The Better Half Episode 33

The Better Half Episode 33 The Villaloboses’ house catches fire: Marco a saviour of the day. How will this enhances his chance with Camille

Bianca rushed to her office after the attack from Jonas, Sheryl’s husband. Alfredo then met with his security head at Buenaflor to see the CCTV footage.

After viewing the footage, he recognised Jonas as the husband of Sheryl he then ordered his security head to fire all the guards that were on duty when Bianca was attacked. He later called his henchmen and told them to take care of Jonas.

Julia stayed back with Bianca at the office and they decided to call Marco to inform him about the attack on Bianca.

When Bianca called Marco, he thought that she was only telling lies to make him go to her so Bianca put Julia on the phone instead.

Julia confirmed that Bianca had been attacked but she was taking care of her. Marco asked that they both be careful and said goodnight to Julia.

When Bianca took the phone back, she told Marco that she wanted him to go to her but Marco told her he was busy and said that she could go to the ER if she was hurt, then hangged up.

Alfredo’s men got hold of Jonas and beat him up mercilessly, then left him wounded in the middle of the forest where he was found and rushed to the hospital.

Sheryl’s mother was attending to him when Marco and Rafael went to see them and she gave him a note that she found on him.

The note said that he had attacked Bianca and they had sent people to beat him up.
Camille called Bianca to ask her whether she wanted Sheryl’s husband dead too and Bianca told her to stop accusing her without any proof.

She also said that she wanted to find Sheryl’s murderer and if she found any proof, she would call her.

After the call, Bianca called someone and asked them to keep her in the loop of what Camille was doing regarding Sheryl’s case so that she would be in the loop.

Mayor Dina’s assistant got the news about Bianca being attacked because Camille accused her of having Sheryl murdered.

The mayor was delighted with the news and even used it to scare Bianca by sending her a dead bird in a gift box with a card saying ‘You’re next’.

Bianca started screaming as she saw hallucinations of Sheryl, the mayor’s assistant filmed everything to show it to the mayor.

Bianca learnt that Camille was asking the help of the couple who had saved Marco to testify against her.

She realised that Camille would not stop until she got her convicted. She met with Aris and asked him to kill Camille but Aris said he would not do it because he was not a murderer.

Bianca however managed to convince him to do it by telling him that Camille would get both of them imprisoned since he was the one who killed Sheryl.

Bianca wants Camille dead

They therefore had to get Camille out of the way so that she would no longer keep investigating.

Aris found out the new address of Camille’s parents and planned on executing Bianca’s orders.

The mayor’s assistant had been following him and he sent a text to Marco that his legal wife Camille might be in danger. Marco tried to call Camille but she did not answer his call.

He sent her a text to call him back but Camille turned off her phone after speaking with Rafael who was on his way back from a business trip.

Marco went to bed but he had a dream about Camille being in danger so he got up and drove to her house.

Julio had asked Camille if he could sleep with her in her room so they were together. Julio woke up to go to the bathroom and locked the window that Aris had planned on using to get inside the house thinking that Camille had left it open.

Aris had no way to get into the house to kill Camille so he improvised his plan by short circuiting electric wires for their power supply and caused a fire.

Camille’s family house catches fire

Camille and her family were deep asleep and were woken up by the smoke. Edgar and Susan got trapped inside the room and told Camille and Julio to go.

Julio however got scared when he saw the huge fire and went under the bed. Camille tried to get them to get out of the house but Julio refused to go.

Marco arrived and immediately went to save Camille. He broke down the door and managed to help Edgar and Susan leave the house.

He went back for Camille and asked her not to worry about Julio. As soon as Camille was safely outside, Marco went back into the house to get Julio.

Marco saves Cammile’s family

Julio said he was scared and Marco told him to trust him since he always referred to him as saviour.

Aris had stayed back to see how things went and she called Bianca to tell her that Marco had arrived at Camille’s house.

Rafael was near Camille’s house when he saw a house on fire so he asked his driver to hurry. When they arrived, he was happy to see Camille safely outside but she and her parents were worried about Julio since he was still inside.

It was then that Marco arrived through the hazy smoke carrying Julio. Rafael and Edgar went to relieve Marco and he stood outside the house to catch his breath.

A section of the house broke and fell on Marco, crushing him. This got everyone scared they watched and rushed to his aid.


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