The Better Half Episode 41 Bianca strikes Camille hard after court denies her marriage annulment

The Better Half Episode 41

The Better Half Episode 41 Bianca strikes Camille hard after court denies her marriage annulment

Camille and Rafael became surprised to hear that the petition of annulment had been denied by court.

Although Marco felt sorry that his marriage with Camille could not be annulled but his lawyer urged him to jubilate.

According to the lawyer, Marco’s actions suggested that he was in love with Camille and his victory was a sign to rekindle his love with Camille.

Marco who was sad told her that he was unhappy because the annulment could have made Camille happy but that was not the situation.

As the news of the court’s decision reached Bianca, she became furious her hope to reunite with Marco was crashed.

She employed new scheme to make the life of Camille miserable, she swore to make Camille pay for it.

Her sorrows made her not reason well She then rushed to cry to her parent, Alfredo told her that they could appeal the decision.

On the other hand, Mayor Dyna was filled with joy and ultimately celebrated Bianca’s lost.

Helen was the most affected with the news and she could not stop crying when she saw Rafael and Camille.

Edgar and Susan were also there to console Camille and she cried in her mother’s arms. They also advised Camille and Rafael to stay strong since it was a trying time for them.

Camille overheard Helen advising Rafael to give up Camille since all indications pointed out that he and Camille had different destinies, hence could no longer stay together.

Rafael who was affected by his mom analysis about destiny told her that he loved Camille and did not care about destiny.

Camille talked to Rafael about the appeal and said that it might take them two to five years to get the annulment and she did not want to make Rafael wait for that long.

Rafael however told her that he could wait for an eternity if necessary just to be with her.

Rafael’s promise to Camille

Bianca initiated her plans with the parent of the pupils at Camille’s school. She met them and started a delegation that portrays Camille as slut who is swinging in between two men and charged them to rise up against Camille, saying they had to do something because someone like Camille should not be teaching their children.

Check out how Bianca pictures herself hurting Camille

She explained that Camille’s behaviour was the reason she got Julia away from the school after she attacked her.

Bianca also showed them a video of Marco kissing Camille adding that Camille was not morally upright to teach their children since she had two husbands.

Bianca bad mouths Camille

Marco dropped off donations at the foundation and talked to Camille for a while. He said he was sorry that the annulment had been denied and Camille told him that she would appeal the decision.

Some of the workers at the foundation saw them talking and started gossiping about them. Helen heard them when she went to visit Camille and reprimanded them for gossiping about their boss.

Helen accused Camille of not doing enough to get the judge annul their marriage but Camille insisted that she had done whatever she was told to do.

Helen brought meanings to Camille’s statement, and said Camille statement means that she did not want to have her marriage annulled and started shouting at her.

Rafael arrived and he tried to get Helen to calm down but Helen refused to listen. She ended up having an attack due to an anxiety and Rafael called for a doctor.

When Helen got home, she continued to read the tabloid news about Rafael and Camille and she ended up seeing an article of Marco ki$$ing Camille.

She got furious and said that it was the reason why Rafael slapped her. She had another attack and was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

Camille was worried about her but Rafael told her that it would be fine.

Marco’s lawyer told him that they won the case since Camille was still his wife but Marco told her that he could see that Camille was no longer in [email protected] with him.

He explained that Camille now looked at Rafael the way she used to look at him.
Bianca visited the judge she had paid to grant Marco’s annulment and threatened to sue him for corruption but the judge laughed it off since Bianca did not have any proof.

As Camille was working at the foundation, one of her teachers called her to go to the school.

The teacher explained that some of the parents of the pupils were signing a petition to have her teaching license revoked.

When Camille got there, she had to deal with a stubborn woman who was the head of PTA. She said that they needed to have the school closed down because Camille was not a good influence to their children and tried to force the other parents to sign the petition.

Camille wanted to talk to her calmly but the lady refused to go to her office. The guard tried to get her to leave since she was causing trouble but the woman wouldn’t go.

Camille gets grilled

The woman’s action triggered Camille and told her to sign the petition if that was what she wanted but the woman told Camille that if she messed up with her she would disseminate all the bad news online against Camille.

The woman finally agreed to leave the school premises but reaffirmed that Camille’s behaviour was the reason why they did not want her teaching their children.

Rafael could not find Camille after the incident, it was the school guard who told him about it and searched for Camille.

He tried calling her parents but they did not know where she was. Karen also had not seen Camille but she told Rafael that Camille might have gone to a special place to think.

True enough, Camille went out camping on her own and she shouted in the mountains that she was sick and tired of everything that had been happening.

She felt sorry for herself and the state she was in, her hands are tied.


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