Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 11-15

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 11-15 Marga plans to outbid Tessa while Potpot discovers the one who steels his fee

Tessa learns that there is an update on the investigation about her missing son while Vida also learns that she passed the interview at House of Teri. Despite her efforts, Vida keeps getting on Rafa’s nerves.

Meanwhile, Potpot remains positive that he will get through his ordeal. His prayers are soon heard when his video goes viral on social media. Elsewhere, Tessa learns that her missing son Rafael is in Manila.

Vida starts her probationary period at House of Teri along with the other applicants. However, her patience is tested as Rafa continues to give her a hard time.

After learning of Marga’s business problem, Caloy comes up with a way to help her. Later, Potpot comes across a group of robbers while on his way to his part-time job. An unexpected person then comes to Potpot’s rescue.

Caloy rushes Potpot to the hospital after the young man fainted. With S/Insp. Linang’s help, Tessa and Jaime find the family that could have possibly adopted Rafael.

However, Tessa ends up devastated upon realising that they got the wrong family. The Policarpios face another challenge as Alma plans to sell the farm in order to get her mother treated in the US.

Marga receives great news regarding her business. As one of the interns at the House of Teri, Vida rejoices in the fact that she can now work side-by-side with her idol, Tessa.

Elsewhere, desperate to get Ximena Vergara in her agency, Marga tries to secure an invitation for the upcoming charity auction to meet the highly acclaimed actress.

However, Marga soon learns that Tessa’s mentor, Olivia is the one hosting the event. Meanwhile, Potpot learns that he can no longer enroll for the first semester. Not wanting to disappoint his family, Potpot plans to seek Caloy’s help.

Tessa and Marga come face to face with eachother at Olivia’s charity auction. Despite the tension brewing up between the two ladies, Marga and Tessa try to be civil with eachother. After engaging in a short conversation with Tessa, Marga sets her eyes on convincing Ximena Vergara to join her talent agency.

Elsewhere, Potpot finds a way to contact his family. Meanwhile, Vida works hard as Rafa’s assistant. Marga makes up her mind to outbid Tessa in the charity auction. Knowing that Marga will not give up until she gets what she wants, Tessa gives the former a run for her money.

Potpot learns about Alma’s plan to sell the farm, prompting him to lie about his college enrollment. Not wanting to make his family worry about him, Potpot decides to find a way to enter college on his own.

Meanwhile, Rafa defends Vida from her former employer. Despite her reluctance, Marga spends P1 million just to outbid Tessa in the charity auction.

However, much to her surprise, Marga learns that Tessa donated twice the price she paid. Caloy later arrives at the auction to fetch Marga, unaware that Tessa is there as well. Rafa brings a drunken Vida to her boarding house. Unknowingly, Vida crawls into Potpot’s room.

After losing a large sum of money at the auction, Marga hopes to keep her business booming by getting Ximena to her agency. However, Marga learns that Ximena decided to turn down her offer.

Thinking that Tessa is putting up a fight against her, Marga vows not to let herself be defeated. Tessa, on the other hand, is beyond belief that Marga still harbours ill feelings towards her.

Meanwhile, Potpot finds out where the money for his enrolment has gone. Upon learning that his neighbour who took his money, Potpot seeks the barangay’s help in recovering the full amount from Vida.

Knowing that she has already spent most of Potpot’s money, Vida promises to look for a way to pay her debt. Desperate to get Ximena in her agency, Marga devises a scheme during the actress’ movie press conference.

Unknown to Marga,Tessa also has plans to sign the highly acclaimed actress to her clothing line. Elsewhere, Melchor plans to visit Potpot in Manila upon discovering that his son is collecting plastic bottles to earn money.


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