Rhodora X Episode 21

Rhodora X Episode 21 Police pronounce Angela deàd after she fell off a cliff, Joaquin discovers he has a daughter with Rhodora

Roxanne told Angela that the X-sign cut on her face was nothing compared to what Rhodora passed through and threatened to make her pay for Rhodora’s suffering. She told her that it was better if she had remained in prison and warned Angela that she would get her back to prison.

Thinking she would finally get rid of Angela, she then confessed of being the one who k!lled Trisha and framed her for it. Angela joined the pieces together to realise Rhodora was the one who cut the wedding gowns into pieces. She queried why she did that.

Roxanne revealed that she was mådly in lòve with Joaquin and she even gave birth for him. Angela gathered strength to push her and called her a traitor. Angela tried to run for her life and she tripped. Roxanne cornered her so Angela cast all her strength to fight Roxanne when the latter tried to stãb her.

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Nico and his kid brother heard the news that Angela broke from prison and decided to go and look for her. Derick and Lourdes appeared in the scene at the moment when Angela has gotten hold on the kñife to slash Roxanne’s hand, she was about to stãb her. Lourdes and Derick rushed to separate them. Angela told her parents about Roxanne’s confession.

However, Lourdes doubted. Angela wondered the kind of parents they were to cover up the crime which Rhodora has committed. Rhodora vehemently denied, Angela told her parents not to believe in everything that Rhodora was saying. She even knew Jenna was the daughter of Joaquin. She said Rhodora was so evil and desperate who was sēducing Joaquin.

The police came into the scene and ask her to surrender. Seeing them brandishing their güns, Derick tried talking to the police to settle the matter amicably. Angela took advantage of the disruption and fled. She fortunately got a taxi, at that time Nico and his brother were there and saw her stopping a taxi. He called her but she did not hear. He then raced after her.

Rhodora was sent to the hospital and received treatment. The doctor said she would have her cut stitched. Realising police cars were after them, the taxi driver forcefully got Angela down and the police soon surrounded her. They tried talking to her to turn herself in but she refused as she claimed she had not committed any crime.

She told the police that Rhodora was the culprit so they should go after her instead. Nico and his brother reached the scene but the police stopped them from getting closer to Angela. Angela was not ready to turn herself in so she jumped off a cliff. Nico and his brother secretly by passed the officers to search for Angela. The police were also at the crime scene and stopped Brandon and his brothers when they found the two.

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Nico told the police that they were just helping them find Angela. It was quite late and was told there would be a land slide so they left and tried taking Nico with them but Nico turned back again with his brother to keep searching for her. At the hospital, Rhodora was upset with Roxanne for turning her sister into fugitive.

She decided to go and inform her parents about what happened to Trisha but Roxanne dragged her back. As she was struggling to leave her ward, the health practitioners arrived and she passed out. The doctor spoke to the patient’s parents and prescribed medicine for Rhodora. She also advised them to make her see a psychiatrist because she saw her in a particular condition.

The police came there to inform Derick and Lourdes that Angela jumped off a cliff and a land slide occured which made her got covered. He said during a search, they could not find her and it was dangerous so the rescue team would go the next day to search for her. He simply said she was deàd.

Derick was upset with the police and blamed them for the loss of his daughter. The news about her deàth went viral and Joaquin shed tears after hearing it. Elsewhere, Nico sent a doctor to see a patient and the doctor said her vital signs had stabilised, her heart was beating and she would do something about her face which had been wounded from the fall.

Nico wondered why she had still not woken up and the doctor said she hit her head hard that was why she had fallen into coma. After taken care of her, Nico reminded the doctor to keep Angela’s identity discreet. The female doctor told Nico that he has helped her on several occasions and there was no way she would reveal his secret.

After the doctor left, Nico’s brother saw that Angela would be an obstruction to Nico’s revenge plans against his father’s k!ller. He saw that his brother was really in lõve with Angela for him to go such an extent to search everywhere at the cliff to find Angela covered up in the sands and he saved her.

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Joaquin went to the Ferrers residence and Roxanne told him about Jenna being his daughter. That got her father upset to confront her for revealing the truth to Joaquin but she insisted she wanted Jenna to know her father and did not want Derick to talk about Angela because she was not with them anymore.

She rushed to her room and Rhodora got upset with her for ruining the life of her sister. Since the host was now in her own body, she started to think of confessing the crimes which Roxanne used her body to commit. She was sad that she couldn’t do anything to save her sister Angela. She cried and asked Angela for forgiveness for being so weak.

In order to make it up to Angela, she took a pen and paper to write a letter but Roxanne stopped her. Roxanne took control and torn the paper. Rhodora fought back, she told Roxanne that she would not allow her to get Joaquin so she took scissors and made an attempt to stãb herself to end it all but Roxanne held her aback.

Joaquin finally revealed his one night stand experience to Santi which got Rhodora pregnant. He said if he had never been to the place he wouldn’t have known that he got Rhodora pregnant. In the living room with her husband, Lourdes told Derick that she believed Jenna would also be asking questions concerning her father when she grew up but Derick said they would hide her father from her because he was a bad person.

Roxanne kept fighting Rhodora to stop her from k!lling herself. Rhodora fled to the kitchen to take a kñife and Lourdes was surprised to see her about to stãb herself.


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