, the son of Alice. He told him  that his mother was meeting up with him lately, the man could not remember, He later recalled the name as Alice Montero and he told Luis that his mother passed through hell in the hands of her own father.

Don Fredo further implied that Alice had gone through a cruel life with her father, Rafael Montero. Don Fredo even hinted that Don Rafael’s behaviour took a toll on their friendship and he hasn’t seen Alice for long, contrary to Alice’s claims that they’ve been regularly catching up the past days.

Vito was stopped by Iking who was bothered by the message he received from the psychic. He asked Vito whether he believed in curses and he said he did not.

Matias who was in disguise placed a note bearing the hideout of the killer groom on the car of Vito. Vito saw the note and read where the killer was hiding. As Matias accomplished his mission and was leaving, Agnes came from nowhere to attack Matias with a wood. She hit him several times.

Matias fought her back. Meanwhile, Elias could not find Emma. Luis reluctantly approached his mom to relay the things he talked about with Don Fredo. He asked Alice if it was true that her father was cruel to him but she denied and told Luis lies.

Alice was quick to convince Luis that Don Fredo may have just been confused since he’s getting old, like how he acted whenever they got to meet each other the past days. She reiterated her good relationship with her Dad.

Suspicion was still seen in Luis’s reaction but he chose to just remain silent and accept Alice’s explanation for the moment.

Agnes succeeded in defeating Matias. She hit Matias head with the wood till he collapsed. Emma got to the safe box which Fabio some times back left the keys with her before traveling to Las Espadas, informing her that should anything happened to him she should go for the box. So she did what her Papa told her.

Emma saw a heavy bank account in her name, diamonds, pictures of a house in Las Vegas in her name and a letter informing her to leave a life of her choice.

The letter talked about the profound l*ve of Fabio and how excited he was when Emma called her Papa for the first time, given him a hope and a meaning to his meaningless life.

Fabio asked her not to live in the shadows of the life he and Camila cast. Iking had another revelation while thinking about what he was told concerning the curse upon Camila. He was led to a room where he saw a certain picture.

Emma told her guards to send Elias to the airport. She told Elias that she did not want to return since Las Espadas would remind her of her pains.

She told Elias that there was nothing there for her to go to Las Espadas for. Elias told her that he was there, he then voiced out his feelings once again to her and his preparedness to be with her forever.

Emma said she wanted to be out of the life of Camila and live a life she wanted. Meanwhile Alice had a hint from Agnes that the police knew her location.

She was in her car and in her killer costume the police spotted her car approaching but she fled while Camila tried stopping her by shooting at the tyres of her car.

Iking ran to Manay Ichu to ask about the person who  was in the portrait and she wondered where Iking got it from. She then revealed that the woman is Belinda Dela Torre, Camila’s great grandmother.

Iking then joined the pieces together that Belinda was the reason a fury ignited in between the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas, hence the curse when a Dela Torre falls for a Dela Cuesta.

Camila went into Alice’s safe house together with the police. She went to a different room, there she saw the corpse of Luciano. She was stunned.

However, Emma tried to deny Elias the opportunity to be with her. She came with an excuse that she was dramatised but Elias still did not back down and he said he l*ved her with all his heart.

He k!ssed her and hugged her, promising her that he would be with her. Vito also got to the safe room and wondered why the body was waxed.

Alice was so upset that she alighted somewhere and vented her anger on her weapon. She shot in the sky, blaming Camila for the misfortune.

Camila concluded that the killer held the body in awe and the body was so important to her. Camila still suspected the killer as a Dela Torre.

She said the body could be used as bait, since it meant a lot for the killer. Luis informed Guada that the body of Luciano had been found and was held hostage by the killer.

Elias and Emma arrived in Las Espadas, Emma said Elias was not also like his father, remembering his tattoo and a killer of Javier.

Elias had already told Emma that she was not like her mother, he concluded that they were destined to be irrespective of the pass crimes of their parent.

The Dela Torre approached Alejandro asking for the corpse, he said they were investigating it since the corpse would have traces of the serial killer.

Tati was upset that her dear brother was referred to as it. Luis did not want anyone to denigrate the corpse. Camila came in and said who in Las Espadas would the corpse of Luciano be so important to, that the person would take the corpse from its grave order than his family.

Tati got upset that Camila was once again pointing accusing fingers at them. Inspector Alejandro received a message from the police that the photos of the corpse was leaked online and everyone took their phone to access it.

Camila saw the gesture on Alice’s face but as the later saw Camila was suspecting her she quickly changed her mood.

A flashback showed that the plan was hatched by Camila as she told Vito and Alejandro about it to trap the killer. Alice gesture still betrayed her. She went into her room cursing Camila beneath her breath as she read the disgusting comments online.

Camila saw that Emma wanted to leave to another country, she pleaded with Emma to give her another chance. Emma said she did not belong there anymore as she had Luna and Vito.

Camila voiced out that she needed her and not to use her. She had a call from Luna and Emma urged her to receive it since her daughter needed her. She said she was heading to Manay Ichu at Dako Pa Roon. Camila pleaded with her to allow her receive the call.

Elias went to the safe house of Matias, he did not see him but saw his letter concerning his changed of mind to help Camila find the serial killer.

He said he would be at peace since Elias stood for the truth and fought for those he cared about.

Meanwhile, Matias was shown confined in an  enclosed place. He woke up asking for help in order for him to be out of where he had been kept.


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