Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 614

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 614 Cardo and the former Taskforce drive to their grave, Lito rapes Alyana

Lily ordered Augustus to wait for Arturo and when he came, he should tell him Renato was waiting for him. She went to talk to Mariano and earned him to stop acting before those at the palace identified the person he wanted to impress.

She warned him that Arturo might skin him alive when he discovered what he was doing with his wife but Mariano did not care. She told him that she would go and meet with Renato together with Arturo so he should behave once he was left alone with Ellen.

Teddy called his wife to ask her why she did that since she could be in danger. On the contrary, Virgie said she was safe and did not pass by any checkpoint. Teddy after the call told Diana that he wished Virgie made the right decision to leave.

Hipolito told Jacob that they had to impress Lily and warned his man that he should ensure the voice imitator would do justice to his job. Lily left with Arturo and Arturo told his wife to stay put.

Diana discovered that Bom had not written any new articles. Teddy called Bom’s phone and Lily ordered Arturo not to pick it at the moment. She then called Hipolito to tell him about it. Alyana joined Cardo and his comrades on the breakfast table to tell her husband that she wanted to officially resign so she wanted to see Lito and the other workers to inform them about her decision.

Bubbles asked her if she was sure about her decision and wanted to escort her but Alyana told her not to worry she would go and return.Lily and Arturo arrived at Renato’s place and they got the voice imitator.

They then used Bom’s phone to call Teddy and they managed to trick him. The voice imitator with the help of Padua’s words told Teddy that he had gotten information that linked Lily to Renato. Since Teddy knew more about Renato, he told him to meet him up so that they could help him with the necessary information to write the exposé.

Teddy who had the least idea also accepted to meet him. Lily then made Augustus k!ll Sky after using him to trap Teddy and Diana. She did not want anything to come in between her chances of becoming the next president. Hipolito told her that she should have informed him before getting his floors dirty. Lily said he would make them clean it up.

Cardo and his team left home together with Alyana since he decided to drop Alyana off at the office for her to officially resign. Before they left, Delfin advised them to try as much as possible to refrain from fighting if they could. Lily and Arturo were glad that finally they would catch up with Teddy as their suspicions have been proven right.

She thanked Renato for his assistance. Ellen was hellbent on finding information about Renato to use it against Lily. However, her search proved futile. Meanwhile, Salonga went to see Mariano and Mariano told him to take a day off since he did not have any appointments.

He wanted to take a nap to relax himself. He asked for Ambo and told Salonga that he should tell Ambo to be in his room when he returned. Ambo went to buy Lalola Perfume, a spray which he claimed was the most expensive perfume.

The spray, according to Elizabeth stinked. Salonga and James did not find its scent pleasant too. They asked him about the spray and he said the President told him to buy it and he believed it was for Lily. Salonga did not understand why the President was behaving like it was his first time courting Lily because the last time it was about flowers and now perfume.

Ambo sent it to the President and got a tip from Mariano. Cardo alighted Alyana and Lito saw the couple. He quickly went inside the ranch and rolled out his new scheme. Alyana went to the office to inform her colleagues that she was resigning from her post together with Bubbles.

The workers were sad to know that. One asked if she had issues with Lito and she answered that they had no issues. She was only resigning because her grandfather was not feeling well and also the job took her time from her husband and wanted to concentrate on him and her family.

They were sad that their best team ever was collapsing but they told Alyana that they should continue being friends and wished her luck. One of Lito’s men came down to call her that Lito was not feeling well so he said she should go to his room. Ellen told Mariano about a man that she was desperate to find information about him.

However, Mariano became jealous and did not want to share her with anyone. Ellen did not understand the basis of his jealousy since she did not even know the man. Mariano was surprised to discover that she was rather talking about Hipolito and he told her that Hipolito was a dangerous criminal who was not having a boss but was assisting Lily in her crimes.

He said Hipolito was the one who discovered him and had his face fixed to look like Oscar. While Alyana climbed up, she felt odd to go to his room. She knocked and went in to find Lito sitting at the corridor. He then went to the bedroom to talk to her.

Lito was happy to see her but Alyana said she was there to resign. Lito was protesting and was not ready to allow her to abandon him like years ago. He reminded her of her promise to him and Alyana said she was married. Lito retorted that she løved him and that was why she slept with him. Alyana protested, saying she only løved Cardo and what happened between them was a mistake.

Alyana said she løved her husband and wanted nothing to come in between him and her. She was leaving when Lito pulled her and told her to forget about Cardo because as of the time Cardo might be dead by then. Alyana got upset thinking of a possible thing Lito has done to her husband.

Cardo and his comrades were also in a car going to the place Lito sent them to clean. Lito threw Alyana to his bed and pounced on her while Alyana screamed and tried fighting him back.


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