Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 22-26

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 22-26 Leo Chavez is revealed as the brain protecting the Hernandez’ organ trafficking farm, Emman and Sam get hold on Franco

At the funeral of Robbie, Leo tells Arnold about the plans he has put in place for him to join the NIA. Some protestors arrive at the funeral to call on Agent Chavez to do everything possible to catch the syndicate which is responsible for the loss of their children.

Chavez assures them of his outfit and the Military’s readiness to bring the syndicate to book. After Celine and Emman’s heartfelt message to their son at the funeral, Celine calls Emman to give her the list of contacts he discovered from the phone of Dr Gomez.

She explains that it is Araceli’s birthday and she will find out if she owns a number from the list, adding that she stumbles on Anton making a suspicious call during the wake. Emman begins to search for a job but due to his criminal records he did not get any employment.

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Nick, on the other hand, after a long search for employment finally receives a life changing call to the National Department of Security and is employed as the personal chauffeur of Leo Chavez.

During the birthday celebration of Araceli, Celine takes advantage to raid the room of the old Hernandez to seek for evidence. She calls the number which Emman discovered from Dr Gomez’ phone and it rings in the safe of Araceli.

Anton comes around so she quickly joins them at the party. Anton uses the moment to ask her hand in marriage which she agrees. Nick gets disappointed and comes home. Meanwhile, Emman has given Caloy the go ahead to court Sam.

Sam in the house, recalls how her mother waited patiently for the lōve of her father but to no avail. She vows not to share a similar fate with her mother and is hellbent on winning the heart of Emman irrespective of what will take her. Celine rushes to Emman’s house to give to him all the evidence she has gathered so far on the Hernandez.

She also breaks the heartbreaking news to Emman and the latter pleads for another chance with her. Anton, on the other hand, calls Dante to speed him up to hinder Sam and her investigation as Celine is inching towards the truth.

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Sam starts to investigate the Hernandez when Emman gives her the evidence Celine gathered. She asks Araceli and Amelia about their resident doctor, Josephine Gomez who has worked for the Hernandez between the years of 2016-2019. Araceli and Amelia deny knowing the doctor, claiming they have over 700 staff and Dr Gomez did not work with them for long.

In a shocking turn of event the Hernandezes file charge against Sam for insinuating they have a hand in Robbie’s deàth, leading Sam to be confronted by Gabo. Meanwhile, Emman finally heeds to Sam’s advice to return to the NIA but Gabo denies him that opportunity since he is only returning for revenge.

Fortunately for Emman, Nick has spoken with Leo and the man absorbs him into NDS to work as a security. Elsewhere, Anton insists on Celine to marry him right away but Celine uses the lost of her son as an excuse to withhold the wedding.

Clarissa forms a support group for parents whose children were kidnapped by the organ trafficking syndicate for them to tell their stories to lean on eachother. Emman is happy with the manner how the Chavezes are helping others to gather strength even when they have also lost a child.

Elsewhere, Caloy reveals his feelings about Sam to her but Sam reminds him that they were just friends. Caloy returns home to inform Nick and Bernie how Sam bounced him after he proposed to her. Nick advises him not to give up on Sam.

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After the session at the support group, Emman talks Celine against her decision to marry Anton. He tables down his suspicions about the Hernandez family and makes it clear that he is saying that since he lōves her. Unbeknownst to him, Anton is there to pick up Celine and punches Emman for turning Celine against him. The two fight and Celine separates them.

Emman, later, goes to a bar with Sam. Sam makes him know that his suspicions against the Hernandezes are invalid since they have not obtain any evidence that will prove his suspicions right in court. In the bar, Caloy arrives and acts jealous that Sam is there with Emman whilst she has told him earlier that she was tired.

Franco arrives at the same bar with a date and Emman stumbles on him. He engages on a fight with him and the syndicate member sets his guñ ablaze. Sam arrives in time to save the situation. Caloy joins the scene and the three takes Franco down and hold him as hostage to squeeze the truth out of him.

Elsewhere, Amelia meets his trusted ally Leo to remind him to do everything to save the farm since the agents at the NIA are inching closer to the truth. Leo reveals plans he has put in place to win over Emman and Celine to junk their suspicions against the Hernandezes.

Chavez tells her he has employed Emman as a security at the National Department Security building to make him reveal all his plans to him. Amelia is satisfied and tells Araceli what Leo is doing to cover their tracks.

As Amelia rebukes Anton for losing his cool on Emman, Araceli slaps them with a stern warning. Meanwhile, Leo puts Clarissa’s mind at ease when she accuses him of stepping out on her again. Elsewhere, Emman flies into a rage upon encountering a familiar face.

Worried for Arnold’s safety as he begins his NIA training, Araceli tasks Anton to sway his brother’s mind. While Emman’s thirst to avenge Robbie peaks, Franco seizes the opportunity to escape from his clutches. Back at A. Hernandez Hospital, Celine gives her fiancé the cold shoulder after making a life-changing decision.

After Franco gave in to the NIA’s demand, Emman sets his sights on exacting revenge against all the syndicate members. He and Celine, however, get the shock of their lives when Franco names the mastermind behind Robbie’s deàth. Unbeknownst to them, Amelia and Leo meticulously planned the unexpected turn of events.


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