The Better Half---Episode 27 written update Camille beats Bianca mercilessly for coming in between her love affair

The Better Half— Episode 29

The Better Half— Episode 29 Bianca sends Romina to her grave after she exposed her

Alfredo told Marco when he went to the hospital that Bianca locked herself up in her room and when he had it opened later that morning, he found her sprawled in the bathroom.

The Better Half Episode 29

He pleaded with Marco to go back to the house to take care of her.
Alfredo went to call Clarita to talk to her about Bianca’s condition. He informed her that Marco had visited and he left Bianca in his care.

Marco visits Bianca at the hospital

Clarita was surprised that Bianca could go to such an extent to exhibit her love for Marco in order to compel him to get back to her.

She asked Alfredo whether he met Bianca’s mother at an asylum. Alfredo got offended and hang up on her.

Bianca woke up to see Marco with her and he asked her if she was fine. Bianca smiled and said she was feeling better now that he was there with her.

Marco said he would go because she was fine but Bianca asked him to stay. Marco told Bianca that he would not get back together with her and if she was going to be inconsiderate about her health, he would get Julia back.

He asked her why she did not consider Julia’s feelings before acting in that manner.

He said Julia would be the one to suffer the most if she got to find out what Bianca did.

Bianca became devastated, she said could no longer be able to live without him.

Marco told her that he would never go back to her no matter what she did and it was better if she change her ways for Julia’s sake. He then left the hospital leaving Bianca to her fate.

When Marco arrived at his house, he found Rafael waiting for him. Marco asked what he was doing there and Rafael said that he felt he could go there since Marco had been going to his house to see Camille.

He then warned Marco to stay away from Camille, saying she was his wife, lived in his house and slept on his bed.

Marco and Rafael’s confrontation

Marco told Rafael that he could sue them for it but he held off because of Camille. He told Rafael that Camille still loved him and Rafael laughed and asked him if he was crazy.

Marco got hold of Rafael, ready to fight with him but Esther came outside and stopped him. Rafael told Marco that he would not stop fighting for Camille and left.

When Bianca got back home, she found a lawyer waiting for her as Camille had filed a fraud case against her for colluding with Marco’s psychiatrist to falsify his medical documents.

Bianca went to see Romina and they started arguing because Romina sold her out. Romina told Bianca that it was the mayor who made her to do it.

Romina warned Bianca about the mayor but Bianca attacked Romina. Romina got a knife and wanted to stab Bianca but she got out her pepper spray and sprayed Romina with it.

Romina fell back and the knife she was holding stabbed her. She died instantly and Bianca got hysterical as she tried to make her wake up.

She said that it was not her fault Romina was now dead since she had warned her against saying anything.

As Camille was driving home, she saw a car following her. She grew frantic and called Rafael and he told her to drive on the highway then go to the nearest police station.

Marco followed Camille

He asked her if she could get the number plate and Camille got distracted as she looked at the mirror. She almost hit someone and went out of the car to see if he was fine.

The man was fine and Camille asked him to help her because someone was following her. Marco walked out of the car behind and Camille got mad.

Rafael was still on the phone, asking if things were fine and Camille told him that it was just Marco.

Rafael wanted to go get her but Camille said she would handle it. She slapped Marco and told him that he frightened her for following her.

Marco said that he wanted to make sure that she got home safe and Camille told him to leave her alone.

Marco asked if she no longer loved him and Camille made it very clear that they were only married on paper because she now loved Rafael. She then got into her car and left.

Rafael wanted to confront Marco when Camille got home but she stopped him. She said that they should focus on getting the annulment.

Bianca went home after taking care of Romina and told her parents that the doctor would no longer testify against her.

She also bailed out the recruiter that Rafael found by using a fake lawyer and he went into hiding.

Rafael and Camille no longer had witnesses for their case against Bianca so Camille decided to drop it.

She told Rafael that all she wanted was to get her annulment finalised.

Bianca went to visit Camille in her house she brought a cake to Camille’s house to thank her for dropping the case.

Bianca goes to Camille’s house

She said that she would have a party after Camille got the annulment from Marco. She explained that the annulment of Marco and Camille’s marriage means she has won the battle.

Camille burst her bubble and said that she would still be a loser since Marco would never go back to her with or without the annulment. Bianca got offended, she knew Camille was right since Marco did not prove any love to her and Camille ordered her to leave her house.

Bianca did her shady works to compel Marco  to drop his case against her. She  filed a restraining order against him and wanted to file a case on grounds of abuse to keep him from seeing Julia.

As she explored all legal means to make Marco lose everything Marco did not know what to do. If Bianca carry out with her case he would lose Julia besides Camille was not ready to return to him, he was left in a dilemma, therefore he made his mind to settle with Bianca. Marco did that just to see his daughter. He did not promise any commitment because to him he would return to Camille not Bianca.

Marco also went to Bianca’s parent’s house for dinner and spent some time with Julia. Before he left, he told Bianca not to give Julia false hope about them getting back together because he would never return to their family since they were all liars.

Marco made it clear to Bianca that he is not getting back to her

Alfredo got offended and kicked him out.
Clarita told Bianca that she would win a prize for acting crazy for love and she told Clarita that they were the same since she too was with her father even after he cheated on her.

Clarita told Bianca not to compare their situations because she was Alfredo’s legal wife.

She tried to put sense into Bianca, She warned her that Marco would never love her as long as Camille was alive and kicking and advised Bianca against her action.


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