Now and Forever Episode 9 Stella finally reveals that Inno is not her biological son

Now and Forever Episode 9

Now and Forever Episode 9 Stella finally reveals that Inno is not her biological son

Eva went to tell Isda that Inno was Oliver’s brother and he said it was better that Eva’s arrangement with Oliver was over since she would no longer see Inno again.

At the Cortes mansion, Carmen told Hernan that he could not leave the company or his wife. She was worried about their public image as well.

Hernan however told her that he had done everything Carmen asked of him so it was now time for him to do as he wanted. Carmen confronted Hernan for wanting to become a farmer when she had worked so hard to provide him with everything.

Hernan said he did not want anything to do with the Cortes wealth and went upstairs to pack his stuff. Oliver and Inno excused themselves from the table as well.

Carmen ordered Stella to fix the situation with Hernan. She said she never liked Stella but had allowed her to marry Hernan so the least she could do was keep the family together.

Inno told Oliver that he should not have blurted out something like that to their grandmother. Oliver said it was better than having to tip toe around the issue.

Inno however told him that their parents needed their support and he should have let them be the ones to break the bad news to Carmen.

After Hernan left, Carmen asked to see Inno. She told him that she would train him to be the next president at Cortes Jewelry and he accepted the challenge.

Stella was against it since Oliver was the eldest son but Carmen said Inno was more responsible and more immersed in the company. Stella said Oliver could do the same if he was given a chance.

He was the social media head and she did not think it suited him. Carmen told Stella that Oliver was given that position because he was a natural charmer and was good at networking. Carmen said she was utilising the strengths of her “sons” but Stella disclosed that Inno was not her son.

Carmen warned Stella never to repeat that again and threatened to take away all the wealth that she enjoyed.

Stella was furious after he talked with Carmen and sort to make her son the heir of Cortes. A Flashback revealed that Hernan got another woman pregnant when he and Stella were having problems. Carmen said they would take the child in and Stella would have to raise consider him her son as well.

Stella spoke to Oliver and told him to do better to win his grandmother’s favour. She asked him how he felt being compared to Inno all the time.

She also told him not to wait for the day when he would lose everything and have to ask Inno for help.

Rebecca’s investigator found a witness about Rodrigo’s death so she went to meet with him. The man told her that he had found Rodrigo dead in a hut. He did not give much detail at first but later told Rebecca that he had overheard a man and woman arguing the night before Rodrigo died.

Rebecca asked if the argument had a connection to Rodrigo’s death but he could not say for sure. The information was not enough to confirm Rebecca’s hunch so she decided to go along with her plan of staying close to the Cortes family.

Adessa wanted to work but due to Abel’s condition she could do. Abel said she didn’t have to work but Eva suggested that Adessa should work with her to make Jewellery instead.

Adessa was disappointed so she sneaked out of the house. She ended up getting lost in the streets and Eva had to look for her. Dom and Isda helped her in the search and were able to find her. They returned her home.

While Inno was going over the company finances, he found a record of 50,000 pesos paid out to Eva.

Rebecca visited Hernan at his house that evening to bring him some fruits. He seemed troubled so she offered to listen to him. Hernan told her about his problems with his wife and said that he might have his marriage annulled.

Rebecca left after a while but as she was heading out, she ran into Stella. She asked if Rebecca was the housekeeper and if he had seen Hernan. Rebecca said she had not seen him and told Stella to look for him at his house. Stella went to see Hernan and begged him to go back to the house for them to rekindle their intimate relationship.

Oliver went to a party with his friends to unwind after what Stella told him. Maxene was there and she offered to show him a good time so that he would see she wasn’t the same girl from high school. She tied Oliver up but it ended up being a trap as the others took naked pictures of him.

As Oliver was heading home, Eva called to thank him for the money he paid her and informed him that her father was doing well. Oli wanted to talk but Eva hungged up. Oliver then went to Eva’s house. Eva gave him coffee to sober up and he told her that he had the worst day of his life.

Eva asked what happened but Oliver didn’t want to talk about it. He went home after drinking the coffee.

The next morning, Oliver was sick and Carmen took care of him as stella was not home. Inno asked if they should call her but Carmen said no. She wanted her to take care of the issue with Hernan.

Carmen asked Oli where he was the previous night and he said that he visited Eva. Carmen got upset so she asked Inno to take care of him instead.

Oliver left his wallet at Eva’s place so she called him to return for it. Inno answered the call and said Oliver would not be able to go to her house. Eva told him to ask Oli to get his wallet from her house shen then hangged the call.


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