Irreplaceable Episode 4

Irreplaceable Episode 4 Caloy k!lls Galang, Amelia is revealed as the boss of the child trafficking syndicate

Chief Inspector Galang went into his office. At that time, Caloy had already done what he was doing and pretended to be on phone with his girlfriend. Galang asked him what he was doing inside his office. Caloy said he was having a bad signal so he came to his office.

He chose his office simply because he was arguing with his girlfriend and needed some privacy. He thanked him and left. Galang became so suspicious and he checked his files in the drawer. He went after Caloy.

Caloy was trying to reach Emman but he did not pick up. Once he spotted Galang coming he took to his heels. Not ready to be complacent, Galang raced after him with his car. At that time, Celine was going there so she spotted Galang and Anton followed him.

In Manila, Lester wanted to see Robbie again to play with him. Amelia told him that she would be going somewhere so her youngest brother would be there with him together with Linda and her mother. Sam stopped Emman from going into the hotel which they suspected that his son would be in. Sam said Dexter’s men might recognise him so she went in disguise together with Emman.

She checked in and distracted the workers for Emman to make his way in. They went to the room which Dexter booked and saw a safe which Emman managed to open. He saw money together with some documents containing lists of children they have trafficked.

The lackey who had Robbie sent the boy to the syndicate leader and the boy woke up to find himself in a room. The syndicate leader called him Robbie, the kid wondered how he knew his name.

He told him that he knew him. Robbie demanded him to return him to his parents. He was introduced to Nanny Sonya, a woman employed to take care of the abducted kids.

Sam after looking through the documents said they have reached a deàd end since now they have run out of clues on where the trafficking syndicate has sent Robbie. Emman showed much concern since after 72 hours and the kid was not found, it would be very hard for them to find him.

Sam suggested they involved the police since they have run out of leads. The phone of Emman kept ringing and he told Sam that the person calling was his friend who he did not want to get him involved in the entire thing.

Sonya’s husband was Entoy, the one who brought Robbie and both were into the syndicate job to provide for their family. Emman received picture messages from Caloy and finally spoke with him.

Caloy told him that his hunch was right, Inspector Galang knew something and was hiding it. He concealed the identity of the people who owned the yacht. Galang saw Caloy and he ran after him. He planned to k!ll him but Caloy defended himself and fought over Galang’s police guπ.

The trigger accidentally pulled and hit right on the chest of Galang. Suddenly, some people appeared at the crime scene and they blamed Caloy. Caloy tried to explain but since they did not listen to him he ran.

Celine and Anton who were following Galang saw that he was shõt and lying helplessly on the ground. Celine tried to save him but he d!ed. Police came there and conveyed Galang’s deàd body.

The witnesses mentioned Caloy as the k!ller so they went to Nick’s house but couldn’t find them. Caloy had spoken with Emman and told him how Galang accidentally d!ed while defending himself.

Emman has advised him not to go to the house. He should find a safe place to hide and he did that, reason the police met his absence.

Emman spoke with Celine and told her what Caloy told him. He told Celine not to be there and promised to find Robbie for her so she should just trust him.

Celine said she reached the crime scene before Galang would d!e and he told her the name of the owner of the yacht, Juanito Galves and Emman said Caloy had already tipped him off on that but he wanted her to be safe since Robbie lōved her so she should not be involved.

Celine spoke with Linda to tell her that Emman was right all along the authorities were involved in the case and they never wanted them to find Robbie since a syndicate was in charge.

She decided to go to Rosales even when Emman has advised her against it. She packed her things to be with Emman this got Anton jealous.

He reflected on Lester’s situation. His sister Amelia needed a heart donor match for Lester. Due to his blood type, she said it was difficult to find a match. Anton asked his mother whether Amelia was involved in Robbie’s kidnapping after recalling Amelia saying a mother would do anything to save her son.

The woman denied Amelia’s involvement in that and after the call she told Amelia that Celine was really giving them problems. Her former boyfriend was acting so slippery, now Anton was in the middle and if they did not act fast Anton would be a hindrance to their plans.

Sam and Emman went to Juanito’s place but they stayed in a car to watch before and they saw someone speaking with Juanito. Unknown to them, it was the syndicate leader who was there to ensure Juanito did not eat them out after Galang d!ed and the yacht’s owner’s contact had become public and name was known.

They carried him and threw him down from a balcony for it to look like a suicide. Seeing that Sam and Emman rushed there to find Juanito deàd but saw the group and ran after them. They managed to shõot Sam but the bullet graced on Sam which slowed Emman’s movement to go after them.

The syndicate squad fled in a black van while Emman treated Sam. He told her to return to Manila, he did not want her to get hurt but Sam refused. She said she had made Robbie’s case her case so she would see to it that they get Robbie from the syndicate.

Sam did not want to disappoint her like she did before. She recalled when Celine lost fate in him when he was locked up but Sam assured him that she had fate in him and even offered to help him and get him out to find Dexter.

Emman said so long as his family would be safe he did not care if he got locked up. Sam told him to help them and promised to protect his family in return.

Emman showed his face to Dexter in a flashback scene. Dexter was upset with him that through him, he was almost caught by the police and queried him on the reason he showed his face to them.

Emman said he wanted to be part of his group but Dexter told him that he lost trust in him and if it was not for the fact that he used to be an NIA agent he would have k!lled him.

Dexter pulled his shirt and realised he had hidden gadgets on him and made an attempt to k!ll him while alerting his men. Emman fought over the guπ with him and it went on to k!ll one of the goons, Moron. Sam hearing the commotion rushed there with her comrades to Emman’s rescue. Presently, Sam asked Emman to allow her to help him, not only for Robbie but to find the other kids who were abducted.

As they lodged into their hotel in Rosario, Celine saw the news on the deàth of Juanito and she was hurt since he was their only lead to Robbie. Anton was quick to say that Emman might have been behind the man’s deàth. Emman who was also in his hotel room watched the news and had an idea.  Sam had finished bathing and was drying her her hair while in a towel.

He told Sam about his new plan to let the world know that his son was missing since the police tried to keep it under wraps. They went to a certain studio but the security was tight and would not be allowed in if he did not have the necessary IDs. Sam saw a picture and told the security that Norman was the one who invited them but the security did not allow them

Speaking of Mr Norman, he showed up and Sam used her feminine power to woo Norman into believing that she actually knew him and he invited her there. Unable to resist her charm, Norman fell for her words and allowed her inside but she could not allow Emman to be held outside by the security so she said Emman was her brother and Norman allowed the security to allow him in.

Amelia went to meet her lackey, Franco, the syndicate leader at Rosales and he assured that he has eliminated Juanito and deleted the CCTV footage to make it more like a suicide.

Amelia was worried since their partners were extremely worried about the entire thing. They were losing their trust in her. She charged Franco to find Emman and the lady that he has been seeing with to get rid of them.

She lamented that not only they were problem, her brother was now suspicious of them too. He to Franco to do everything  to salvage the situation. She was leaving with him and they bumped into Anton and Celine in the same hotel. Celine and Anton were surprised to see her in Rosales.


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