Los Bastardos Episode 2

Los Bastardos Episode 2

Los Bastardos Episode 2 Alba kills Soledad, begins new love story with Don Roman 

Roman took Alba around the plantation and she wanted to be his business partner after he informed her about his plans to put up a distillery.

She flirted with him and told him she did not like any rivalry. Soledad came to meet her flirting with Roman and warned her to take his hands off her man. She told her to search for a single man to do that with not a married man.

As Alba left in shame Roman looked on.

At the Cardinal Mansion, Soledad told Roman that she saw what Alba did earlier and she knew what Alba was after. She asked Roman whether he did not see Alba’s intentions and feel it.

Soledad expressed her resentment towards Alba and said  she did not like Alba as she could destroy their relationship.

Roman said she was right. He promised to  cut off the ties he has with Alba as they reaffirmed their love for each other.

The next morning, Roman visited Alba to inform her about his changed of plans.  He said  he did not want to push through with their partnership. Alba in astonishment asked if he was sure about his decision and he said yes.

Alba told Roman that he was wasting a good opportunity all because of his jealous wife. She said Soledad was being paranoid. She flirts with him, saying she “will stay away from him.” As Roman left she looked worried and determined to do everything to woo Roman.

Soledad was playing with her son on a cliff. Alba appeared there clapping,  she congratulated her for talking against her.


Alba told her that she was right for claiming she wanted to snatch Roman away from her.  Grabbing on to the babies stroller, saying she would take him away from her. As Soledad carried her baby and tried escaping she grabbed her from behind asking where she was going.  She  said she was not done with her husband yet.

As they continued their arguement, Soledad pushed her off and Alba managed to get up and grabbed her by the hair, a fight began.
Same vain, Roman started looking for Soledad at home but she was nowhere to be found.

Back on the cliff, the two women continued to fight. Alba grabbed Soledad again, saying she would not stop her from getting what she wanted.

She pushed her off the cliff while Roman gave an order at home to everyone to start looking for his family.

Soledad with her baby boy in her hands survived from the fall. Alba looked on at her in pain, she hits her with a stick. Soledad then begged her for mercy while moving backwards. Alba hits her again and Soleda fell deep down the cliff. Realising what she has done she left the stick on the ground, regretting….. She asked what she has done.

She then switched off in a minute saying, ” From now on Roman you are all mine” with an evil smile. She picked the stick and rubbed it off saying, “no one must find out about this.”

Soledad was still alive. Her son was crying while she wrapped  him around her shouting for help. Suddenly a huge thunderstorm showed above looking like it was about to rain.
There was a search party ongoing while the rain began to fall.

Soledad managed to take out a stick stucked in her body from the fall in the rain while Alba cried bitterly under a shower having flashbacks and regretting her actions.

Soledad apologised to her son and took off her wedding ring and placed it on him. The search continued with a worker given Roman the bad news that they still could not locate his family.

A car passed by where Soledad was, she called for help when the car got stucked In the mud she crawled hiding her son at the back of the car, however she wasn’t able to get on the truck. She cried behind the track as it moved, saying “she hopes his father will find him one-day.”

Soledad collapsed in the mud as the heavily rainstorm triggered a landslide pouring on her.
The search continued. Roman saw the baby items scattered at the scene of the crime rushing down to look for his wife and baby.

At home, Alba buried the stick. Sita
Callled out her name informing her that Soledad and her baby were missing.

With guilt written all over Alba’s face she pretended and said Don Roman might need her right now. She rushed off as Sita looked on.

Roman continued his search for his family. Alba and Sita arrived at the crime scene with one worker updating them about the the incidents.

A worker advised  Roman to continue the search the next day but he refused.

“No one will quit until he finds his family,”

The workers found some traces as Roman started crying helplessly.

In the other scene the truck owner arrived home, helping his wife outside the car. As they talked about trying to get their own child, they found a baby in the truck and the baby was covered with bruises. He was also not breathing. Which made them checked his pulse. The baby finally began to cry. They held the child with excitement.

Roman wept bitterly while holding onto his family frame. Alba arrived. She consoled Roman and said she knew it was hard for him to accept the tragedy that happened to his wife and son.

She continued with her acting skills saying she was sorry that Soledad and his son were buried underneath the landslide. She then hugged  Roman to provide a shoulder for him to cry on.

Two weeks later, the couple who found the baby took care of him  and adored him. They said no one had been searching for the child after two weeks they found him. The woman encouraged her husband to adopt him since it was possible that his parent abandoned him. They said the only clue they have about the boy was the ring in his blanket but it was not enough for them to search for his origin.

Roman turned drinkard, moved by event he laid down. Alba seduced him and through his weekends they made love. For Roman he thought she was Soledad.

Fast forward, Alba came to inform Roman that she was pregnant. Roman just could not believe the news.

He told Alba that children were not like dogs that you could replace anytime you wanted. Alba convinced Roman that both of them lost their families through tragic incident, thus their children needed a family, for him to be the father and she being the mother. Sita looked on.

Roman remembered Soledad and apologised to her while he stood the cliff which his wife lost her life. He apologised for having a child with Alba, saying he would love the child but not Alba.

Alba arrived at the Cardinal mansion with her luggages claiming the doctor said her pregnancy was in a high risk, hence her reason of being there. Although Roman was upset but he wanted to show the child love and to provide her with everything that she would need for the baby’s safety. Alba then hugged him and started ordering Sita around.

Roman set the rules right that they were only together because of the child she was carrying.
He stressed that there was no need for them to love or care for each other or get married since they were not a real family. He promised to make sure their child have his name. As Roman was sleeping Alba walked into a his room holding her tummy looking at him.

She looked for Roman all over the house. As she entered a room full of Soledad’s pictures, she looks at them frightened. She saw Roman sleeping on the bed. She then remembered that he  warned her never to set foot in Soledad’s room since she’s the only woman he would ever love as she cried.

Alba whose stomach has portruded came into Soledad’s room saying one of these days she would be able to erase Soledad from the house and from Roman’s life.

She stated that her child was for Roman, hence he belonged to her, immediately she got some pains in her stomach as she called out Roman and Sita.

She cried that her water broke. Alba gave birth to a son as Roman continued his fatherly duties whiles remembering his son with Soledad.

Meanwhile, Roman lost son was well taken cared of by his adopted parent.

Alba looked on as Roman came to play with his son Joaquin. She brought a document saying she did not think the church would question her since Cardinal was not her last name.

Roman told her that they weren’t married and she said maybe they should get married but Roman still stood by his words of not attaching love and marriage to their relationship since he did not want to lie before all the people and God.

Alba was infuriated by Roman’s stance. She told him never to make her feel like they were not married especially not in front of other people.

She warned him not  to cheat on her otherwise he would not ever see Joaquin again, Roman told her  that he could not do that and she said he did not have a say in that because he’s his mother and has full custody to her son. She then took Joaquin from him and he stared.

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