Blogger exposes how organisers of Under 30 Women Awards defrauded nominees

Blogger exposes how organisers of Under 30 Women Awards defrauded nominees

Blogger exposes how organisers of Under 30 Women Awards defrauded nominees

Organisers of Under 30 women’s Awards, a maiden award aims at awarding deserving young industrial women who are under 30 years have defied protocols to defraud many nominees of the awards scheme.

The awards which came off on Saturday June 5, saw the organisers of the awards awarding “family and friends” at the expense of the laid down rules set by them in awarding deserving nominees.

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In an earlier interview conducted by SpotOnNews with the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Under 30 Women Project Awards, Ms Matilda Owusu the awards which had 16 categories including Public Relations, Blogger, health and wellness among others would see over 50 women competing for the coveted prize through voting.

She said the hardworking women who were nominated could only win when their fan base support them through voting, saying:

“80per cent of the decision of who wins what will be based on vote while 20per cent will be the decision of the board and judges.”

Answering the transparency of the awards before voting kick-started, Ms Owusu told the site that nominees could actually check their vote cast and know who was  winning by following their smartkastgh website.

She said her outfit put that system in place to ensure deserving participants win the awards.

Under 30 Project-2021-04-03_15.29.51

However, they defied it to scam many nominees who were victims of their ponzy awards by denying the deserving winners the awards.

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International journalist, Joyceline Natally Cudjoe who received two nominations in the Public Relations and Blogger categories sharing her experience with the site said the organisers scammed her and gave her awards to Julie Jay Kanz.

She said her fans and her media crew voted for her and per the smartkastgh website she was leading the blogging vote with over 270 votes.

Under 30 Women Awards
The votes of Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

Ms Cudjoe said she began suspecting a foul play when Ms Owusu turned back to  pressuring her to speed up her vote and also revealed to her that they would switch their transparency system to a private system where a nominee could only see her own vote and not competitors own.

Under 30 Women Awards

Under 30 Women Awards

” I was there and Matilda sent me messages on WhatsApp that i should speed up my vote because my competitors were speeding up. So I visited the smartkastgh website to check all the votes including my competitors own and I was leading by 270 votes with  Delayba following me with 45 votes the rest including Julie Jay Kanz, Xorlali Kugbey, Dagaati Girl were all having zero vote.

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With the PR awards I was leading with 40 votes so I did not understand why she told me that. I then went back to reply that I was leading and she told me they will change the Transparency pattern as part of the new reforms to make only nominees see their own votes not their competitors own. I became perplexed but did not want her to see it and I just said ok.”

“Due to that I suspected them so I even told some of my fans to withhold the voting and I secured a new means of monitoring the votes just to gather evidence on how the voting were going.

I tried to cast vote for each nominee within my category to check their vote because the voting is such a way that if you are voting for a particular nominee her vote will pop up for you to know the number of votes the person has gained. So the results remained the same even after they closed the vote,” she explained.

Under 30 Women Awards Under 30 Women Awards Under 30 Women Awards

Under 30 Women Awards

To confirm her suspicion about the awards being a ponzy scheme, Ms Cudjoe said Ms Owusu sent her message again asking her to make her fans support the awards by patronising tickets and attend the event.

She said as a young woman who saw the vision of other young women she was willing to support the awards wholeheartedly and went to the event with some of her team members which she paid for the entrance fee for each person at a cost of Ghc40.

Ms Cudjoe added that Julie Jay Kanz who had no vote to her name was given all the two awards.

She cautioned Ghanaians to be vigilant about some awards which were being organised in the country as most were just money making ventures for the organisers not actually to reward deserving individuals.


Written by Akuapem Dehye

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