Los Bastardos Episode 14

Los Bastardos Episode 14 Menandro tries to turn Isagani against the Cardinals

At Isagani’s house, Bert prepared breakfast for Erma. She asked what he talked about with Isagani.

He told her Isagani l^ved her but it was natural for him to think about his real parents sometimes. Erma said she hoped the day would come when he finds his parents for him to become happy so that they would all have peace.

At the Silverios, Dulce ask Menandro what’s really wrong with Matteo, he tells her not to mind him as she thanks him for all his help asking if he has really changed or it’s all part of his elaborated schemes.

He assures her he loves her and they should put the welfare of the workers first that he has decided to give her what she wants and try it her way, Dulce smiles thanking him.

At the Cardinal’s, Don Roman ask Alba if Joaquin didn’t come home? She tells him he did but left right away saying he was going to the U.S and will handle the export of Cardinal brandy shocking Don Roman.

She continues blaming Don Roman that he prioritise others over his own son. He gets up in rage telling her not question his l^ve his son.
Alba says to herself if he thinks things will change because Joaquin is away he’s wrong and no matter what he does she will never leave and she’s here to stay.

Don Roman visits Joaquin’s room, reading a note he left for him, Don Roman said he’ll wait for his return and will fix everything before he gets back as he looks sad.

Matteo met Lupita, he told her there’s was a slight change of plans in her mission. He explained that she would no longer steal cash anymore from Joaquin Cardinal but the formula for Cocoa brandy, Lupita said he would have to increase her price.

Matteo asked her to name her price but she shouldn’t mess up and not tell anyone not even her partner.

At Cardinal distilleries, Joaquin’s secretary (Diane) texted him as Lucas also appeared looking for him.

Lucas gave her some documents from Joaquin. She said they should look for him with Lucas saying she is his secretary but acting more like his wife.

Conner continues to train as he thinks about going after Don Roman Cardinal since he now knows his identity and will plan his revenge carefully.

Lupita came there telling him she has a mission and wanted him to be her partner in crime. She said if Conner helped her with her mission she would also help him with anything he needed and he agreed.

At the fighting in the club, everybody wanted Cardinal to fight as Lucas and Joaquin’s secretary, Diane arrived.

Lucas asked if they were waiting for Boss Joaquin and she said yes so they should look for him inside.

Without Joaquin being present she tells Lucas they should leave as the boss of the club approaches them asking where Cardinal is? she said she doesn’t know,the boss said they aren’t leaving until they produce Joaquin so Lucas decides to fight in his place.

The fight begins with Conner and Lupita also present monitoring the fight with Joaquin’s Photo in her hands. Lucas is beaten. Lupita confronts the boss as to why Joaquin isn’t present and he asked her to ask his secretary.

Conner ask himself why their target looks like a rookie instead of a champion and that he pities Lupita because that isn’t her target and he can take on both men without any difficulty as he laughs. Lucas finally defeats his opponent as Conner claps saying “congrats boy it’s look like you still have some strength left”.

The boss awards Lucas with the girls beginning to flirt with him. Lupita approaches them saying she’s looking for Joaquin Cardinal that she has an offer he can’t resist. The secretary tells her they don’t know where he’s. A misunderstanding happens between them.

Lucas arrives home, with Sita asking what happened to him,he shows her his award and
Sita tells him not to try it again and he promises her not to ever. Lucas also tells his mom how it feels to be a Boss and Cardinal having people cheer you on.

The next morning, Lucas with bruises blame Diane for being responsible, saying it wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t look for Joaquin at the fight club.

He wondered what would happen If Don Roman saw his bruises, Isagani arrived asking Lucas what happened to him, so did Don Roman.

He narrated his fight club ordeal to them. Don Roman asked if he won the fight whiles congratulating him. He also tells them Joaquin decides to go to the U.S and he will count on them to make the project a success.

At a meeting, Don Roman, and Isagani listen to Lucas ideas as Don Roman praises them both.

At the Silverios, Matteo tells Menandro that Joaquin has moved to the U.S making Menandro happy telling him they need to act fast now that their enemies are crippled. They’ve to move in for the kill.

Menandro visits Isagani’s farm, he tells himself there’s a reason he doesn’t visit filthy places like this because he hates poverty and dirt, he’s so disgusted with the life he came from. A worker approaches and touches him which clearly irritates him as the other workers welcome him.

Isagani sees Isay and Dulce, he stares at Dulce so much with isay feeling uncomfortable and excuses herself. They apologize to each other and decides to start all over again.

At Isagani’s home, Bert and Erma discuss the weather as Alba visits clearly frightening them, she apologises to them and gives them a gift as piece offering, Erma said they busy and can’t entertain her so she should leave surprising Alba as she shamelessly leaves.

Isay continues to think about how Isagani looked at Dulce earlier when her dad asked if everything was alright and she said she’s okay. She spots Menandro too looking surprised.

Dulce tells Isagani her dad has been supportive and the workers now have better
lives. Isagani tells her to be careful so she doesn’t get hurt.

The workers thank Menandro for his support but he warns them that once’s they work for Isagani and the Cardinal’s things will change.
He said he will like to speak with Isagani because they’ve something important to talk about.

Back to Dulce and Isagani,he said he hopes her family changes so they don’t fight anymore as they promise each other never to fight again and hugged each other, they almost kissed again.

At the Cardinal mansion, Alba arrives home in rage that Isagani’s parents rejected her peace offering.she says she can take and buy everything she wants even their soul. As Sita ask what the problem is, Alba cries that her son left her and Ramon is Monitoring her every move and also she was humiliated by Isagani’s wretched parents and that she is sorry.

Isagani comes to meet Menandro who says he wants to speak to him, as all the workers dispersed with Isay and her dad worried about what they will both talk about.

Menandro acted in front of Isagani about how he saw him grow stressing that his parents raised him from the money her mother earned from working with the silverios.

He also said he was part of their family that it was only right if he becomes a part of Silverios distillery.

He promised to buy out his contract and also double the amount the Cardinal’s were offering so that he and his cocoa brandy becomes a part of Silverios distilleries.

He smiled and Isagani was shocked while starring at him.


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