The Good Son Episode 72

The Good Son Episode 72 written update

The Good Son Episode 72 Arthur bought alibi to shield him from being a suspect in Anthony’s death

Raquel arrived home from work to meet the absence of her sons. She became worried that Joseph and Obet had not yet arrived so she asked Matias where they were.

Matias said Joseph was at school while Obet might be with Arthur, his father. Raquel called Obet to ask where he was but Obet refused to tell her.

She overheard the police talking to Obet at the background and sensed that he was at the station.

Arthur was interrogated by the police about his feud with Anthony. He admitted to not liking Anthony since he was competing with him over Raquel which eventually Raquel accepted him.

He then denied having a hand in his death, saying due to his relationship with I did not like him but that was it.

They asked him where he was the night that Anthony disappeared and Arthur said that he was drinking with his friends. They checked his alibi and Athur’s friends were able to confirm that he was with them.

SPO3 George was however not convinced with Arthur’s story but he allowed him to go since he did not have any evidence pointing at him. He then decided with his team to do more to unravel the truth.

Raquel went to the station to pick up Obet but she took the chance to tell Arthur that he would pay if he had hand in Anthony’s death. Arthur swore to her that he didn’t do anything to Anthony but Raquel said she didn’t believe him.

After seeing the confrontation, Obet did not like the allegations his mom made against Arthur. He became upset at Raquel’s utterances and misbehaved when he went home with Raquel for failing to believe in Arthur.

He said that Arthur already proved he was innocent and wasn’t as bad a person as they thought he was.

Arthur went to pay his friends for acting as his alibi and told them that no one should ever know what he had done that night. (It was the night he broke into Anthony’s house to steal the documents for Olivia.)

It seems the love flag which was erected between Joseph and Hazel was cut down. They began avoiding each other at school. This is because Joseph earlier saw Hazel and Enzo together and got jealous that the two might be having something to do.

Their actions raised browses so Jordan and Cassie wondered if they were fighting. Cassie wanted Joseph to go with them to the Library but he said that he had forgotten something in the classroom and left.

At work, Ernesto talked to Raquel about the Company’s problems. With Anthony now gone, he was not sure they would be able to save the company so he said he would pull out his investment.

Olivia met with her lawyer and she found out that Anthony’s accounts were maxed out. This is because the money had been used to pay debts and poor investments by Anthony. The only thing remaining was his non-monetary assets. Olivia however wasn’t convinced and said that there was something more to it.

She went to the office to go through Raquel’s work space but Raquel found her. She accused Raquel of stealing from the company but Raquel didn’t have time to bicker with her since she was still working on the franchise business.

She therefore told Olivia to take her to court once she found evidence that she had stolen the company’s money.

Olivia left but asked her secretary Terry to collect evidence for her and spy on Raquel.
Enzo was troubled since both Anthony and Victor had been murdered and he wanted to know why things happened that way.

He confronted Olivia and tried to accuse her but she defended herself, saying she didn’t have anything to do with either of them. Enzo didn’t like that she was concerned about the inheritance and Olivia said that she needed to look after their interests.

SPO3 George went through the Buenavidez company footage during the night that Victor died and spotted a taxi.

They went to talk to the driver about the passenger and he sighted Matias as the person he had driven that evening.

The police picked Matias up for questioning from the house and Joseph got him a lawyer.

Since Raquel was not home, he called her at the office to tell her what happened. Terry overheard the conversation and called Olivia to inform her about it.

During the questioning, the police asked Matias why he had met with Victor while he was supposed to visit his family that evening. Matias said he needed to talk to him privately.

They asked what it was about and Matias said that he only wanted to warn Victor to stay away from Raquel. He said Raquel has suffered much especially when it comes to issue of love and met him in order to warn him not to get back with his daughter so that he won’t hurt her again.

Victor had told Matias that he was planning on leaving Olivia to be with Raquel but Matias said that Raquel would be labelled as home wrecker.

Victor however said that Raquel was the only person who could tell him to stay away. The police wanted to know why he didn’t tell them about his meeting with Victor before.

Matias said that his family had been accused of killing Victor and he thought that revealing it would make them look guilty.

The police had also investigated Matias’ family and found out that he came from a family of Thugs. Matias pleaded his innocence and told the police that he had turned away from that life a long time ago. The police let Matias go home after the investigation.

Olivia and Enzo were at the station too and they were appalled when Matias was released. They wanted to cause trouble but SPO3 George threatened to put them in prison.

Matias went home with his family and they said they believed that he didn’t do anything wrong. Matias starred, he felt like things might crush on them. He decided to let it out.

“I have something to say” Matias said with cold voice.

His voice caught the family’s attention

“What at all does he have to say, or he actually killed Victor,” they wondered.

The Good Son Episode 72The Good Son Episode 72The Good Son Episode 72The Good Son Episode 72


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