Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 84

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 84 Tessa, Marga escape death trap, Jaime’s car explodes after being haunted

Vida told Ira that her mother was innocent of the crime he was accusing her of. She said Amanda confessed to her that Jaime was behind the mass k!lling. Ira interjected that she was saying that just to get Marga out of the hook and found it hard to believe since Amanda was missing.

Vida indicated that if he did not believe her then he should trust Tessa instead since both wanted one thing, justice for their respective family members who Jaime has k!lled. Ira walked out on her.

Elsewhere, the press asked the police about the plans initiated to apprehend Jaime Laurel. They were told that Jaime would face multiple charges for the crime of murder against Rowena, Rafa and the Policarpio couple. Tessa gave her final statement to the press, asking Jaime to turn himself in and promised not to stop till he was behind bars.

Jaime arrived home to find police surveying his house. He sat in his car to wonder what was going on. Suddenly, a call came through from his goon asking him not to get home as he was now a wanted man. Quickly, he made the driver of the van turned back to the warehouse. He molested, slapped and tortured Marga for going against their deal of her taking the fall for him.

Marga told him to admit that things were over for them and urged him to go on hiding. Jaime refused and swore to make everyone pay especially Marga, if his life would be miserable then Marga’s own would be worse. Marga urged him to k!ll her but he had other plan. He would k!ll Caloy and Marga’s children.

Meanwhile, Vida told Tessa that Ira did not believe in her words. Tessa said she would talk to Ira and she was sure there was a part of Ira which wanted to talk to her too. She left to meet Ira. However, Ira was feeling remorse for his action after what Vida told him. Gabriela believed it was a good thing that Jaime was the culprit since that would make him not hate his mother anymore.

Ira called Vida to talk to Tessa but she said Tessa was on her way to meet him. Ira called Tessa and they decided to meet at a particular restaurant. As Tessa arrived and watched Ira who was inside the restaurant while smiling, suddenly, a van dropped behind her and they knocked her head and forcefully dragged her inside the van.

Ira screamed and ran out for Tessa’s rescue, however, Jaime opened the door of the van and shot next to the leg of Ira and also at his car tyre to inflate it in stopping him from giving him a chace. Ira later arrived in Tessa’s house to relay the information about Tessa’s kidnap to Caloy and Vida. Caloy blamed himself for allowing Tessa to go alone. Ira already had informed the police and said he knew someone who could help them track down Jaime.

Caloy went to the police station to vent his anger on them for their inability to find Jamie. Meanwhile, Jaime sent Tessa to the warehouse and molested her together with Marga. He said they would play a game and the game could start when Caloy join them. He had intentions to k!ll them but would make Caloy k!ll one that night.

Caloy called him but he refused to pick as he took delight in tormenting Marga and Tessa who he had tied them inside a coffin-like box and had made his men filled them with concrete.

Ira visited Leon and sorted out his differences with him while seeking his help to find Tessa before Jaime does the worse to her. Tessa asked Marga why she stole the only man she l’ved while she was like a sister to her. Marga debunked the idea of being jealous of Tessa and blamed her for abandoning her while they had a dream together. After speaking with Caloy, Jaime had a tip off that Ira was heading to one of his warehouses.

After arriving, Ira told Vida to be at the driver’s seat and whatever happened in there no matter the magnitude she should drive and seek for help. Ira went inside the warehouse and bumped into Jaime. He confronted Jaime for making him hate his mother. Jaime said it was not his fault for him to believe in his lies.

Ira punched his face multiple times and Jaime strangled him, making it hard for him to breathe. Ira managed to draw the gun from Jaime’s back pocket, he threatened to shoot him while Jaime urged him on calling him a coward if he was not able to do it. Ira said he was not like Jaime, he was the coward and Ira used the opportunity to escape. Meanwhile, Caloy had called Vida to inform her that Marga was with Jaime but he asked her not to worry since the police were tracing Jaime’s hideout from the call Jaime made to him.

The police were successful in tracing the location and head to the place. After the two friends applied lipstick on their lips with Marga saying she wanted to die beautiful, they device a strategy to escape. Jaime’s goons who were standing outside heard the two women shouting. When they went in, the ladies were fighting and they tried to separate the fight.

Tessa took a wood to hit them and fled with Marga while they cried out for help. The goons called Jaime to inform him that Tessa and Marga had escaped. Tessa and Marga met the police who were already at the warehouse with Caloy. As she saw Caloy, Tessa ran to hug him, while Marga stayed behind to watch them in shame.

Later the police were able to find Jaime. After seeing the police, he ran quickly inside his car while the driver was sleeping inside waiting for Jaime. Jaime sat at the driver’s seat and fled. The police rode after him and shot the tyres of the car. The driver in Jaime’s car was scared and cried that Jaime should pullover for him to be out of the car.

Paying no attention to the poor man’s plea, Jaime took the lane of a hill where he would be able to device his vile plan. The car which Jaime was driving summersaults and explodes.


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