Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 395-403

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 395-403 Cardo holds Hospital staff as hostages to get injured vigilantes treated, Gustavo forms an alliance with Baldo, Javier and their Paramilitary force in Sto Niño

The vigilantes set their gùns ablaze in a desperate attempt for retaliation.  Unfortunately, the police force proves to be too much, forcing Cardo and his allies to leave the poor casualties with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, a budding threat awaits the De Leons. Vendetta barely escapes the authorities. Nonetheless, they remain wary of their wounded allies. In dire need of getting them treated, the vigilantes resolve to take over a hospital.

Pressure mounts on Alejandro for once again failing to deliver what he promised. While the PNP Chief races against time to redeem himself, Renato does his thing to bring him down. Desperate to get their wounded members treated, Vendetta holds innocent lives at a hospital hostage. Alejandro, on the other hand, stops at nothing to capture the vigilantes.

He then comes up with a plan after receiving a lead on Vendetta’s escape. A concerned neighbour takes matters into his own hands to avenge Efren’s and his family’s tragic deàths. Elsewhere, Margie suspects that Gina is up to something.

Alejandro wastes no time in running after Vendetta as soon as he received a tip on their whereabouts. Accompanied by his strong force, he sets out to capture the notorious vigilantes once and for all. Cardo, on the other hand, instructs his allies to leave the hospital immediately before authorities arrive. The De Leons also earn the disdain of the people because of their ties with the Vendetta.

Elsewhere, Gustavo is delighted over the latest discovery of his minions. The news about Vendetta’s recent terrorist act distresses Margie and the De Leons. Determined to hunt down the Vigilantes, Alejandro questions Noel and his neighbours.

Vendetta, on the other hand, heads to Santo Niño in hopes of finding a haven. Unbeknownst to Cardo, an old adversary is planning to move to the same area. Teddy becomes determined to reveal the group’s true motive to the public. The members of Vendetta find a safe haven at Marsing’s home upon their arrival in Santo Niño.

Unknown to them, an old enemy is planning to build an alliance with Baldo’s paramilitary group. Meanwhile, Teddy takes matters into his own hands to clear Vendetta’s name. Soon after, the De Leons breathe a sigh of relief when an article in defense of the Vigilantes gets published. Elsewhere, Lucas grooms Brandon to become the country’s next president.

Vendetta starts anew in the town of Santo Niño. Patrick, however, cannot help but feel resentment over the unjust deàth of his family. Fighting against time, Alejandro resorts to violent measures to hunt down the vigilante group. Teddy meets with an informant from the police force. Elsewhere, Gustavo joins forces with Baldo to carry out new plans for his mining business.

After getting support from several upright members of the police force, Teddy becomes more determined to clear Vendetta’s name. He then exposes the truth about Lucas’ regime, even at the expense of his own safety. The Vendetta members enjoy a peaceful life in Santo Niño. Unknown to the group, their enemies are building a stronger force following their alliance with Gustavo.

Elsewhere, Brandon struggles to maintain a good public image. Teddy article in defense of Vendetta slowly gains the public’s attention. Learning about this, Lucas comes up with an idea to use the journalist to his advantage. Vendetta’s burning desire to fight for their noble cause intensifies. Equally determined to bring down the Cabrera administration, several upright members of the police force concoct a plan against Lucas.

Elsewhere, Gustavo moves into his new mansion in Santo Niño. The Vendetta members delight in the beautiful scenery of Santo Niño. Baldo and Tanggol (Javier), on the other hand, ally themselves with other paramilitary groups for their new mission. Gustavo grows impatient to start operating his new mining site.

He then learns that he needs to meet with a top-ranking government official before he could run his business. Elsewhere, Renato anticipates his meeting with a mysterious Colombian businessman. Teddy’s article ignites the families of the victims of Lucas’ regime to voice out their sentiments against the president. Because of this, JP becomes more determined to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Meanwhile, the Vendetta members continue to enjoy a peaceful life in Santo Niño. Unknown to them, Tanggol adds firepower to his already formidable group. Elsewhere, Renato sets out to meet with Gustavo. The Vendetta members make use of Santo Niño’s natural resources to provide for their food.

While the Vigilante group continues living a simple life, Tanggol and Gapon look forward to the riches they will get from their new mission. Accompanied by Homer and his group, Renato comes face to face with Gustavo. Homer, however, finds the Colombian-based businessman suspiciously familiar.

Nevertheless, Gustavo takes control of the situation as he seeks to seal a deal with Renato. After his meeting with Gustavo, Renato plans to use the businessman to his advantage.


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