Beauty, Soap, Surgery and Herbs Real Definition as depict through the main characters of La Vida Lena

Beauty, Soap, Surgery and Herbs Real Definition as depict through the main characters of La Vida Lena

Beauty is the major theme La Vida Lena emphasised on from the pilot episode to the end. The omen of Magdalena Mendoza stems from the fight for beauty in order to fit to the society. Her revenge becomes a stepping stone to clearly define what beauty is, what it represents, what it entails who among the main characters is or are beautiful.

Magdalena affectionately called Magda is seen as a person whose physical beauty is downplayed by many due to a big scar which is like a melting candle on her left side of her face.

Magda is bullied for her outlook and passed through many torments due to her “ugly” face. However, Magda is a person who has an extraordinary gift to combine organic substances together to form a soap that enhances beauty.

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The bullies of her life, especially Rachel who is her classmate uses her deformed face to deny her access to better life through school scholarship as a valedictorian. She even goes ahead to discredit the beauty bar soap Magda has formulated to sell in making a living. This eventually, sways the customers of Magda away for them to patronise Royal Wellness products.

Magda recounting her ordeal and what “Beauty” means says in a voiceover from the first episode:

“My grandpa will always tell me that all people in this world are equal in the eyes of God.”

‘He l0ves no matter who or what we are.”

“For him, no one is rich or poor!”

“No one is smart or stup!d.”

“No one is beautiful or ugly.”

“What matters to him is how beautiful you are inside.”

“How good and l0ving your heart is.”

“The people are different… totally different!”

“Most people are judgemental!”

“They judge you based on what you have!”

“What your background is and what you have achieved in life.”

“For most people, what matters is how you appear on the outside: the clothes you’re wearing, what kind of pasture you have, what your face looks like.”

“I know that very well, because that is the reality I face every single day.”

This highlights what beauty is to Magda and Dado, her grandpa. To them beauty is having a good and pure heart, the inner beauty that makes you devoid evil to pursue what is right and fair. That makes Magda’s soap exceptional to cleanse all things that takes away once physical beauty.

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Where Rachel defines beauty as a person with rotten attitude but has no deformity. Rachel’s mode of definition is described by Magda’s speech as the world that pursue evil but judges how you look physically, the kind of attire you wear, the kind of position you have acquired that are used to cover the real evil in the heart of the person.

Rachel’s father Conrad, who is a commissioner has his share of ugly description by Magda. Conrad is seen by many as a respectable man and outwardly seen as beautiful with beautiful life and achievements which anyone will see him as inspiration. However, the Character portrayed makes him ugly. In other words, not as beautiful as the world deems him to be.

His Character is rotten to the core. He uses his position to deny justice to innocent people and is a corrupt person. Lukas Narciso who plays a role of a surgeon and a successor to the Narcisos soap and wellness business has been described in the movie as a person who really needs a soul surgery.

If Magda is outwardly portrayed as an ugly person to those in the world but has formula keys to make one beautiful through her soap, Lukas, on the other hand, is portrayed as a surgeon who needs a surgery of the heart and soul to redeem him from his evil self.

Lukas has shown himself as daring and top notch surgeon who in his own mind believes he gives perfect plastic surgeries. According to Ramona Joaquin, Lukas has sent many of his clients to their early grave through his surgeries and covers his tracks when the surgery doesn’t go well. He has used his achievements as a renowned, influential and a wealthy person to intimidate, torment and destroy lives that he ought to beautify.

Lukas as a beauty surgeon rather does contrary to his ordained call. His father Don Luis Narciso is believed to have seen the evil side of his son which goes beyond how the world sees beauty to give the position of the Head of Surgeons of Royal Wellness to Ramona Joaquin, a trusted Surgeon. The act of his father makes Lukas show him his true self just to occupy the position his father denied him.

Ramona Joaquin is a doctor who is proven to be beautiful and beautifies the world through plastic surgeries. The nose of Vanessa Narciso and the face of Lena are portrayed as her creation. Ramona even locked up for a crime she did not commit did not deter her to act right at all times. Her beauty makes those who shared same cell with her recognised her call as a doctor.

Someone who heals and takes away pains and this makes her be loved by her cell mates. Her beauty never fades, she saves Magda from brutalities in the cell and later joins hands with Magda for an undisputed revenge to bring justice to themselves. After giving a new image to Magda to fit into the society as a beautiful person, their revenge follows.

As part of the revenge, Magda changes her name to Lena to demonstrates the change in personality and character. The innocent, all forgiven and pure Magda turns into a bitter, heartless and treacherous person to give back to the world what they define as beautiful.

However, Ramona and Jordan keep reminding her of who she is in order for her not to forget the real beauty and charms she possessed inside. That beauty which makes them love her to groom her well in order for her to assume her rightful role in the world without societal intimidation.

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