Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 25

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 25 Jaime beats Tessa 

At Laurel’s mansion, Teri hugged Potpot. She apologised and said she was thankful to him and Potpot said it was okay. He noted that she seemed familiar and Rafa said that Teri usually appeared in many magazines. Potpot concluded that he had seen her in one.

They sat down for dinner and Potpot told them about his family and their farming work. He said he was trying to earn money to attend school and support his family.

Jaime joined them later and Rafa introduced Potpot to him. Teri told him how Potpot was trying to get himself through school. Jaime asked why Potpot had refused Rafa’s reward, implying that he wanted to ask for more money.

The mood suddenly changed so Teri tried to explain that Jaime was only trying to help. Potpot said inviting him to dinner was enough for him.

After dinner, Rafa drove Potpot to the boarding house. They ran into Vida as she too was arriving. Rafa tried to talk to Vida and apologised but she cut him short. She said he did not need to say sorry if he wanted something from her. She agreed to go to House of Teri to help train his secretary then went to her room.

Potpot followed Vida and asked her to listen to Rafa. He thought Rafa was sincere in his apology so he asked Vida to give him a chance to properly apologise, just like she had done for him.

Asya asked Marga why she was no longer excited about Caloy. Marga told him that Caloy was not the one who set up their date and she did not want it to seem like she was forcing herself on him.

When they went out at a restaurant, a friend saw them and introduced Marga to a foreigner. The two of them agreed to go on a date.

Melchor, Potpot’s father decided to take a job in Saudi Arabia. His family was not happy but Melchor said he had to do it in order to secure their family’s future.

The following morning, Caloy went to Teri’s office to see her. He asked if they could talk but Teri refused, saying she was busy. Caloy insisted, saying that it would not take long. They went to a coffee shop to talk.

Caloy asked Teri how she was doing, she replied that she was doing okay with her family and asked Caloy if he already had a family. Caloy told her that the street children were his only family and he could not move on due to what happened between them.

He confessed that he went through a lot of hardships working in a ship since he wanted to keep all the promises he made to her. Teri anxiously asked if he was blaming her for what he went through and Caloy said it wasn’t the case.

He told Teri that he was wrong and apologised for hurting her. Teri said it was all in the past and had already forgiven him. Caloy was grateful to hear it and hugged her.
When Jaime arrived at work, he noticed that Teri was not there.

He asked where she had gone to and his secretary said a certain man picked her up. Jaime went to look for her and saw her hugging Caloy.

When Teri got back in the office, Lauren told her that Jaime went to find her. She was worried since they might fight because of Caloy but Teri said she planned to tell Jaime about her meeting with Caloy. Jaime was not in the office so she tried calling him but he did not answer.

Vida went to house of Teri to train Rafa’s secretary and he was glad to have her back. He agreed to a photoshoot concept that Vida suggested before, but Rafa had earlier rejected it.

Rafa admitted that it was a good idea so Vida agreed to help him. She spent the day giving instructions to Rafa’s secretary and asked her not to talk too much because Rafa did not like it. Rafa corrected Vida and said he liked listening to his ideas. He also asked her to tell him if ever he was wrong.

Teri showed the designs she found to her team and asked them to help her find the person who made them. When she went home later, Jaime was not home. She stayed up to wait for him and he was drunk when he arrived.

He told Teri that he saw her with Caloy and asked if she would leave and go back to him. Teri tried to tell him that nothing happened between Caloy and her but Jaime refused to listen.

He asked if Teri slept with Caloy and she slapped him. Jaime slapped her back.


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