Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 609

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 609 Lito to k!ll the person who stole his money, Turo accuses Task Force Agila for stealing, Basco confronts Ramil over his behaviour 

Alyana went inside the room still shedding tears for her inability to have stopped herself from cheating on her husband. Bubbles got there and consoled her. She advised her to pull herself together in order for her actions not to be obvious.

Alyana then joined Maring at the kitchen to help her cook to forget about her sorrows. After they set dinner, Manager and the rest of the former task force arrived. They called them for dinner but Manager refused to eat.

He went to the room and recalled how Cardo kicked and brandished a gün at him. He said he did not know for how long he could put up with Cardo. As his friends were eating, Cardo asked them how work went. They said Turo and his goons did not cause any trouble.

However, an incident happened. They saw Macoy inside the mansion and thought he stole something. Roxanne said nothing was out of place. Cardo believed Macoy was a good kid and was sure Lito sent him into the mansion as he claimed.

Hipolito received Lily and Padua at the meth lab and they were impressed by the job Hipolito within that short spare of time has done. Ellen after her affair and was lying in the bed of Mariano complemented the performance of him and claimed he was better in bed than Arturo.

She also said she had a lot to say to him but would call her husband to know when he was coming. She called Padua and he said he was still with Lily at Hipolito’s place. He urged his wife to go home if she was feeling bored but his wife insisted on remaining in the palace.

Arturo told her to find something to entertain herself. Unbeknowst, Mariano was k!$$ing his wife all over. Lito was willing to fast track his business with Hipolito so he went for the bag containing his money to pay Hipolito.

However, he realised that someone had opened the zip of the bag. He realised someone had stolen his money and vowed to make the person pay.

“Imbéc!lë I am going to k?// whoever stole my money,” Lito threatened.

Meanwhile, Macoy in his hideout was counting his money and was glad that he had gotten all that he needed to leave the ranch to pursue his police career to be like his idol Cardo. Least did he know that Berto and his men were also plotting to silence him since they feared he might rat them out to Cardo, that, they advised him to be stealing money from Lito.

Cardo told Basco that he wanted to apologise to the Manager again but he did not see it as the right time. Roxanne left to check up on Delfin. Cardo had a private talk with Alyana and told her how he had caused all the problems they were in. He ruined everyone’s life, including the Task Force Agila. He did not know when all that would end.

He blamed himself, stressing that he should have listened to his wife back then when she advised him against returning to the force. He believed their lives would have been better and they would be living peacefully with Grandma Flora. He opened up that he did not know whether they would be able to leave Batangas alive.

Cardo indicated that he was ashamed of himself because all the trouble was caused by him, yet, was the one saying hurtful things against her. Alyana asked what if there was a time that she was the one at fault and said something against him.

Though he did not know what he would do, all that he knew was that one mistake could not make him disregard all the lōve she had shown him. He said he made a vow twice to lōve her and would not be able to leave her irrespective. She made Alyana swore not to ever leave him because he wouldn’t be able to live without her.

Hipolito after giving Lily and Padua better treatment and winning her trust asked about her future plans aside from them injecting money from the meth into her campaign, Lily revealed plans of opening a troll farm, which would serve as a PR agency to project positive stories about her.

She also asked Hipolito what he intended gaining from the help he has been given her since she knew he was not helping her for free. Hipolito said she was right but all that he wanted was for Lily to clear his name and that of Jacob once she became the president.

He was willing to wait till she became the President as currently she had lots of things to settle as the first lady. Lily accepted the deal. Lito called his ranch allies, Turo and his goons to tell him about his missing money.

Turo indicated that the culprit might be from Cardo’s team because they had worked for him for years. Nothing of that sort had happened till when Cardo and his group began to work there. Lito instructed them to find the culprit as he swore to deal with the person for taking something from him.

As they were leaving, Arturo asked Lily if what Renato was asking would not dint her image as the President when she actually won the elections. He believed setting notorious criminals like Hipolito and Jacob free would spark controversy among the citizens.

Lily believed it would pass as all would become a farce. There would be a new event that would make the public forget about it. Meanwhile, Ellen had advised Mariano to use his supreme power over Lily and Oscar to become more powerful and make her his first lady.

She succeeded in pitting Mariano against Lily and told him to use his position to get to the top by booting Lily aside. She even told him that Padua meant nothing to her since if Padua learnt of their affair, he would silence them and urged Mariano that if they had to k?ll Padua they should take him and Lily from their way.

Basco spoke with Manager and advised him to understand Cardo but Manager was not willing to. He blamed Cardo for their situation which in turn had turned a high ranking officer like Basco into a horse droplets cleaner. Basco did not entertain Ramil’s thought on their current situation because Cardo did not force him.

He willingly helped Cardo. He told Ramil to do away with the blame game and settle his differences with Cardo. Alyana while sleeping with Cardo shed tears for betraying her husband. Though she could not open up to him but was relieved that Cardo would forgive her and be with her. She thanked him in her head.


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