Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 613

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 613  Black cops ordered to shøøt to k!ll Cardo and his comrades, Lito traps and reveals the hideout of Cardo to the police, Virgie embarks on a solo journey to Batangas

Virgie refused to talk to Teddy. Her husband was worried and told Diana about it. The guys talked to Ramil to patch things up with Cardo but he refused. He still blamed Cardo for their situation. He believed it was his hot temper, manner of doing things and acting on impulse that led them to that place.

Berto and his two cohorts while leaving where they burnt Macoy, they assumed themselves lucky because Macoy ranted them out but Berto believed they got away with it due to their smartness. They wondered if Turo would be able to use that strategy he pulled off with Macoy to k!ll Cardo.

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His friends doubted that Turo would be able to deliver on that because they knew Cardo’s group were cops. Berto still believed Turo stood a chance against Cardo. Dr Nueva was called for an emergency so he said bye to Delfin and Cardo. Cardo thanked him for all of his help.

Maring served dinner and told the guys that her aunt was not feeling well so she was traveling to Cuezon that night so that she could reach there early. Roxanne advised her to go the following day. Maring explained that she chose the night because there was less traffic.

Her husband went to escort her. Ramil did not join the table since Cardo was there. However, Greco and Tadpole decided to keep him company since the table was even full. They decided to eat later with Ramil.

After giving Lito the drugs he requested and transacting the business successfully, Hipolito disclosed to Lito that his only problem he faced with his business was one cop named Cardo.

However, he was now a fugitive together with his comrades so there was nothing for him to be scared of. Jacob told Lito that they could go a long way with their partnership if he did not backstab them or rant them out.

Flora and Yolly were watching television when there was an announcement that the president had given the police mandate to search everywhere for Cardo and his group and they should shōõt to k!ll.

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In sadness, Flora called Cardo to inform him and she was in tears. Cardo told her not to worry as he knew what to do. Cardo informed his comrades about the problem. Lito saw a clean opportunity to use the shōõt to k!ll order against Cardo to his advantage. He planned to rat Cardo out and warned his trusted lackeys not to make the group aware that he was the person who ranted them out.

He planned a perfect scheme to use Ramon to get Cardo and his group to an open field where they would meet the black cops unit, a police force whose specialty was to capture notorious criminals who were fugitives. He was glad that he would turn two different police units against the other all in the name of snatching Alyana from Cardo.

Salvador called Ramon that night to deliver a message that Cardo and his men would clean the fire exit as he was selling it and the buyer would be there two days time. Ramon informed Cardo and his group but Alyana saw that it was not time for them to do that since they were in a dilemma.

There was a shōõt to k!ll order against them. Delfin also stated that it was not the time. Ramon indicated that Boss Lito hardly asked for favours. Lito stated that nothing would save Cardo now. He would be like a rat. Ramil did not understand why they had to wait for Cardo’s words and blamed him for everything that had happened to them.

Delfin told Ramil to stop saying that because all that Cardo wanted was the betterment of everyone. Ramil indicated that Delfin was saying that simply because he was related to Cardo. He walked to the room and told some of his comrades that he was right when he said their lives would continue to be in danger if they continued listening and following the path of Cardo.

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Greco had faith that they would also pass through this. Ramil could not believe that they would still put their lives at the verge of deàth just for Cardo.
Lily had also called Hipolito to ask for a person who could do a voice copy for her and Hipolito assured to help her.

Mariano tried to fish out the information from Lily in order to inform Ellen since Ellen had told him to be a spy and fish out all the plans of Lily and Arturo to set them ahead of their enemies but Lily was smart and even rejected Mariano’s offer to do the voice copy.

Lito’s man called a Colonel to inform him that Cardo and the rest of the Taskforce would be at the fire range the following day.

He pleaded with the Colonel not to rat them out. He then urged the Colonel to inform the Black cops. Ellen had a dream that she was now the first lady and Elizabeth together with the rest of the palace workers were serving her.

The following day, Teddy came out of the room and saw Diana setting up the table for breakfast. He asked Diana where Virgie was and Diana said she thought Virgie was with him in the room.

Teddy said she was not there and believed she was in the bathroom but Diana indicated that she was not there. She actually had not seen her come out of the room since she woke up. Teddy couldn’t believe it. He searched the room and checked where they had kept their bag and realised the bag was not there.

Unbeknowst, Virgie was already in the passengers’ car travelling to Batangas. She actually woke up at midnight when Teddy and Diana were asleep and she sneaked out of the house to embark on her journey. She wanted to meet her daughter and had feelings that soon they would be together with JP.

The group of Cardo, sat to think about what they would do. Cardo was scared that they would go to the fire range but some of his comrades factored Lito in their plans since not going would be a disrespect to him.

Jerome told Cardo that for the help Lito had given most especially to Cardo, they had to help him out. Cardo then ordered that they go with their weapons since they were unaware of the dangers that lurked in the dark.

In the room, Alyana was also dressing up while sitting in front of the mirror. She insisted on not seeing Lito again to prevent a possible affair.


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