The Better Half--- Episode 13 Marco  enrolls Julia at his ex-wife's school

The Better Half— Episode 13

The Better Half— Episode 13 Marco  enrolls Julia at his ex-wife’s school

Camille answered Rafael that she did not want to be with Marco nor to break up his family. She only wanted to know the truth.

Bianca saw Camille’s action as strange and asked Camille how she met Marco. Camille told her the story about how she met him during the days that her brother and she were being attacked by thugs.

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She said Marco saved her and later started dating him as soon as she was done with school.

They then got married after Marco was done with his engineering studies. Bianca asked if there was love between the two of them and Camille looked at Rafael.

Rafael signal her that he was fine and can go ahead to answer Bianca sincerely. Camille then answered Bianca that Marco and her were deeply in love.

After listening to Camille claiming Marco was deeply in love with her, Bianca got upset and said that Camille was the reason she had problems with Marco before so she would not allow her to destroy her family especially now that they had a daughter.

She took her bag and left. Camille and Rafael stared her.

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Bianca became nervous after she left the hotel but she was confident that Camille and Rafael bought into the story.

Marco played at the arcade with Julia and Clarita watched on. She later asked Marco about his relationship with Bianca and whether he had feelings for her from the start.

Marco was surprised to hear the question. As confused as he was, he answered that he never considered a relationship with Bianca especially since his parents were workers at the household.

He was glad that Bianca had fallen for him even with the difference in social standard.

When Bianca joined them, she told Alfredo that she had to convince Marco to move back to America.

Alfredo said it had been six years since she eloped with Marco and it was time for her to stop running. Clarita encouraged them to stay in Philippines so that she could have time with her granddaughter longer and even asked Bianca to move into their house along with her family.

Marco got excited about the request of Bianca’s parent. He wanted to stay in the Philippines and continue a job as an engineer and accepted to stay with Clarita and Alfredo they were in good terms with Clarita.

At home, Camille asked Rafael if he believed in the story which Bianca told them when they met. Rafael assured Camille that he would investigate the CCTV footage during the time Marco was supposed to leave for Dubai and see if he really did board the plane.

He also said he did not see why Bianca would lie to them.

After Marco put Julia to bed that evening, he asked Bianca about the first time he said he loved her. Bianca answered that she was the first to say she loved Marco, saying he was too shy.

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Narrating how he confessed his feeling for her, she said that Marco wrote a letter to her telling her he loved her and that they had a long distance relationship as Marco travelled to study.

 Marco asked where their letters were and Bianca said that her mother had burnt them.

Camille thought about what Bianca had said and did not believe that Marco would have cheated on her.

Tormented about the Marco issue, Camille brought back the “Marco-Bianca” discussion. She told Rafael about it and he got mad. He told Camille that she had to believe that Marco cheated on her but Camille told him that it was not in his nature.

She added that it was like someone telling her that Rafael was cheating on her. Rafael told Camille that he would never cheat on her and Camille assured him that her heart now belonged to him since she no longer loved Marco.

The following day, they consulted a lawyer about the status of their marriage and he told them that if Marco filed for a declaration of reappearance, their marriage would not be valid.

Camille would have to annul her marriage to Marco and then marry Rafael again to make their marriage legal. The counselor advised her not to deceive Rafael and if she ever felt that she had feelings for Marco and wanted to get back together with him, she should tell Rafael.

After they left, Rafael told Camille that he was willing to fight for their marriage as long as Camille loved him.

Camille told Sheryl about Marco being alive and she became speechless since she did not know what to tell Camille. She said that she was surprised and hence the reason for her behaviour.

Marco and Bianca moved to Clarita’s house along with Julia who was very excited to live with her grandparents. Bianca was not enthused and she told Marco that it was because she did not have good memories in that house.

Marco said that they could make new memories or move to a new place later on. Her past began to hunt her, Bianca started having nightmares about Juancho, her uncle’s ghost everywhere in the house.

The following morning, Bianca was supposed to go out with Marco to look for a school but Rafael called her for an emergency meeting. Bianca asked Marco to go ahead and went to see Rafael.

They found that the construction site had been closed down because they had no permits but Bianca said that they had submitted all the requirements. Bianca left immediately to talk to their lawyer.

The school that Marco wanted to enroll Julia into said they had no curriculum for Julia’s special needs since she had dyslexia and recommended another school for Julia.

It happened to be Camille’s school and Marco went there to see her.

He greeted Camille:

“Good morning”

He introduced himself cheerfully. He then said she looked familiar and offered her his hand.

Camille, dumbfounded, she hesitated but finally stretched forth her hands and introduced herself.


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