La Vida Lena Plot & Story Summary

La Vida Lena Plot & Story Summary

How Lena Became the New Face of Karma

La Vida Lena tells a story of a young maiden, Magdalena Mendoza who is born with a half deformed face like a melting wax. Due to the scar on her face, she is bullied in school by a rich colleague, Rachel Suarez.

Magda gradually completes school with a perfect score but she suffers another life bullying experience. The school’s rector sells off her Valedictorian position and scholarship to the commissioner of Sidero and his daughter Rachel, just for the man and his ally Lukas Narciso to grace the school special Graduation Event.

With her determination to make it in life, Magda takes solace in her soap making which is something she has been doing even during school days. As her soap business is gaining grounds in the market, her reputation is destroyed which in turn affects her sales.

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Magda is therefore compelled to step up her game to prove herself to consumers. She fully comes up with Magda’s Magic Soap, a new soap that she never knew will change her life, fortune and fate.

Riding on the new rhythms of how powerful the magic soap is working, Magda thinks of means to go global with the soap. Least did she know that her ambition will open the keys of the depth of hell the moment she steps at the door step of Royal Wellness for a deal.

Disrespected by Vanessa Narciso, Magda decides not to sell her soap anymore to Royal Wellness and goes ahead to sell the formula to Blue Velvet, a competitor of Royal Wellness but the new lõve of her life, Miguel Villarica makes her lose the deal.

Soon, Magda finds herself losing everything that is dear to her heart, her soap formula, her grandfather Dado and home. Hit hard by the multiple punches, Lena wakes up to a sad reality that the man she gave her heart to is an impostor who is planted into her life by the Narcisos to find her magic soap formula and in turn lost the man who raised her from infancy to adulthood.

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To make matters worse, she is pregnant for this man and is thrown to jail for an assault over the complaints Vanessa Narciso filed against her. In her absence from the market, her soap formula creates a new wealth for the Narcisos. It increases the trust of consumers in the Royal Wellness business for them to gain not only customers but investors as well.

Thinking all hope is lost, life presents her with an armour she will only find in the confines of the bars: Magda finds a new ally in prison. After losing the child she is expecting from food poisoning, her quest for revenge deepens.

With time, she surprises her nemesis with a new face of Karma to take back everything that was stolen from her. Not leaving any stone unturned, she makes all those who participated in her suffering pay harshly for it.


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