Rhodora X Episode 9

Rhodora X Episode 9 Cita and Trisha scheme to ruin Angela and Joaquin’s wedding, Roxanne sends a compromising video of Angela and a stripper to Joaquin in a bid to snatch Joaquin

Angela kept knocking at Rhodora’s door. Roxanne said to herself that Angela was a traitor and she was a traitor more than Angela. She later opened the door for her and hugged Angela, saying she was okay and understood her.

Angela said she did not doubt her identity, she only wanted Grandma not to doubt her. Derick had a problem with Panchang and told her that if she kept doubting Rhodora as their flesh and blood then she would have to leave.

Lourdes settled the feud and Panchang agreed to adjust. Lourdes went to Rhodora’s room and the girl woke up from slumber. She could not recall anything pertaining to Angela’s apology. Soon, the family sent her to see Dr Vivian to help treat the frequent blackout Rhodora had been experiencing.

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Dr Vivian explained that she was having temporary amnesia due to the trauma of her past. She proposed a treatment and told the Ferrers not to worry about the cost since she had been friends with Rhodora for long. Later, the Vasquez had a dinner with the Ferrers to call a truce. The Ferrers were happy that Cita had finally agreed to make her grandson marry Angela.

Angela appointed Rhodora to be her bridesmaid. Pia was not enthused that Angela chose her sister instead while she had been with her all those years. Cita sent her secretary, Trisha to deliver wedding gowns to Angela for her to choose her favourite. It was a test to bring out the worse in Angela in order to destroy the marriage.

Joaquin, on the other hand, was having his bachelor’s party. Nico was present as the fun was ongoing, Trisha spike the drink at Angela’s party and gave it to the girls. A certain stripper came and began to strip himself naked. Meanwhile, Bianca identified Joaquin as the man who sent Roxanne home. Nico was happy to know that Joaquin was keeping secret.

The guy stripped and began to sëxüålly harass Rhodora, she recalled the man who slashed her chest and got possessed by Roxanne. She fought back and pushed the guy aside to step out. The guy then stripped nakëd and began to make lōve with Angela who was drunk and Trisha began taking video.

Pia caught her and spoilt the phone. She threw her and the stripper out. Angela began to throw up. All of them got wasted and slept but Roxanne was still up and doing. Pia was also drunk and told Rhodora to take care of things in the room. Roxanne while alone took scissors.

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Rhodora stabbed everyone and got to Angela. Angela pleaded with Rhodora not to stab her and she said she was not Rhodora and was there to avenge Rhodora. Angela abandoned Rhodora and also sided with Panchang. She stabbed Angela multiple times and woke up in the jacuzzi.

Angela and the rest woke up to find their gown shredded into pieces and were surprised to see that Rhodora’s own was intact and perfect and wondered how it happened. Rhodora said she woke up in the bathroom but had a dream that she had scissors in her hand.

Pia did not believe that she was sleepwalking. She was positive that Trisha was the culprit and since Rhodora was in the bathroom, she did not see her. Angela went to see Cita to beg her for the ruined gowns. She promised to pay. Cita laughed and said even in her grave, she wouldn’t be able to pay since the gown cost 300,000 each.

At the psychiatric home, Dr Vivian’s colleague saw one patient who was suffering from schizophrenia and mistook it for DID. Dr Bautista said schizophrenia hallucinate but for Disassociate Identity Disorder the host could have multiple personalities and could at times hear voices from the alter.

She explained that DID was a serious medical condition that could make the patient dangerous and posed a dire risk to the lives of others. Rhodora was hearing voices at Joaquin’s place and the voice told her that the place could be hers if she ended up with Joaquin. She wondered who was talking to her and she became anxious.

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Suddenly, Santi came to hold her and she had a relapsed. Santi said he was the cousin of Joaquin. Rhodora walked out and Roxanne took over her body. She took the phone of Trisha which she took it the previous night. She hid herself and started to operate the phone. The driver of the Vasquez came to call her that he was instructed to drive her and Angela home.

She sent a message to Angela that Joaquin was hers and Angela went inside the car to find her sleeping. Angela went to meet Pia to tell her about the message. She was scared that Trisha would use the video to ruin her marriage. Pia said she destroyed the phone but urged her to pray that the phone would not work.

Meanwhile, Roxanne watched the video and was up to no good. She later came home from class to find a delivery man, who was there to deliver the wedding cards of Angela. She told the delivery guy that she was Angela’s sister and took the box containing the invite and burnt them.

“These are not the only ones I will destroy Angela, just more to come you just wait!”


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