A Mother's Guilt Episode 30 NBI gets tip off that Jacob is involved in a money laundering crime

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 30

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 30 NBI gets tip off that Jacob is involved in a money laundering crime

“For now I will play along with you and find evidence and everything about your secret at the end mom will see you as the monster you truly are.”

Being stood up at the restaurant, Paco called Georgette and he pleaded with Georgette for his bad manners. Georgette said she received all his text messages. Paco said he had an emergency that was why he rushed to the house.

He informed Georgette that he was in the house to protect his family as Jacob was there. Georgette said if Jacob could not keep off from his family and Letty…

“We will file a temporary protection order.” Paco agreed and kept on apologising, saying he would make it up to her next time.

In the next morning, Jean was having her therapy she could now stand. Jean told Jacob that he should take the walker for her to walk alone. She was so excited that she could stand and take steps alone.

Jean thanked Jacob, saying she could not have done it if it wasn’t for his help.

Anna stood aloof to watch them.
“I have made that mistake once but this time around I can see through all of your lies.

Flashback; Anna went to the room of Liza and she revealed everything about Jacob to her. Liza said she was working with another guy and Anna showed her a picture of Roman and she confirmed that it was him.

“For now I will play along with you and find evidence and everything about your secret at the end mom will see you as the monster you truly are.”

In prison, Sonya was talking to a friend that Julie was a bank manager. As they were talking they saw some people dressed in black going out and one inmate informed them that they were the children of Julie.

Anna came to say goodbye to Jean. She was heading to work. Jean told her to extend her regards to Letty if she hears from her and she said okay she would. Jacob asked her whether she knew where Letty was staying and she said no.

“She only said she is staying with a friend. ” Anna then asked if Jacob knew where Letty was. He looked with pale eyes. Jean asked him why?

“It is nothing…”

“So if it is nothing why don’t you tell me,” Jean eyes urged him on to speak if he knew the whereabouts of Letty.

“Well I just found out yesterday that she was staying with someone-Paco.”

Anna wondered how he managed to know.

Jean immediately called Letty that she should come home to Edward’s family. She said it hurts her to see Letty with Sonya’s family other than her.

Letty said it was not like she has chosen Sonya’s family over her family, she did that because they offered a place for her to lay her head besides she did not want to cause further trouble.

Jean was upset when Letty was not ready to return her.

“Why” Jean cried.

Jacob and Anna consoled Jean.

After hearing the visitors who came around was the family members of Julie she felt sad that she had to suffer such a fate especially when Julie was planning to meet her to reveal to her everything concerning her relationship with Jacob, how Educare went on bankruptcy.

Sonya suspected that one inmate, Pearly was behind the death of Julie. She ran after her to ask her whether she was paid by Jacob to do that.

Flashback revealed that Pearly met Julie when she was secretly waiting for Sonya. Pearly covered Julie’s mouth and gave her rope while she sent her out.

Sonya forced her to talk and she said what was her problem. Sonya told a friend inmate that Mr Lamoste’s daughter visited her and she saw how she suffered. She asked Sonya whether she was finding all the information to satisfy Mr Lamoste’s daughter or she wanted it to support her court case.

Sonya said she potty Anna and if she get the lead of the person who actually killed Mr Lamoste and the person who collapsed Educare she herself would want the person to pay for his crimes.

She also said Julie was the one who looked at the finances of Educare. And she worked with a close pile of Mr Lamoste to destroy his business.

Marjorie came with a food for Katrina, Katrina begged her to release her as she would not reveal anything about the transaction.

Anna was cooking and Letty was engaging her in a conversation. Anna said she discovered something about Jacob.

Marjorie made fun of Katrina and Katrina said Jacob would turn his back against Marjorie some day.
She said she would smell the danger in the air and laughed at her.

Paco and Georgette arrived, Nessa went to inform Unyo that he should distrupt Paco and Georgette since Anna was in the house otherwise war would erupt between Georgette and Anna. Unyo went to distrupt them but it did not work. Georgette said she wanted to use the washroom.

Anna told Letty that “You were right all along.”

Georgette came in and saw Anna, she asked what Anna was doing there. Letty said she called her over for them to prepare dinner and dine together. Paco also came in and Anna said she would ask of her leave.

Georgette told her she could stay for them to have the dinner because she has no problem with that.

Marjorie had a call so she went out, Katrina used the opportunity to untie herself.

Paco together with Georgette, Anna, Letty, Asyong and his entire family had dinner together.

Georgette said the food was delicious Anna said she would send Georgette the recipe.

Katrina reached out for a wood as weapon waiting for Marjorie to come for her to use to hit her and flee from her hand.

