Kwaku Annan has cautioned the FDA to examine the health benefits of items being sold by pastors to their congregation

Kwaku Annan has cautioned the FDA to probe into items being sold by pastors to their congregation

Kwaku Annan has cautioned the FDA to probe into items being sold by pastors to their congregation

Popular Net2 television presenter, Kwaku Annan has called on the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to probe into substances that are being sold by pastors and fetish priests to ensure the safety of the citizenry.

The presenter noted that many items being sold by some pastors and Mallams could evoke health infections, thus the call.

Speaking on the hot seat show last Monday in Accra as spotted by Spot On News, the presenter bemoaned that the freedom those religious and traditional entities were enjoying were rather sending many Ghanaians to their early grave.

He explained that some congregations were given directives by their pastors which required them  to drink, eat and use substances that were not scientifically proven by the FDA.

Mr Annan noted that the Authority was the sole body that could research into human consumable items before public consumption, stressing that they should act fast to instill discipline in the religious and traditional institutions.

He observed that those pastors have turned the church into a market centre, where they sell all sorts of things, including oil, water, soap, toffee, powder among others.

In order, for the self acclaimed men of God not to sell hazardous substances to their congratulations, Mr Annan urged the FDA to certify the substances before the congregation use them.

He cautioned the authorities to seek the well-being of the ordinary Ghanaian and bring to light the scientific findings of the substances being sold for the public to know the health benefits and the disadvantages associated with those consumable items they unknowingly buy to help them solve their alleged spiritual problems.

Mr Annan however, encouraged Advertising Association of Ghana and the National Communication Authorities to wipe out fetish priests advertisement on air.

He described as pathetic how the Fetish priests were being allowed on national television stations to lure the youth into charms, magic and blood money.

Mr Annan established that various people have lost their lives through those blood thirsty hunters, saying many crimes have been committed all in the name of helping the youth to accrue fortune or to get rich.

It could be recalled that the FDA denied celebrities from endorsing alcohol advertisement to seek the welfare of youth, but have failed to caution those two entities from selling substances that were not accredited for public use.


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