Irreplaceable Episode 9

Irreplaceable Episode 9 Andoy blackmails Anton, Sam cries to Emman for attention while Anton forces Celine to marry him at the scheduled date

Bernie called Analyn and pleaded with her not to hung up on him. He informed her that he was going to the pier to buy his ticket to Manila. Analyn asked whether his nephew had been found. Bernie said not yet and Analyn advised him to remain with his father since he would need him. Bernie interjected that his father was the problem.

Analyn asked what he did and Bernie got upset since he felt Analyn was blaming him for what happened and he hanged up on her. Analyn mistakenly hit a wheelchair on Arnold for him to fall. She helped him out and pleaded with him but Arnold found him as noisy.

Sam and Caloy kept their search for Emman. Caloy wished they would get to the bottom of the issue for them to know who Galang was taking his orders from for him to clear his name. Sam assured him it would happen and he would not go to jail. Emman kept building the wooden raft and Celine asked whether he has built some before.

He told Celine to trust him and she said she did trust him. Sam called Anton to find out if he had information and he said he had spoken to the coastguard and they had doubled up their search. Emman and Celine saw helicopter and they shouted for help.

Fast forward, Amelia asked about Celine and Emman and Anton said Celine was fine and Emman survived. They went to the hospital to talk to Celine who was admitted. Emman told Celine the next day. Anton came across Emman speaking on phone with Sam, informing her that they should find  Andoy, Sonya’s husband to get to the bottom of the issue.

He offered to help Emman to find Andoy to know what really happened. Linda called Celine and her daughter said she was fine and shouldn’t worry, she said it was a good thing she was with Emman.  Linda was pissed since she saw that  Emman was the very reason, Celine was in that situation and called him names. Celine told her that whether she was with Emman or not she was willing to sacrifice anything to find her son.

An NIA agent found out the address of Fernando Dacany to Anton for him to finish him off. Anton said Andoy got away from him once but this time he would not allow that. Anton went to the room of Andoy and found his name written on a paper. Emman, Sam and Caloy reached the location and Emman was able to identify the car of Anton.

He wondered what Anton was doing there, while he rejected his earlier offer to help him find Andoy.  Amelia still interrogated Celine to know how they learnt of Jaranilla Port. Celine told her that they were tipped off and went to the building which the abducted kids were in and found on the handkerchief of Robbie about the next location of the syndicate.

Amelia said she might be proud of Robbie for being a smart kid. Celine admitted, saying her son was fighting so there was no way she was going to stop till they make that powerful syndicate pay for it.

As Anton was about to burn the paper, Emman and Sam took him by surprise. Emman asked him what he was doing there and he said he was helping him find Andoy since Emman could not do it on his own.

He claimed to also lōve Robbie and he was not the enemy. When they went home, Caloy wondered how Anton got to know about the location of Andoy. Sam believed he got it from the police. She was sure Andoy had a police records which had made it easier for Anton to get it. After speaking with Chavez to thank him for his helping in finding Celine, Anton appeared with the letter that Andoy wrote for him.

When Amelia read it, Andoy was saying he needed the 30million since he has found Anton’s secret. He has held his fiancee’s child captive in their syndicate and might blow his cover for k!lling his wife. Right now he knew he would not get his wife back but deserved that 30million. Araceli told Linda that she heard she went to visit Arnold at the hospital and she said yes. She raised a concern about Araceli’s relationship with her son and told her to strengthen it.

Emman went for his father and they went home. He asked about Bernie and Nick said he did not want to bother him since he had lots on his plate. Anton was with Celine and she woke up, saying she had a nightmare that she received a call from Emman that Robbie was at the morgue. Anton had a call and he claimed that it was Amelia and stepped out.

It was Andoy who called him as he stated in his letter to inform him that he needed the money. Anton threatened to make him join his wife. Andoy also threatened to inform Emman or Sam about Anton’s connection with the syndicate. They agreed to meet the next day so that Anton could give him the money otherwise, he was going to expose all his family’s dirty secrets.

Nick explained to Emman why Bernie left home. Emman told Nick that he should have understood Bernie since due to him Bernie lost all his friends and while he was locked up Bernie and Nick suffered public uproar. He said he could do nothing for them when they were passing all those challenges.

Nick told him to concentrate on finding Robbie while he hoped Bernie would realise his mistake to return home. The next day, Celine would be discharged and she wanted Anton to send him to see Emman to know their next plan. Anton said they had other plans and he was not ready to sound insensitive but it was getting to December. Their wedding was on the line and they had to prepare for it.

Celine was perplexed to hear him talking about wedding while her son was missing. She wanted them to postpone it. Anton got upset to ask if something happened between her and Emman. Celine said nothing happened and wondered why Anton was thinking that way while their son was missing.

Anton said he was ready to k!ll for her. He mentioned that life was meaningless to him but when he had a heart transplant, Celine made his life meaningful with all her inspiring words that was why he would never let go and would do everything possible to make her stay with him.

He was willing to even d!e for her. Celine confirmed her sincerity to him and said his ring he put on her finger was the symbol of her promise to be by his side.

Sam was worried about Emman when he did not inform her before he went to meet Nick. Emman apologised to her and Sam told him that he should know he was important to her. She cast her mind two years back when Emman also admitted she was important to him but he still had feelings for Celine.

This made Sam shed tears when Emman was truthful to her that he lõved her but the feelings was not the same with Celine, although Sam had been with him supporting him all those while when he returned from jail. Caloy arrived and he was also on the throat of Emman for making them worried, most especially Sam. They thought he was in the enemies camp held as captive.

Emman apologised and promised to inform them when he was going somewhere. At the NIA office, it was break time but Marcelo was busy digging into Andoy’s profile. A colleague asked if he was not going to break and he said Agent Dante had given him an assignment so his colleague should go.


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