Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 19

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 19 Rafa fires Vida after his accident 

Vida arrived at the boarding house while Potpot gave her a drink and asked why she was upset. Vida queried him on why people seemed to think she was an easy woman.

Potpot noted that her form of dressing was basically the reason behind that notion since her clothes were revealing and their country was conservative. He then noticed the bruises on her hand and asked what happened. Vida said her boss tried k!ss!ng her and she slapped him.

Potpot was upset that her boss harassed her but Vida said he did not hurt her. Potpot got mad that Vida was defending her boss so she got mad at him for overreacting and went to her room.

Potpot went to House of Teri with a motive to confront him for harassing Vida. They told him at the reception that Rafa already left so he went home. The Jeepney that he got on broke down so he had to walk. As he was crossing the road, Rafa sped past in a motorcycle and almost hit Potpot.

He got into an accident so Potpot rushed him to the hospital. Potpot had some scratches and also got treated.

Jaime picked up Teri after she came back from visiting her parents. She was worried when she couldn’t reach Rafa. Her secretary said he never returned to the office after having a meeting with Jaime. Teri suspected that Jaime scolded him again but she couldn’t ask him.

When they arrived home, Teri called Rafa’s friends but they also did not know where he was. Teri went to sleep but got a call from the hospital telling her that Rafa got into an accident.

Jaime and Teri went to the hospital to see Rafa. The doctor told them that he did not have any serious injuries. They also mentioned that Potpot saved him and it would have been serious if he did not get to the hospital in time.

Teri went to see Potpot to thank him but he had already left. Jaime talked to the police and found out that Rafa had been drinking, which is why he got into an accident. He scolded Rafa for being irresponsible and Teri stopped him.

She told him that it was not the time for him to scold Rafa. Jaime told Teri that it was her fault Rafa was like that since she always babied him. He decided to leave and left Teri to take care of Rafa.

When Potpot got home, he told Vida that her boss got into an accident. Vida was worried that Rafa got upset after their fight, so she went to see him the following morning.
When Vida arrived, Teri left her to take care of Rafa as she left to buy something.

Vida asked Rafa how he was doing but he lashed out at her for going to see him. Vida said he should be glad since he was the one who did her wrong but Rafa insisted on Vida being easy woman and making herself available to any guy she sets her eyes on.

Vida described him as judgmental and refused to explain her side to him since he has formed his own opinion about her and did not give her chance to explain the truth of the matter to him. Rafa sacked and fired her for Vida bringing his father issue into their case.


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