Now and Forever Episode 34 Eva turns Dom proposal down 

Now and Forever Episode 34

Now and Forever Episode 34 Dom proposes to Eva 

Oliver asked Rebecca for 50 Million to invest in his business. Rebecca however told him that he did not have to borrow the money since he owned shares at Cortes Jewellery thus all he had to do was to ask for them.

She also advised him to investigate the business he was going to invest in well.

Carmen and Stella later found out that Rebecca already owned 4% of their company shares and they had not known about it.

Carmen blamed Stella for bringing her in the company and said that she would deal with it. She reprimanded the people behind it but they said there was nothing they could do since the person who owned the shares chose to do it.

Oliver therefore met with Stella to ask for his shares but Stella refused to let him have them.

He went to tell Rebecca what happened and she advised him to consult with a lawyer. She even agreed to help him by paying for the lawyer but asked him not to tell his family about it.

When Eva got into the church, Dom followed him and said he was going to make Eva his girlfriend before the day was over.

Eva stormed out of the church since she could not focus and Inno went after him. The priest at the church recognised Inno and greeted him so Inno introduced Eva while Eva introduced Dom.

The priest said he had not seen Inno for a while so Dom suggested that Inno should stay so that he and the priest could have their conversation and left with Eva.

They returned to the resort to have dinner but Eva was surprised to see a romantic set up instead.

Before Dom could say anything, Inno came running and said the priest and his grandfather had invited them to dinner. When he showed up, Eva thought that he was the one who set up the dinner for her and demanded to know what it meant.


She asked him what he was trying to do and Inno could not explain since he did not do anything.

Dom cut in and told Eva that he was the one who prepared the dinner to confess his feelings for her. Eva asked Inno to leave them alone so that they could talk. Inno then visited his grandfather alone.

Dom got down on his knees while holding the flowers and told Eva that he had always loved her. He added that she was the reason he became a good person by joining the police so that he could be someone worthy of her.

Eva dropped to her knees too but she told Dom that he would always be her closest friend but she could not love him the way he wanted her to.

Since Don could not convince her any longer, they agreed to keep their relationship platonic, Dom realised that he was too late.

As they were having dinner, Dom told Eva to go after Inno since it was clear that she liked him. Eva denied it but Dom told her that she should learn from his mistake and not wait until it was too late for them.

He also said he would be heading back to Manila in the morning so he asked Eva to take the chance to find her inspiration and not run away from it.

Oliver asked Cathy about her investor and she said she had not yet found one. He therefore told her that he was working on getting the money to invest with her.

He later went with a lawyer to demand his shares from his family. Everyone was appalled and Hernan even said that he had not worked for the company.

He and Oliver hurled words at each other and Hernan punched him for being a disappointment. Carmen agreed to give Oliver his shares but told him that he would cease to be a Cortes and her grandson once he took them. Oliver said they would never see him again and left.

Oli went to tell Rebecca what had happened and she told him that he was only fighting for what was rightfully his.


The following morning, Dom left San Narciso and returned to Gintong Pagasa with the excuse that he was on duty at work. He asked them not to worry since Eva was with Inno.

Inno thought that Eva had already accepted Dom but he was happy to hear that they decided to remain friends and that he already left.

He upgraded Eva’s room to the one next to his and asked the staff to lie that her previous room had a problem. Eva wanted to know why Inno followed her to San Narciso and he said something about visiting his grandfather.

He also asked her why she assumed that he was the one who set up the romantic dinner but Eva could not answer him so she ran off.

When she got outside, she saw an eagle flying above like the one in her dream and followed it. Inno went after her and saw her break down in tears.

A car almost ran her over so he shoved her aside and asked what was wrong. Eva said that she only wanted to remember and Inno hugged her.

Back at Gintong Pagasa, Rosa and Abel were worried that Dom left Eva alone with Inno. Adessa thought it was fine and did not mind that Eva might come back home with a boyfriend but Abel and Rosa did not like it.


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