Security personnel repel attacks by armed bandits

Security personnel repel attacks by armed bandits

In a swift and decisive manner, Ghana’s securi­ty apparatus showcased its readiness and effec­tiveness in countering a menacing armed threat in Garu, a town situated in the Upper East Region.

In response to an imminent attack last Tuesday, by an irate youth armed with AK-47 rifles, machetes, and other weapons, a team of intelligence operatives deployed by the Ministry of National Security was able to repel the attack.

According to a security source before the operatives subdued the attackers, the situ­ation rapidly escalated into a vi­olent attack as the armed group opened fire on the officers.

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It said, the men who had properly introduced themselves as security operatives earlier, were compelled to seek refuge within their vehicle and, sub­sequently, at the Garu Police Station.

The source said it took the timely intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces for the National Security personnel to be evacu­ated.

“The latest attack is part of a series of assaults against state security that have afflicted the nation, since the start of the
year,” it said.

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The source recalled that on January 23, a police constable, Regina Angenu, was shot dead at Habitat Gigande. Additionally, in April 2023, an immigration offi­cer was shot dead at the Bawku Municipal Assembly, while a po­lice escort was attacked at Gbewa College of Education in Pusiga in September 2023.

The Garu incident, it said stood as a stark reminder of the necessity for decisive actions to avert such attacks, emphasising that, the government owed it as a duty to safeguard the lives of security personnel committed to defending the people and the territorial integrity of Ghana.

It said it was in that regard that the Ministry of National Se­curity, together with the Ghana Armed Forces, mounted a joint special operation on Saturday, in Garu with the primary objec­tive of retrieving weapons used in the attack and to apprehend those responsible for the violent assault on the security operatives.

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The source said the meticu­lously execution of the operation led to the arrest of the perpetra­tors responsible for the aggres­sion and the retrieval of weapons used in the attack.

Meanwhile the National Secu­rity Ministry has condemned the attack intended to intimidate or inflict harm on officials of Security and Intelligence Agencies.

A source at the ministry said such actions significantly hinder the agencies’ pivotal role in ensuring the peace and stability of Ghana.

The sources strongly de­nounced deliberate acts that jeopardise the lives of security personnel, while reiterating the ministry’s dedication to fostering citizen involvement in upholding national peace and stability.


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