Anna came out from Paco’s house, Georgette followed her to apologise. Anna asked what the apology was for and she said she was sorry for their last encounter. She revealed that she acted based on jealousy and Anna said she understood her, adding that Paco was her good friend now.

“Just take care of him ok” Anna looked at Georgette.

“I will! You don’t have to remind me.”

“Good night” Anna was happy that she had been able to settle her difference with Georgette.

“Good night” Georgette added.

Paco spied on them and was happy that both ladies were getting along.

Katrina fled when Marjorie was making a call while her back was towards her. Marjorie turned when she heard a sound of an object which Katrina dropped.

When Georgette pressed on the elevator. Paco ran after her and said sorry to her and told her that they should move on as couple. She said they were adult and they both knew what they wanted.

Paco ki$$ed her and she returned the ki$$es they later hugged.

In the morning, Georgette texted Paco and Domeng reached out for the phone screaming Paco’s name. Paco rashes for his phone.

Good morning Paco can’t wait to see you at work. Domeng joked with him on how he ran when Georgette texted him.

“Paco are you busy today I have discovered something about Uncle Jacob can we meet later.” Paco went to meet Anna after her text.

“Paco I am starting to believe what you and Nanny Letty told me about Uncle Jacob.”

“I met Liza today somebody who I’m not supposed to meet and she told me all the lies of Jacob.”

Pearly repented for her action and she voiced out the truth to Sonya.

Anna said Liza revealed to her that Jacob paid her to silence her and act as Edita’s daughter. She also believed Jacob was hiding something bigger than what they knew. Paco remembered his findings so he told Anna that Jacob might be the unknown assailant.

Paco said he did not have concrete evidence but there was a master mind behind everything that befell on Edward. He added that there was someone who was making their investigation difficult and everything would make sense if Jacob was the one.

Anna said she always suspected Jacob that he was doing something bad but never thought he could go to such an extent. She pledged her support to help Paco find evidence against Jacob.

The inmate confessed that the idea was to kill Julie and blame Sonya for it since she had been pestering Julie in prison and were about to meet for Julie to expose Jacob.

Anna said she pity Jean because she never knew nothing about what Jacob was doing behind the scenes.

Pearly cried as Sonya comforted her.

Jacob in his dark room drunk and was happy how things were going.

“Julie committed suicide and this one Nanny Letty must be scared to death.

You…Liza…. will not see you anytime soon.”

Meanwhile as Katrina was running, she got to a certain market place. She got a phone to call her mother but the call did not go through. At the place she saw a news about the death of Julie. She looked disturbed and worn out thinking about what could happen to her.

“With Katrina being taken cared of I can now concentrate on you Roman as a reward.”

“Cheers to your downfall.” Jacob sipped.

Roman saw a certain car tailing him and he was sure it could be Jacob. So he beefed up in order for him not to get him.

The next day, Jean and Jacob were in the garden having some drinks. She got hold of a newspaper and she read the news about the bank manager who Sonya found her dead in prison.

Flashback: Jacob remembered the call he had which the person mentioned his name several times and was sure Sonya was the one.

A servant came to inform them that there were visitors and Jean told her to usher them in. The visitors were NBI agents who were sent there to investigate about a money laundering case.

Jacob said he would send them to the room and answer their questions so Jean should not worry.

“You are from money laundering council right?”

“Honey what is it about? Jean asked after Jacob confirmed who the visitors were.

“Don’t worry I will take care of it.”

Sonya had a session with her legal team and she said Julie was the bank manager Jacob was working with.

Since Julie was not able to confirm her dealings with Jacob Attorney Vega still saw Sonya’s words as allegations.

“But this numbers we can find something useful here,” Vega said as she held on to Julie’s contact book.

Jean also came to the room and heard the NBI agents asking Jacob whether he was doing transaction with Julie.

Jean said they did not know anything about Julie till a news about her death broke. Jacob told her that Julie was the bank manager for Educare.

As the NBI were asking questions, Jean asked whether her husband was a suspect. Jacob said as a former BP of finance for Educare he was willing to corporate.

Vega said they should go ahead with their self defence strategy because she was not yet convinced about their allegations since they had no evidence.

Roman was in a hurry to open his car, because he was scared he dropped his keys. He felt a touch from behind he was scared to death and Jacob said:

“Relax Roman, it is just me.”

Jacob told Roman that there were investigation ongoing about the transaction with Julie. Roman said all the documents were well secured so there was no call for alarm.

Paco and Georgette were together and Paco brought a conversation about Anna. Georgette said he trusted him and knew Anna was his ex so she had no problem if they were still friends.

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