Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 377 

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 377  Vendetta embarks on a mission to abduct Oscar Hidalgo, Terante and his ‘sharp shooters’ set their game plan in motion after Oscar falls into Lucas’ deàth trap

During the nation’s address, journalists asked questions on how Marco Cabrera learnt about the location of the Vendetta. Oscar said there were investigations ongoing to get to the root of it. Efren stumbled on some familiar people talking against the Vendetta after they watched President Hidalgo’s nationwide address.

He defended the Vendetta and asked the people who would fight corrupt officials and clean the system for them if not the Vendetta. He made them aware that all that the president was doing was gimmicks and there were actual people behind the chaos which has nothing to do with the Vendetta.

Melba tried to stop her husband and pulled him so that they could go home before the market people become suspicious of them. Alyana, on the other hand, went to ask Jerome and Rigor for help in their mission. Jerome assured to protect Cardo since he regarded him as a brother after many years they spent together in the force.

Least did she know that Rigor was scared of embarking that mission with the Vendetta, even when Jerome explained that they were not going against their sworn duty. In a phone conversation, Lucas told Terante how he trusted him and believed he would be able to pull off the mission.

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Terante goons dragged a reporter who has discovered all his shoddy dealings of being a drug lord and supplying illegal weapons to syndicates and terrorists. He double shōt the reporter for being so nosy and knowing a lot. Meanwhile, Virgie was crippled with fear after hearing the President has given a week ultimatum for the police to find Vendetta.

She was so scared of Alyana’s safety but JP had positive belief in Cardo that he would protect Alyana at all cost. Oscar kept his stance on protecting his family at all cost and dissuaded them from engaging in activities that would expose them, not even joining the tree planting project of his wife.

Elsewhere, Hipolito tried to make Lucas give the Venom another chance but Lucas told him not to push it. As Homer was happy with the current declaration of the president, a reporter also updated the public on the imposed curfew, police and the army who were stationed at various province and the city to hunt down the noble group as means of the president in fulfillment of his promise.

Diana Olegario addressed the group to propel them for the mission. Alyana, Efren and Melba bid the group goodbye and advised them to be careful and conscious. Shirline was worrying Margie, claiming she has lost hundreds of followers on social media since her friends were of the view that she was siding with the Vendetta.

Margie scolded her and was surprised to see Counselor Gina leading a group of people to the place telling them that the culprit who was behind the late mayor’s deàth was found right in front the house of the De Leons. Margie asked her whether she was insinuating that the Vendetta k!lled the Mayor. Gina indicated the obvious reason and warned Margie to stay away from Flora.

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The De Leons overheard the noise outside and came to watch only to find out that Gina was still on her mission to destroy their reputation. Gina wondered what Margie had been fed with by the De Leons for consistently defending those family. General Borja thought of means to ruin Cardo’s mission even though he knew Cardo did have a point but considered the mission as dangerous.

Lucas in a meeting with Terante gave him all the necessary details he would need. He said now that Terante knew where the president would be, he should get rid of him and his family because even when they made it appear like the Vendetta was behind it, Marissa and Aubrey would investigate. Terante assumed that the first family did not trust him. He assured him to consider the Hidalgos deàd.

Oscar told his wife that they would be going to his old university anniversary. Lucas has convinced him to tag along all his children and the vice was right since it was good for his children, most especially Yohan to know his future university.

Lucas has also advised him not to allow the Vendetta to put a stop to their lives. Though, it was risky, but Marissa accepted what her husband said. Counselor Gina sent her supporters into her room to get them snap pictures of her to upload them on social media.

She gained many followers as well as likes while Margie’s likes were decreasing. Wally was alarmed by the situation and he thought of means to get the public on Margie’s side as he told Elmo and Paco.

Oscar still doubted Delfin since all the leads they were getting on the Vendetta from the civilians were all to no avail. He told Herald that he would punish General Borja along with the group that he was aiding when he gains evidence against the General.

Knowing nothing is impossible for his grandnephew, General Borja thought over it with his subordinates on means to put a hold on Cardo’s risky and deàth sentence mission.

The worse part of it was that they couldn’t reach Girona to wrap their hands around Cardo’s plan. With Efren’s help, the Vendetta was able to escape their pursuers by traveling to the target place by the sea. They reached a point that they needed car to continue the journey so Girona decided to get the group a car and left with Rigor.

Alyana on the other hand was scared about the mission to capture the president. Efren and Bubbles tried to calm her down. Seeing the consistent success of their missions, Efren was sure they would be able to accomplish that small task which Alyana considered as no ordinary task.

President Hidalgo in a cabinet meeting laid down some economic salvage plans to absorb the financial situations that the pull out of the investors has caused the country. With all the sacrifices he was making, he was also relying on some officials and government appointees to accept the cut he was making on their pay to further help the country the meantime that the Vendetta was still at large.

Cardo and the fraction of his comrades went to hide their weapons in order not to look suspicious. As Yohan was cheerful to ask his parents whether it was true they would be attending the alumni programme, Terante was also laying down the plan of the venue to make his goons know the area and how they would take Oscar and his family down.

Elsewhere, Hipolito was hellbent on not allowing the VP to see a saviour in Terante. He charged the Venom that they had to find the Vendetta to destroy them in order to remain on the positive side of the VP.

Girona and Rigor went to see David to demand for vehicles which its documents and plates could not be traced while Ramil and Anton went to a certain warehouse of weapons to see Gerry for weapons. Gerry wanted money but the two Vendetta gurus were able to sway him to make Gerry give in to their demands.

In her house, Flora advised Margie not to defend her family to an extent that she would fight counselor Gina since the Counselor was one piece of work. She did not want Margie’s reputation to be ruined due to her family. Margie said she could not stand Gina and all of her lies but she told Flora not to worry, she would speak with Dons.

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Flora told her that if she speaks with the mayor and he desist her from getting close to her family she would understand because the other night somebody broke into their house. Besides, it was not only Counselor Gina who was their enemy but other powerful people bigger and greater than Counselor Gina. Margie looked a bit frightened.

Terante received a call from one of his police men who has surveyed the Law University which Oscar would go to its alumni programme to know how they would set up and mixed with the people and the spots they would stand to execute the vile plan.

Cardo,Tadpole and Earthworm were also surveying the palace but the two were still scared. Cardo told them not to, the two did not know how they could penetrate without passing through the tons of guards surrounding the president.

Oscar was also telling his wife that he was sure to go to the alumni programme with the kids. His decision hasn’t changed. He assured that they would go with maximum security so his children would be safe.

Terante in a phone conversation reported to Lucas.

“How is our plan going General,” Lucas quizzed.

“Everything is ready, we are all set Mr Vice President.”

“Today is Hidalgo’s last day as the President of the country!”

“I want his entire family deàd,” Lucas ordered once again.

“Of course!” Terante reaffirmed.

“My expert sharp shooters are going to make sure not one of them survive.”

“So do you have a plan B?” Lucas quizzed.

“Plan ‘B’ Mr Vice President?”

“General I know you’re one of the best dictations of the force but I need to make sure that Oscar’s entire family is going to the grave with him.”


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