Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 410

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 410 Lucas announces the deàth of Terante to the people, Virgie is abducted to smoke Vendetta out from their hideout

In the morning, during breakfast, the members of the Vendetta were ready for the day’s rounds and were willing to go door-to-door to know the problems the townspeople were facing to help them settle it. After eating, they went to the barangay office.

Captain Keton saw that they were there early and they explained that they wanted to reach more places. Captain Keton was glad to hear that. He needed patrolmen to know the needs of the residents and for them to help those people. Jerome told the Captain that it was the job he and Rigor were doing at the precinct so they would do it.

Elsewhere, Javier left to recruit more men. Gapon who was not happy with the method Javier would use told Diego that he did not see Javier’s plans to abduct workers of a particular place to join the work as the best. He believed it would hinder their business.

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Margie and Flora visited Adonis at his office. Margie apologised for lashing out on him and calling him names like corrupt. However, she refused to travel with her siblings. She said it was the moment that they had to stay united to resist the oppressor’s rule. The Mayor was concerned about Margie’s safety and told Margie not to worry about him because he was really aware that there were some police officers who were good and he could form an alliance with them.

Margie said she would be by his side and used Flora as an example as person who was also battling the president. Flora saw Margie was making a point and told Adonis that Margie was right so they could all work together and join forces with those good police officers. The townspeople of Sto Niño began to report their bothering issues to Rigor and he assured to get it resolved.

Wally and Elmo went to the cafeteria to inform Yolly that Counselor Gina was still running a gambling den and the two cops Gapuz and Panting were her allies. Virgie packed lots of food for JP to send to the wake so that he could distribute to the rest of his friends. JP was glad for what Virgie did. Teddy joined his editor, Jonathan in the car and told him about his intentions to use his real name as a barline.

In Sto Niño, the Captain thanked Jerome and Rigor for the good job. Romulo told the Captain that they would be going door-to-door to know the needs of the people. The Captain was very grateful to the Vendetta.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth sent banana and rice cakes to the female Vendetta members who were at home. Grandma Nita thanked them for their fight against corrupt officials. Diego and Gapon had a talk with Baldo and Javier about their action of abducting some workers to join. As Vendetta took a stroll, Homer distributed the money which Hipolito gave them for getting rid of an enemy.

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He said Hipolito got generous. Lucas was worried about Terante and Brandon wondered whether he was making away with the money they got from their gambling but Lucas doubted. Soon, Damien came with the news that Terante was found. While Homer and his team were feasting, Roldan was thinking about Terante. He wondered why they have not yet heard anything about him and wondered if Lucas was not searching for him.

He kept talking about him and Homer saw that he was acting so paranoid. As Lucas was asking Damien what had happened to Terante, Hipolito turned and smirked:

“Unfortunately, you will never find out what really happened to Terante.”

“Unless the Vendetta themselves might have screwed you beyond the grave.”

“Vendetta would be blamed for this.”

“I will make sure that Terante’s blood will be on their hands.”

Cardo and his team went to the riverside and found some women washing. The women told the barangay police that after that incident with Elizabeth, there was not chaos in the area. Cardo advised them to rush to the barangay office if they get any problem. Cardo and his group stumbled on some women who were coming from the market and carried their things to their house.

The women made them stay to prepare snacks for them. After the place, they went to another place and they discovered that the couple were bothered by some robbers. They promised to patrol there that night to find the culprit. Realising Teddy was now courageous enough, Lucas planned to use his family to smoke the Vendetta out of their hideout.

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He went to the crime scene and he concluded that Terante might have received a hint of the Vendetta’s hideout and went to the place but ended up being k!lled instead.

“You’re a failure until the very end!”

Cardo and his team reported to the Captain and told him about the night patrol to find the thief stealing papaya from a certain family. At the funeral of Jordan, the mother of the deceased was happy to hear that Virgie has given JP her consent for the cause he was fighting for.

However, he reminded JP that his mother would still be worried. The rest of the advocate members pledged their support to JP. Aye, Ana and Patrick told their story to Marsing’s family. Ambo felt sad for Patrick for losing his family in the crossfire.

JP then texted Virgie and his mother was happy to hear from him. Teddy called and Virgie told him that she allowed JP to attend the funeral of Jordan but Teddy was upset by Virgie’s act. Elsewhere, Gustavo assured his lõve for Madonna. Gapon schemed up secretly with Diego.

Adonis came to Margie’s house and the latter told her family that she has already patched things up with Dons. She advised Shirline and her nephew to travel to stay in Denise’s father’s house. Adonis insisted she goes with her family but she refused. Denise saw the news which Lucas announced the passing of Terante who was an ally and a true servant to the state.

The news reached the De Leons and Yolly wondered why they were once again pinning the blame on the Vendetta. Wally believed the report could be true but he doubted the Vendetta ambushed Terante. He believed Terante tried to capture the group so he got k!lled in return. Yolly said if the news was really true then she was glad that nothing happened to any of the Vendetta members.

Elmo saw the news as good since they already knew how twisted Terante was. Homer and his group were happy to hear the news.

“My apologies Terante,” Hipolito thought while in his car heading home.

“It was necessary for me to eliminate you.”

“Just like you anyone who gets in the way of my ambitions will suffer the same fate.”

Virgie was drinking in her house when she saw some shadows. Wondering if it was Teddy who was in, she tried to find out but was attacked. When she tried to resist them, they hit her for her to daze off. Gapon told his team that he only made Diego believe that they were on the same side, he never trusted Diego.

At home, Cardo and the rest of the patrol team told the rest that they would go out to patrol some family whose livelihood depended on papaya but some thieves were stealing it. Teddy arrived home to find that there were things scattered in the room and started to cry out, searching for Virgie. He then got a call from his wife so he quickly picked only to speak with one of Virgie’s abductors who referred to Teddy as stubborn.

He told Teddy that he failed to heed to their warnings of writing against the Cabreras. Teddy screamed out that he was the one they wanted so they should spare his wife and abduct him instead. Virgie cried out for help. As Teddy was screaming his wife’s name, JP got home to find out. Gustavo bought a diamond wrist band for Amor.

She asked Gustavo if that was from the mining and Señor said the work had not started yet. He promised to give her all the gems which the Japanese stole and hid it there. Madonna couldn’t wait for their job to be done for Gustavo to travel with her to Europe. She began to tease Gascon at the presence of Gustavo.

Teddy sat JP down to give him details of what happened to Virgie. JP began to cry and claimed he was the one fighting the Cabreras so they should have come for him instead but Teddy rather pinned the blame on himself. He believed he was the root cause of everything. The goons beat Virgie in the hideout where they have equally kidnapped and tied some people there.

Virgie shouted on them to allow her to go but the goons said she never advised her husband when he was talking against the Cabrera administration. And pushed her for her to fall. Virgie cried in agony.


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