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Ghanaian Snapchat ‘boss’ nabbed for frauding her US sexual partners of over $6 million

Ghanaian Snapchat ‘boss’ nabbed for frauding her US sexual partners of over $6 million

A Ghanaian Snapchat user, Whitney Adams, popularly known as “Girl Boss” and her mother, Flavia Annang, have been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for their involvement in fraudulent operations amounting to over $6million.

An official statement from the United States security organisation detailed that the two, who live in Ghana and America, have been helping local criminals to scam elderly US citizens of their wealth and assets.

“From a time unknown, but by at least July 2018, and through April 7, 2022, in the District of Arizona, and elsewhere, Flavia Annang, Whitney Adams, and their co-conspirators conducted a romance or inheritance scam,” it said.

The statement further stated that the suspects created phony online dating profiles to lure their victims into romance and inturn make away with their inheritance and money.

“These unwitting Victims were usually elderly or older men. ANNANG’s and ADAMS’ co-conspirators then convinced the Victims to send money to, or on behalf of, those fake romantic partners to collect a fake inheritance that was supposedly due to the romantic partner,” it added.

Meanwhile, the victims were made to believe that the money was to pay attorney’s fees, customs duties, government fees, taxes, and other expenses related to “releasing” the inheritance and were often told that they would share in the ultimate inheritance or that the receipt of the “inheritance” proceeds would allow the fake romantic partner to join the Victim in the United States

The statement added that the co-conspirators provided the victims with addresses to mail checks to and bank accounts to wire money or deposit checks to, which were controlled by Annang, Adams, or other co-conspirators.

“Annang, Adams, and the co-conspirators then fraudulently transferred and/or kept the Victims’ money and no ‘inheritance’ proceeds were ever remitted in exchange,” it said.

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