Irreplaceable Episode 21

Irreplaceable Episode 21 A wake is held for Robbie, Caloy is set free from prison

In the mansion of the Hernandez, Linda arrived and Araceli asked whether Celine would not come. Linda said she was not feeling well but to her surprise, Celine showed up. Celine said she was happy that Lester was finally home but she was thinking about Robbie. She was willing to do everything to find Robbie just like Amelia did everything to save Lester’s life.

Emman was at the morgue weeping next to a burnt body, believing that was Robbie. He called Celine and the latter said she visited Araceli since Lester was back home. She went there to check on Lester. Celine indicated that she was having mixed feelings about everything since she felt that Robbie’s heart was the one beating in Lester.

Emman broke the tragic news that Robbie was found but deàd. Gabriel went to report to Leo that the syndicate burnt the body of the boy for them not to identify the boy just like what they have been doing to the other victims. Leo lamented that their inability to save Salvador’s son could make them be seen as incompetent and would sell the agency in bad light.

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Amelia told Anton that she overheard Celine claiming she could feel the heart of Robbie inside Lester which meant that Celine still suspected them. Anton told her not to think about it as he had already taken cared of it. Araceli saw what Anton did as a way he has paved for Celine and Emman to draw closer to each other in order to seek revenge for their lost son.

“What if they come after us?” Araceli questioned.

“Exactly!” Amelia exclaimed.

“Mom whatever they are planning we will stop it,” Anton assured.

Celine went to the morgue but was in denial. Emman said Robbie was burnt beyond recognition. Celine doubted and Emman said the forensic test proved that Robbie was the one who was found. Celine went to check and cried. At the NIA headquarters, Gabo listened to the plans Sam had put in place to find Gomez and Francisco.

Sam said Emman believed that Dr Gomez was the one who he shōt at the St John’s Hospital.
Celine recalled the time she spent with her son and wept bitterly. Emman swore to avenge the wicked mōnsters for what they did to their son. The news reported the body which the police retrieved and it turned out to be the body of Robert Salvador who had been missing for weeks.

When they stepped out from the office, Sam told Marcelo to stick to the story she said at the office so that no one would get to know that they were suspecting the Hernandez.
She believed once the office get to know they would tip the culprit off to cover their tracks. Linda rushed to the morgue and Emman stood for the woman to comfort Celine.

Anton also arrived and told Emman that he would shoulder the funeral expenses and Emman refused. Linda was about to add her voice but Celine silenced her.

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“No amount of money can make up for what you did to Robbie,” Emman thought.

“Don’t worry Anton, once I prove that you’re the one behind all these, I will make you pay!”

“Your life for the life of my son!”

Sam visited Caloy at the prison and the latter was sad that all the efforts they pulled together to find Robbie were to no avail. Sam said Emman wanted  revenge and Caloy indicated that Emman would need a backup so he queried Sam on the time he would be out of there.

Sam told him that there were lots of evidence that the intelligence was retrieving and they realised Galang had been receiving huge sums of money into his account.

She said right now they were investigating where the money was coming from. Caloy was quick to add that he had been receiving from the syndicate. Sam said one of the witnesses changed her statement, saying Galang was the one who pointed gün at Caloy first and also showed another footage that proved Galang was working with a syndicate.

Caloy began biting his bread in merriment, believing he would soon be set free. On the other hand, Emman cried in the house and Bernie hugged him while Linda also told Celine who was weeping in her room that Robbie was finally in good hands, free from all the emotional stress.

At the hospital, Analyn was watching a doctor who was teaching for her licensure exams. After that she saw the news article on Robbie’s deàth. Clarissa watched the tv and saw the mothers of children who were victims of the organ trafficking syndicate. The mothers called for justice for Robbie.

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Clarissa switched off the television and wondered whether the owners of the syndicate had no conscience. During the funeral rite of Robbie, the Hernandez arrived to pull off their charade, pretending to be sympathising with the bereaved family. Anton asked her to tell him if she needed anything and Celine said she wanted justice.

Caloy’s name was cleared and was at the church for the wake. Caloy said he would fight for justice for Robbie and Bernie said he would join. However, Nick said he should concentrate on his education and Caloy said Nick was right so Bernie should concentrate on his future while he helps Emman with the vengeance mission. He advised Bernie to secure his future by learning and shouldn’t be like him.

Sam told Caloy not to talk in that manner because she knew he was fixing his life. Caloy thanked Sam for her help and Sam said Chavez should be acknowledged for that, if it weren’t for him, Caloy’s case would still be pending. A deliverer delivered flowers from Chavez to the Salvadors.

Marquez began his investigation to find more leads for Sam but when he saw Francisco approaching, he quickly pulled the drive and pressed the back button to report to Franco that he was finding a match for the suspect. Celine chanced on Anton making suspicious call and advised him not to hide, besides he was not doing anything wrong for making a business call to India.

Franco instructed his guys to prepare the kids as they leave the hideout. He told them not to leave any trace behind. Amelia told Araceli and Anton that she had spoken with Franco and they were moving to their new location. Araceli believed that Emman would be digging deep so it was good that they transferred their farm.

Anton said that was the reason he made them grieve in order to give them ample time to transfer the kids to their new farm in order to also give Lester the space to recover. Anton promised to do everything to erase Celine’s suspicions. The Chavezes arrived and the Hernandez welcomed them and ushered them into the wake.

Clarissa introduced herself to Emman and told him to tell her anything if he needed something. Chavez talked privately with Emman and pleaded with him for the NIA’s inability to save him but assured that they did everything to save him. He said it would not end there, they would work to bring the syndicate to book.

Emman said it was not only Robbie who fell prey but thousands of children were suffering same fate. He believed there was an insider who was tipping the syndicate off. Anton had his ears widely opened and listened to the conversation from where he sat. Outside the place, Clarissa told Amelia her suspicions about her husband seeing another woman.

Though Leo has told her that he was occupied due to Robbie’s case but she believed in her feminine instinct that there was something going on with her husband for his late homecoming other than the investigation to Robbie’s case. Since she had seen her husband in the hands of a different woman before, she was certain that Leo was gradually slipping from her hands.

Amelia believed she was being paranoid. Though women’s instincts were right but sometimes it was clouded with once own thoughts that could make them think the wrong. Clarissa said she was hoping so because she had already lost her son and was not ready to lose a husband. Amelia assured that it would never happen.

Caloy thanked Agent Chavez for his help in setting him free and Chavez told him to thank Sam since she facilitated the process for his freedom and advised Caloy to stay out of trouble now that he was free. Emman introduced Chavez to his father and Brother. When Chavez asked for his leave, he saw Amelia hugging Clarissa and was amazed by the looks of it.


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