The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 80

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 80 Tristan warns Malia on an upcoming battle, Soraya and Jake stand for the position of the next Lord Sentinel

The Waya Council had a meeting and Soraya said they had to overthrow the Lord Sentinel since she was not fit due to her mental state. Baristo raised an objection and Soraya presented a video which she recorded on Malia to prove her point.

At the green field, a dog came to call Malia and she followed it to the bush. An unusual force pushed Malia and kicked her to make her hit a tree. Tristan then revealed himself to her.

“I told you that we shall meet again,” Tristan said.

Malia was astonished and she asked why he kept so long before revealing himself to her, she ran to hug him. As she wanted to rekindle her past life with her old flame, Tristan warned her he was not that Tristan she used to know. He said per the prophecy they were destined to be enemies so he was fulfilling that prophecy. He warned Malia to prepare herself because the next time they meet it would be war.

Unknown to Tristan, Supremo felt the force and power he used in the fight against Malia and even wondered where the power was coming from. Once he returned to the lair, Supremo queried him on the reason he met with Malia but failed to use that opportunity to k!ll her.

Tristan asked whether Supremo was scared, as they have already planned to engage in a battle with the La Liga Unida.

“And this upcoming battle will destroy all of them,” Tristan said.

“It will destroy all of us,” he hissed.

Meanwhile, upon several failed attempt by Jake to call Malia, Jake finally was able to reach her. Malia went to the meeting to inform the council that Tristan was alive and he even warned her about an upcoming battle but Geneva and Soraya refused to accept. They termed her as a person who was not fit for the job. Soraya played the video and Malia was lost.

Baristo kept insisting that they could not use the Lord Sentinel’s grief against her so did Jethro. Malia said she saw Tristan and he even fought her so if the council did not believe that then they could appoint a new leader but they should prepare for the forthcoming battle. Malia stormed out and Baristo and Jethro tried talking to her.

Malia said the council had made up their mind so nothing could stop them from their plans. She had a talk with Jake and the latter told Malia to stop talking about Tristan because there were others living who cared about her and Malia deserved that happiness. Malia lamented that how could she be happy when the man she l0ved was now declaring war against her.

Jake asked her to stop that since that act has made her lose respect from the council members. Malia wondered what was going on with Jake. However, Baristo and Jethro said they believed her and they had to prove the existence of Tristan to ensure she retained her position. Baristo added that he did not trust Soraya and Geneva.

Ellise visited the lair to inform Supremo and Emperor that there was a war among the council members as they termed Malia as a cr@zy person for claiming she saw Tristan. Supremo said fate was on their side. Supremo planned to take advantage of the division to carry out his plans against the group.

Malia met Doc to ask if he had met Tristan. Doc wondered if Malia was being hunted by Tristan’s ghost and seemed to believe her when she said Tristan was alive and appeared to her as a Vampire. Doc indicated that sometimes he felt like someone was watching over them since when they faced problem, there was an assistance for them.

“But I think it is impossible for you and Tristan to be enemies,” Doc told Malia when she said Tristan called her his enemy.

“You and I know Tristan.”

Doc now began looking through the windows in the house with hopes of finding Tristan. This got Apple and Pina perplexed and asked him the reason he has become restless. Meanwhile, Osmundo lost his daughter and blamed Tristan for his inability to fulfill his end of the bargain. Greta called Supremo in order for him to feed into his veins the blood of humans.

He tried hard to make his alter ego come out in order for him to gain powers yet it was not working and he got frustrated. The council held another meeting to cast a vote for their new leader but Baristo, Jethro and other members were not in support since Gael was not there. Baristo insisted that each and everyone has a form of grieving, hence they could not use that against the Lord Sentinel to overthrow him.

Soon, the black werewolves held a meeting in a secret place. Soraya who was their leader lamented how the white werewolves were overpowering them. She was optimistic that she would gain the position as the Lord Sentinel to carry out her evil against the mortals.

“We have given power and authority,” Soraya addressed the black werewolves.

“We became part of La Liga Unida!”

“The only obstacle remains is the Lord Sentinel whose only concern is the useless mortals.”

“Now Malia can lose her position or lose her precious life,” Soraya added and the black werewolves made a joyous howling.

At the hospital, President Osmundo was upset with Tristan and said his desire to make the country a peaceful one was due to his daughter since she was a victim of chaos the country was facing and wanted his daughter to become a vampire to have a new life.

Osmundo claimed Tristan used him and did not fulfill his end of the bargain but Tristan said his daughter did not deserve to become a creature like him.

He said the death of Osmundo’s daughter should inspire him to pursue the peace he promised but the grieving President said Tristan did not know what was called peace and was like his brother. Tristan refuted that claims. Gael arrived from his trip and the council members were full in the house.

Soraya declared that they had been given the permit to carry out their business operations. She then raised the topic again that the Lord Sentinel was not fit for the position as there were no ghosts or anything so they should vote and seek opinion if the Lord Sentinel is who they still wanted her to lead them or not.

In the lair the paid Jill Imperial came to inform Supremo that the Waya Corp had been granted their business permit. Supremo was happy with the news as he wanted to clear their doubts and strike them when they least expected.

Soraya set the motion and the council voted. Out of the nine members, five wanted Malia to be dismissed as the Lord Sentinel and four wanted her to retain her seat. Geneva suggested they choose Soraya as the new Lord Sentinel since she was the strongest among them. Baristo proposed Jake and he said although Jake was not part of the council he has that Sentinel blood in his veins and Jethro seconded.

They then voted, Jake and Soraya were accepted by the council to stand for the Lord Sentinel position but the council decided for them to fight and the winner would be the Lord Sentinel. Meanwhile, Doc told Pina and Apple about what Malia told him concerning the existence of Tristan. Pina demanded to talk to Malia.

In the lair, Supremo converted the Jill Imperial into a vampire and Tristan did not like it but had to play along. Elsewhere, Malia followed prof T who was working with a certain woman and gave her a document.

Malia asked him about Tristan and since Prof T was acting innocent, Malia said she had already talked to Doc about it and the family of Tristan did not know Tristan was alive and among all the people she knew Prof T was the one Tristan would come to. Prof T told Malia that the place was not the right place for them to talk so they should talk later.

“I can feel that you’re hiding something from me Prof,” Malia thought.


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