The Better Half Episode 45 Bianca admitted for psychological problems: Rafael begins to cheat

The Better Half Episode 46

The Better Half Episode 46 Bianca admitted for psychological problems: Rafael begins to cheat

Rafael went to the room he shared with Camille and the there were cups which were dirty in the room.

The place reminded him of Camille so decided not to sleep in the room, Camille had left him. He said he would not allow anyone to clean the room.

Edgar talked to Susan and they brought Bianca in their topic about how she ruined everrything by feeding Marco’s head with lies but Camille said that she did not want to talk about it since she wanted to relax.

Edgar asked Camille if she could have been gotten back with Marco if she did not meet Rafael. Camille said that it might have been possible sincd they loved each other before and they were happy too.

Bianca continued to have hallucinations about Juancho. Clarita went to check on her because she had not yet eaten but Bianca attacked her still thinking that it was Juancho.

Ghost of the past

She almost strangled her to death but Alfredo arrived and got Bianca off Clarita. The incident got Clarita to convince Alfredo to have Bianca admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Bianca did not want to go and she told Alfredo that she would be good and take her medicine but Clarita said it was the best thing for her. The nurses took Bianca away even without her consent.

As Camille was strolling through the beach, she ran into Marco who had also gone to Dumaguete on vacation.

Camille meets Marco again

They went to have a drink as Marco said that he needed to get away from Manila because everything there reminded him of Julia.

Camille said that she felt the same way when Julio died and she was glad to be spending time with her parents after staying for months without seeing them.

Marco later took Camille home, he did that in order to greet her parents. They thanked him for having saved them from the fire and apologised for his injuries.

Marco said it was fine since he was already healed and promised to eat with them later.
Susan asked Camille if Rafael already knew that Marco was there and Edgar said that it was a mere coincidence that she met Marco there.

Susan said that she did not want people to talk ill of Camille if they learnt that she was seeing Marco and Edgar said that they would talk regardless. Camille asked them to stop arguing so that they could eat.

Rafael started seeing Ashley; the daughter of a family friend who was also his ex. He talked about Camille a lot and she got jealous so she told him to tell her all the places that reminded him of Camille so that they could avoid them.

Bianca told her doctor that she was not mad and they needed to release her but the doctor said they would have to run a series of tests before they let her go.

Bianca saw Sheryl on the mirror and pretended that she was talking to the doctor so that he would not notice.

Bianca insists that she is not crazy

As Camille was shopping with her parents at the market, they ran into Marco and he said that he would be going to the beach on Sunday.

Edgar said they would be going there as well and asked that they meet up.

Camille Relationship with Rafael

Ashley went to see Rafael to show him the layout for her firm and he remembered the time that he showed Camille the layout for her school and how excited she was.

Ashley took Rafael to a spa and since he could not stop talking about Camille, she suggested that they play a game that if Rafael mentioned Camille, he was supposed to kiss her.

When Camille met Marco at the beach, he got to learn that Camille was no longer with Rafael and he asked her if they were separated.


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