Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 486

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 486 Oscar appoints Lily as Presidential Advisor, Jacob’s brother d!es mysteriously 

The Arevalos visited Flora and Virgie told Flora about her fears concerning the safety of her daughter. She said as long as Cardo was still in the force, he would never run out of enemies so he should resign to keep her daughter from harm’s way.

Flora said that was the only decision Cardo could take on his own. A secretary held a meeting with Oscar to inform him that he had a meeting with the Environment secretary and other NGOs and they all agreed to help.

Oscar saw that as great news and Delfin said he has also contacted the National agency department to keep the Cebu beach safe. The secretary said Lily Ann Cortez asked for his corporation and Oscar told him to work with Lily on the Cebu beach clean up. He believed that she had lots of ideas which could help.

Alyana served Cardo with the fruits her mother presented but Cardo refused to eat it. Alyana knew that he was upset due to what her mother said. Cardo said he knew from the starting that her mother did not like him but he admitted that she was right that he was keeping her in harm’s way.

Alyana apologised for her mother’s shortcomings and Cardo said it was getting tiring especially knowing her mother did not like him. He did not understand why all his efforts to prove himself still were not seen by Virgie while they were supposed to be family. Alyana kept apologising.

Wally was worried about how Virgie was acting so paranoid. Flora believed she could not be blamed especially knowing what the family passed through in the hands of the Cabreras. Elsewhere, Renato led Jacob and his underlings to a competitor’s hideout to take them down.

The group started to fire, amid the firing, Jacob was shõt. Fortunately, Renato appeared at the scene to rescue him before he was k!lled and sent him to safety. Renato singlehandedly brought down the drug syndicate and the leader seemed to know Renato. Seeing all his armed men were k!lled and was left alone, he begged for his life and promised to give him all his money and asserts if that is what he wanted.

Renato did not heed and k!lled him. He then called out the rest of Jacob’s goons who survived to secure the place and get all the money, much to the surprise of Jacob’s other two partners. While they left the place with all the money and drugs, Jacob now praised Uncle Red. He understood why he was still not caught by the authorities.

He also lamented that he lost most of his men. Hipolito advised him to know that to succeed in the business, he had to sacrifice a lot. He then said to himself that with what he has done, he would be able to take over the syndicate. Jacob was still panting due to the bullet wounds.

Cardo told Alyana about his decision to return to work the next day. Though Alyana was against it and reminded him of his promise to her, Cardo was hellbent on returning to the force to accomplish his mission. He argued that the task force needed him now and could not turn his back on them, besides he was getting bored lying in bed.

Lily told Oscar that the government has not done enough to educate the public on deforestation and expressed the need for the Environment Agency to embark on a sensitisation project to raise awareness and to plant more trees. Oscar was impressed and offered to make her his advisor. Lily pretended not to like politics, claiming she had no idea in politics because she was merely a  business woman.

Jacob thanked Uncle Red when they settled in the house. Chloe, his girlfriend arrived to find him injured and asked Niks about what happened to her man. She was upset that Jacob risked himself to take down competitors while they had tons of money. Jacob said they have to dream big and take over Metro Manila. Uncle Red stood and said that was right and he would show them the way.

Dante witnessed news that Dalisay was alive after being shõt four times and stãbbëd three times. A man who was watching the news wanted Skull to be caught immediately. However, Skull stormed there to shōõt to destroy the television and k!lled the man along with all those present. He was furious to know his effort to k!ll Dalisay was futile and stormed the grave yard to promise his brother to fulfill his promise.

Cardo, on the other hand returned to work and Delfin informed Oscar about it. Oscar admired the courage and determination of Cardo. Amir claimed he would have been able to k!ll Skull if he came face to face with him. Cardo was told to ignore him. The police celebrated his return. They were now certain that they could capture Skull.

Oscar was having a meeting with cabinet members when Lily showed up. Diana told her to wait for Oscar to be done with his meeting after that then he would return to discuss whatever she wanted to discuss with him. To her dismay, Oscar objected, saying Lily would join the meeting.


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